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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 361. The Old Cow Doesn't Eat Grass?

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Translation by newbienoona 

Editing and proofreading by anks

Old cow (slang)- hag; (insult) former flame/lover/significant other

A horse doesn't return to the same pasture (idiom)- one shouldn't go back to old experiences

36 Stratagems– a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics and in war, as well as in civilian life, often through unorthodox means.

"…You can certainly understand this." She sighs. Since they were children, she can never get anything past Meng Xiaonan. Just like her friend says, "if you so much as lift a foot, I would have already known that you were going to pee.'

A few seconds of silence pass before Meng Xiaonan languidly speaks. "Actually…I've been hanging out and getting rather close with Taoqiu and that chick told me that…..Master Qilu's first love was someone he had really liked. You…know anything about this?"

Meng Xiaonan prefers to look at a person's expression while talking to them, but An Chuxia doesn't want to show her face to her friend.

"I know,..moreover…" She pauses before turning off the television. "Actually, the other girl I was talking is Mo Xinwei."

"Fuck!" Meng Xiaonan swears with discontent. "An old cow wouldn't even eat tender grass! That's not right, even a good horse doesn't return to the same pasture! A bitch like the diva, Mankuai, no matter what, she can't even be considered a horse?!

An Chuxia rolls her eyes, "Then Han QIlu ain't no grass too… ."

"….that's true." Meng Xiaonan schemes while she's on the toilet seat. "Tell me everything that transpired, tell me in detail how that sleazy horse tried to seduce master Qilu."

"I can't… it's awkward."

But after relenting, Meng Xiaonan sneers. "I know this trick, it's called the 36 Stratagem to win… with a birthday party!"

"36 Stratagem, there's such a plan?" An Chuxia bends her neck.

"Do you care if it exists? But that's not the point. What matters is how you're going to deal with it!"

In the next few minutes, Meng Xiaonan tells her about the various ways of torturing, to the point that she's tuning her out. An Chuxia, on the other hand, wonders what is Mankuai's current relationship to Qilu?

"Young mistress, the kid's meal is ready." Steward Han pushes a cart in.

An Chuxia is still on the phone. "Oh, I have to hang up first. I have to eat and get dressed. If I need to know more about torture, I will definitely come to you!"

She doesn't wait for Meng Xiaonan to acknowledge her goodbye before hanging up. Meng Xiaonan, on the other side, stands up and slams the phone since her friend hung up on her impatiently.

PIA… the toilet lid cracks, taking the brunt of her annoyance.

Meng Xiaonan opens the compartment door and scans the restroom before leaving the scene. She didn't want to destroy public property, but who knew toilet covers break easily? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter one bit to her!

Just as An Chuxia was about to take a bite of her chicken, the doorbell to the suite chimes. Stewart Han was about to open the door when An Chuxia stops him. With suspicion in her eyes, she smiles grimly. "Steward Han, I'll open the door."

Upon reaching the door, the door opens, and she is stunned.

"You're… awake?" Han Qilu is quite stunned, and his eyes are filled with panic.

"Of course, I'm awake!" An Chuxia says, smiling. The smile she flashes is a bit awkward, but not noticeable.

Her line of sight falls from his face to his side. She was looking at her, staring back. It seems like Mankuai is ready to get down to business, like An Chuxia is the other mistress.

CHAPTER 362. Drawn and Quartered

Translation courtesy of newbienoona

Editing and proofreading by anks

Han Qilu's hand was on Mankuai's right shoulder, while his left hand holds back her left. He stands next to her. At that moment, An Chuxia thought they looked like the perfect couple. Perfect!

The look in her eyes doesn't change, and neither does the tone in her voice. "And this is… ."

"She is… ." Han Qilu is eager to explain. At first, he wanted to just get over with the party, and come back quickly, but he got a call from Mankuai, saying he should attend her birthday party. She wanted him to say yes as a last request. He didn't want to agree, but he heard that the CEO he wanted to start the joint venture with will be attending… so he went.

He didn't expect that when he left, her agent would follow. They wanted to use the reporters to hype up the upcoming show. Around that time, Mankuai tried to stop an SLR camera from falling by breaking its fall. It was only a meter away from her.

So he couldn't just let Mankuai be surrounded by the group of reporters. So he pulls the car up and lets her in. He wanted to send her to the hospital, but she told him that it wasn't convenient to go there since it's a public place. To placate him, she thought it would be best to bring a doctor to handle her injury while she waits for her agent.

The only thing he didn't calculate was An Chuxia waking up. He thought she would sleep until the sun rises, so he brought her to the suite.

"I know you!" An Chuxia sidles up to Mankuai. "You're the popular star, Xiang Mankuai. Can I have your autograph? One of my friends likes you a lot. She compares you to… cattle!"

Mankuai frowns, her eyes stare at An Chuxia's hand and wrist. She sees grease and salt on her fingers.

Mankuai is disgusted. An Chuxia looks at her hand and apologizes. "Sorry. I was just eating fried chicken and I forgot to wash my hands."

"That doesn't matter. You just… likened me to a cow? What does that mean?" Mankuai politely smiles despite her blunt tone.

The moment An Chuxia saw her, she knew she was the "her" when he said, "I love her". Mankuai, on the other hand, thought An Chuxia is a startling beauty… It would seem they underestimated each other… uncultured chit!

"Ah!" An Chuxia, pretending to be surprised, smiles and explains, "I was mistaken. I didn't mean to compare you to cattle. What I wanted to say was that you are a beautiful girl who won the piano competition!"

"Oh." Mankuai chuckles softly. An Chuxia gets goosebumps everywhere. How can this woman be so stylish? If she were a man, her primary concern would be to handle this horse and old cow, and put them to work. Firmly. [mute]… .

"Head in and talk." Han Qilu says just in time to close the door behind Mankuai. An Chuxia continues to stand and smile at them at the entrance. It's just her smile seems hollow.

"Miss." Steward Han's voice comes from inside the suite. Han Qilu looks at the steward as he brings in the first aid kit.

An Chuxia's head is buzzing. The other woman passes her by, freezing her out with her glare. If she had her way, Chuxia would be a corpse.

Drawn and quartered? Her mouth evokes a smile. Let's see if you have that ability.

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