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Chapter 38

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


Han Qilu doesn’t answer Xiao Mingluo. He takes a cup of tea from the table and takes a sip from it. He asks coldly, “My mother?”

Ling Hanyu replies, “The author got a call and rushed out. She took off with a bag and told us to tell you to care of her xiao An Chuxia. Otherwise, you will be waiting death when she comes back … .”

Holding the cup tightly, he accidentally squeezes it too hard and breaks it. The maids standing next to him clean up the porcelain fragments very quickly.

“Leave it!” Han Qilu instructs

the maids as he takes another cup and throws it on the ground. The cup breaks into countless pieces.

What’s going on here? Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu exchange looks with each other. Their heads shake, unaware of what transpired.

It takes a long while before Han Qilu’s stiff face eases up.

“Hey handsome guy, this ugly face isn’t you… You’re not satisfied with your Xia Xia skills?” Xiao Mingluo teases lightly, hoping his small joke will lighten up Han Qilu’s mood.

But the small joke backfires and Han Qilu takes his anger out on him.

“Shut the f**k up!”

Xiao Mingluo can’t help but be surprised at the loud lion-like

lion-like roar. Ling Hanyu is scared for Xiao Mingluo, so much that he hides and tucks his neck. It’s never fun being around Qilu when he’s angry.

One knows, if you want to cherish your life, stay away from Han Qilu!

Despite Han Qilu’s roar, Xiao Mingluo stands upright. Before clawing at each other, Ling Hanyu holds on to Han Qilu by hooking an arm around his shoulders and another around his neck.

“Brother, ah. We’ve played together since birth and with all these years we’ve grown together… what good is it to hide things from us? If you’re not happy, say it. We can solve these problems

these problems together.” Xiao Mingluo says sincerely. It is rare for him to show this side of himself.

Ling Hanyu raised his eyes, but also echoes the same sentiment “Well, Han Qilu, don’t you think of the two of us as your brothers?”

He bows his head in silence for a few seconds. Suddenly, Han Qilu starts to relax. He raises his hand and takes Xiao Mingluo by the shoulders and casually looks at the general direction of the stairs. “In fact, it is nothing particularly big.”

“Go away!”

She deliberately brings out his anger, and the devil it may be, she adds fuel to that fire.

His expression seems relaxed expression seems relaxed but Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu quietly listen to Qilu to say anything. He does say half of it… but it’s the other half he leaves out is what they’re expecting!

Both Mingluo and Hanyu feel stifled!

“It’s not… Han Qilu, you’re not responsible for this! Sure, you set the fire intentionally but you eventually fought the fire instead of aggravating the situation. You’re not really cruel to intentionally hurt someone!” Ling Hanyu walks to his friend to defend him. “Today, you told her not to go, she shouldn’t go!”

“Well, what I said was… .” Han Qilu states while lifting an eyebrow.


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