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CHAPTER 369. Lavender, It Suits You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

TN: Again, a trouble with the timeline. I'd like to think that ACX is so low maintenance, putting a dress on and applying makeup takes about 10 minutes. 🙂

When she looks at steward Han, she suddenly doesn't want to say anything. Saying she didn't want to live left quite an impression.

A painful ten minutes later, An Chuxia gets up from the sofa and pulls the butler's hand. "Let me ask you, if Han Qilu doesn't take me as his escort to today's reception, will he go alone?"

At that moment, a malicious look appears in the butler’s eyes. Then he looks at her. "Tell me now if you want to go." She suddenly stutters. "Fine, I've said it. Will Han Qilu take that other girl to the wedding?"

Finally, she asks.

The butler silently sighs. "Young mistress, you're the only one he's willing to take as his date."

What he means: Who else would he take if not Xiang Mankuai?

A nameless fire burns in her chest. F**king Han Qilu! It's no wonder that he didn't say a word the moment she said she wouldn't go. He'll be off having a good time with a beautiful companion!

"Steward Han." She narrows her eyes.

Upon hearing his name, he excuses himself. "I'm going to get your dress for the wedding, and the car to take you to the reception. Just wait. It'll be here in five minutes."

Watching how fast steward Han is moving, An Chuxia's heart is filled with emotions. She hopes her body would be like steward Han's when she gets old. She wasn't this happy when she was a child.

Ten minutes later, An Chuxia walks out of the presidential suite in a lavender, off-the-shoulder dress. The moment she steps off the elevator doors, she turns the heads of the men in the lobby.

When her head swivels, she is slightly embarrassed. She slows down and waits for steward Han to walk beside her, then she lowers her voice and says, "Steward Han, where's the makeup artist? When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe that the ugly duckling would turn into a swan. I swore it was a picture that was in the mirror!"

Steward Han is dumbfounded. "Xiaonainai, you're too modest. You're born with natural beauty, and the makeup is only icing on the cake."

What the butler said is true, An Chuxia isn't a plain beauty. The lavender makeup matches her lavender dress, and makes her aloof temperament, absolutely different from Mankuai.

For steward Han, she's fine as she is. He was trying to complement her, but she shrugs it off as they leave the hotel. When they get to the sidewalk, a black Bentley stops in front of them.

As soon as the door opens, she is astounded.

Isn't the person sitting in the Bentley reading a magazine, Han Qilu?

Her heart bursts, she checks her expression. She deliberates to sit with him. He looks at her with a blank expression. "You have to play with me."

Han Qilu, who's been skimming the magazine, has looked up to stare at An Chuxia. The moment their eyes meet, surprise flashes in his eyes. Then, it disappears.

"Lavender, it suits you."

Compliments rarely flow from Han Qilu's mouth. When he looked at An Chuxia, the anger in his heart disappeared by more than half.

She scolds herself internally. She pouts before getting into the car.

CHAPTER 370. You Dare Say You Don't Care?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

恨铁不成钢- hentiebuchenggang- to hate iron for not becoming steel / (idiom) to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement 

Han Qilu doesn't say a word in the car. He'd occasionally turn a magazine page, or raise his wrist to look at his watch, then back to his magazine.

An Chuxia steals a glance at him as he looks at the stock market listing in the magazine. She can't understand it. In the end, she gives up and reaches out to take the magazine from his hands. He seems to have expected it. There's no anger in his eyes. He just lifts his eyebrow at her.

Her tepid expression lifts his mood. An Chuxia grinds her teeth and says, "No matter what, you still have to explain yourself."

Han Qilu doesn't rush to answer. But after he cracks his neck, and relaxes his muscles, his right hand reaches for his tie. He answers faintly, "Explain what?"

"You!" An Chuxia says heatedly. She doesn't want to talk to him anymore. If they go on, she'd only get angrier, and it would only make her want to return to China immediately.

However, he's already touched her in a way that's quite pure.

As An Chuxia stares out of the window and remains quiet, he stares at her, darting his tongue to the corner of his mouth. Women are truly troublesome.

"Since you care about me, I knew you'd be joining me at the wedding reception," he says in the end. "This is the explanation."

An Chuxia blushes a bit, but she still pretends she's upset.

"Who says I care about you? Love yourself! Huh!" She groans as she feels his cold nose when he embraces her. The scent that only belongs to him tickles her nasal cavity.

"You dare say you don't care about me, huh?" Han Qilu nuzzles her ear. She doesn't know if it's intentional, but when he talks, he brushes his lips against her ear, making her uncomfortable and causing her ears to turn red.

"… I… ."

"Young master, we've arrived at the Nuowei residence.". The driver didn't know what was transpiring when he made his announcement while he slowed the car to a stop. Steward Han, who's sitting in the passenger seat, hated watching iron for not becoming steel.

The couple in the back seat jumps as they separate. An Chuxia's face is flushed, and she looks really cute.

"Young mistress, you may hold young master's hand when you go in. You don't need to be nervous." Then, steward Han turns his back on them and opens the door. Outside the car, Han Qilu's door is opened by the Nuowei servants.

As soon as she takes a step, she realizes why steward Han told her not to be nervous.

She is caught by surprise when she sees the spire rise to the sky. Then she sees a large entourage of servants lining on both sides of the entrance. There are more servants here than at Lao Ling's, but similarly, they're expressionless.

The area is filled with a variety of luxury cars. She can attest the Nuowei family is affluent and renowned.

When Han Qilu exits the car, he attracts the attention of a large group of people. Seconds later, those same people turn their eyes on her. Her palms suddenly form a layer of sweat. These people are staring at her?!

It is no secret that people like Han Qilu attract attention. After all, he is talented, and as rumored in the United States, has an ambiguous relationship with a popular actress. Others are just naturally curious about the new girl who Han Qilu brought to the event.

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