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Chapter 36
CHAPTER 36 We Are Not Disturbing …


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


“Oh, what is the zombie doing lying down?” Han Qilu glances at her, but she still doesn’t move. He begins to feel that something is wrong.

Pausing, he asks again, “Hey – do not tell me your feet are twisted because I can’t help you with that.”

She gives up hope Han Qilu will help her. Exhaling loudly, she plants her hands on either side of her body, exhausting her body strength to slowly come up to a sitting position.

During the whole process, Han Qilu just looks at her coldly. His eyes are devoid of humor. If she looks carefully at his eyes, they’re like the abyss

with traces of rage… Yes, he is angry.

He is so angry she refuses to ask him to help her get up. As a girl, she has really failed!

An Chuxia is still slowly trying to support her body. Her actions are very sluggish and deliberate… Because a piercing pain radiates the moment she puts pressure on her twisted leg.

Finally, Han Qilu looks at An Chuxia and helps her up. It is a bit awkward because he is very irate!

“An Chuxia, you get up slowly, like a dog!” He gives up helping her and stands up. He turns and takes a big step toward the door. He walks out and shuts the heavy door. The room returns to dead

dead silence.

An Chuxia can’t even be angry. She knows Han Qilu is the kind of person who will not care about her life or death, right? She must constantly remind herself he’s a devil!

Arm stretched, she sits up. But now, a bigger problem looms in front of her. That is… how to stand up!

She cradles her head against her palm. Her dizzying headache makes her feel nauseous. Now she regrets not listening to the doctor’s words about taking a good rest. She feels guilty as sin.

Ding! The sound emerges from the opening door. He quickly walks in and squats in front of her.

“An Chuxia, your character is going to kill you sooner or later!” Han Qilu stretches his arm

his arm around the back of her neck while the other is extended behind the back of her legs. He lifts her and gently lays her down on the bed…. Like he was carefully laying out his most precious treasure.

She is just surprised Han Qilu came back to her room.

“Do not think about it!” he says like he’s reading her thoughts. Han Qilu sits on the side of the bed and says, “You don’t have to thank me. I just don’t want my credit card is to be frozen.”

An Chuxia looks at his feet and remains silent. She doesn’t know how to say thank you.

“So you’re not going to say anything?” Han Qilu frowns in displeasure: “Enough said!”

Confused, she “Enough said!”

Confused, she looks up to Han Qilu “What’s there to say?” Only then did she realize Han Qilu was teasing her, and he was actually laughing… .

She swears she really did not mean to ask ‘what’. It just took her a moment to react.

“An Chuxia!” Han Qilu says her name through gritted teeth. Suddenly, he bends over and pins her shoulder before planting a kiss on her lips.

Her close proximity to Han Qilu, made her react quickly. This time, she remembers to push him.

But the door suddenly opens… .

“Are we disturbing you?” Ling Hanyu asks like an idiot as he and Xiao Mingluo walk in. They quickly turn away and shut the door behind them.

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