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Chapter 37
CHAPTER 37 Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

One would think Han Qilu would be affected by Mingluo and Hanyu’s interruption. Instead, he deepens his kiss like he wants to make her part of him.

An Chuxia, on the other hand, responds differently. The voices gave her the strength to push Han Qilu away. She raises her hand and slaps him on the face.

More than likely, this would be one of those kisses Han Qilu would give her and won’t be able to forget. But it’s also a kiss she doesn’t want to remember… .

He rubs his lips, upset with what just transpired. An Chuxia wraps her arms around knees and

starts sobbing. At first, quietly. Gradually, it became hysterical.

“An Chuxia,” he says. “I think… our relationship can move on from a mutual dislike of each other to something better.”

Her body stiffens. She stops crying. However, she doesn’t lift her head from her knees.

“Of course, I’m not fond of the implication. I just… you’re from a poor family whose mother became an organ donor to my father. You’ve been chosen to be my fiancée, and I let you wish it once… Maybe we should… try and talk.”

Qilu has never said these words to any girl so he asks her with a voice that’s barely a whisper. Although the content of his

his speech is not refined, his focus is on the last sentence: ‘we’d be able to… try and talk.’

After a few seconds of silence, An Chuxia raises her head. Her face, stained with tears, stares at his calm eyes without letting him see what she was thinking.

After a long time, she slightly opens her lips, and spits out a word.

”Get lost!”

She knew he was embarrassed as he spoke those words to her. If, for nothing else, Qilu is like a doll: happy when it’s kissed, unhappy when it’s kicked.

An Chuxia knows he’s unhappy. Who would make a big deal at the end when a person responds with ‘get lost’?

With clenched teeth,

clenched teeth, he says, “An Chuxia, I am giving you one last chance to play nice. Isn’t it enough for me to say it’s you I like?”

“I told you to go away” She turns to grab a pillow from behind her and throw it to Han. “You demon, I don’t want to ever see you again!”

Han Qilu easily blocks the pillow and bats it to the ground.

“An Chuxia, you’re bringing this trouble on to yourself!”

Thud! Rapid footsteps follow the opening and closing of the heavy door. If not for the door being heavy, Han Qilu would’ve taken his anger on it and ripped it from its hinges.

Her right hand tightly clasps the sheets. clasps the sheets. Once again, she cries for her mother. “Why am I always misunderstood?”

She knows she is poor but should she be robbed of her self-esteem too?!

She doesn’t understand why Han Qilu takes every opportunity to humiliate her time and time again. The only thing she surely understands is… she hates him!

  Downstairs hall

“Yo, shouldn’t Han Qilu look happy?” Ling Hanyu asks as he looks at his legs while smiling. “I hope the two of us didn’t disturb you? Next time, we’ll make sure it won’t happen again.”

Ling Hanyu doesn’t notice any wrong. However, Xiao Mingluo notices something about Han Qilu seems amiss.

“What happened? Your face… it doesn’t seem right.”

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