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This is such a funny chapter. I laughed so hard while reading that last part. XD

Image courtesy : twitter CHAPTER 363 You Let a Foreigner In, You Don't Listen

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

It seems like the room lights up as Mankuai walks into the living room. She sits on the sofa like she's done it before. Steward Han kneels in front of her, treating her wound.

"Hey!" Mankuai hisses. "Steward Han, can't you be more careful? I didn't skin my knees by falling off my bike. You need to rub the medicine like you were cleaning leather. That way, I'd feel better by now."

An Chuxia may be stupid, but she knows Mankuai is deliberately trying to warn her off. An Chuxia couldn't care less about her intention, but she couldn't help but seethe. Although Mankuai still smiles brightly at her, her eyes say something deeper. The change in Mankuai's gaze is subtle.

The fox's mouth smugly curls. "What's your name?"

An Chuxia notices Han Qilu isn't in the living room. An Chuxia smiles and walks to the sofa opposite of Mankuai. The medicine being applied stings An Chuxia's nose, making her feel nauseated.

"My name? It's Chuxia. An Chuxia." She raises an eyebrow. "You're friends with Han Qilu? How come I never heard him mention you?"

Mankuai's lips raise. "I'm telling Qilu… ah!" She grumbles, her splotched face turns pale.

"Sorry, Miss Mankuai. My hand was a little heavy." Steward Han apologizes as he stands up. "The medicine is already good, but it will sting. It will take a few days to heal."

An Chuxia knew steward Han was being deliberate, he didn't want Mankuai to proceed.

"Call your agent and ask her if she's close by." She didn't know which room Han Qilu came out of but he has changed to a light blue set of pajamas, similar to the set An Chuxia is wearing.

An Chuxia didn't notice this, but Mankuai did. She glances at An Chuxia, then back at Han Qilu. Calmly, she says, "Qilu, I think black clothes look better on you."

"It would be too boring to constantly wear black. Call her." Han Qilu doesn't want to talk to her anymore. He walks over to An Chuxia and sits next to her. "Look at you, you're such a mess. Go and wash your hands. They're oily, like a pig's trotter."

Han Qilu is frowning when he scolded her. But there's no disgust in his gaze, it's more like a soft caress.

An Chuxia feels uncomfortable looking at Han Qilu, so she gets up. Out of the corner of her eye, she looks at Mankuai; it makes her more resolute not to wash her hands. She looks at her "pig trotter" hands and grabs Han Qilu's collar. "You call me a pig?"

Han Qilu's newly-worn pajamas are covered with greasy hand prints. He looks deeply into her eyes before he smiles at her. "You let a foreigner in when I told you not to. You don't really listen to your husband’s words, even when I tell you to wash your hands. Hahaha."

Hearing these words make An Chuxia giddy. She looks back at Mankuai from her periphery before taking the phone from her hand. She trembled a bit before walking away, singing, "My love is as wide as the sky… ."

Steward Han packs up the first aid kit and acknowledges the young master's attitude. He is satisfied that the young master has moved on from Mankuai.

As the butler walks out of the room, he looks over at Mankuai as she says to Han Qilu, "Are you deliberately being obstinate?"

CHAPTER 364 I Might As Well be Dead

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Intentional?" Han Qilu raises an eyebrow. "I recall telling you before, you and I… ."

"Don't say it!" Mankuai interrupts him. "I don't believe, Han Qilu, that you have forgotten me, even by a little bit! Now I know you're being cruel intentionally."

Mankuai stands up and shuffles toward him. She kneels down in front of him. "I was wrong, can you forgive me?"

A sinister look gleams in his eye. She knows she chose wrongly. Things wouldn't have turned this way if she just… . Now, everything is too late.

"You… ."

"Ah!" Han Qilu says. Suddenly, An Chuxia exclaims, "Sorry! Continue, continue!"

An Chuxia looks at Mankuai with a pair of sorrowful eyes. Mankuai looks at her strangely. She's probably surprised how she can be so generous. But she only sees An Chuxia for a moment before she quickly disappears to the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

What was that lyric again? There's a kind of love called letting go.~

Then, should she let go? Hell, how can she persuade him that she's worthy? With a self-deprecating laugh, An Chuxia, lying on her stomach, leans against her elbows and tries to hear for movement outside. Did the old horse and cow leave? It shouldn't be so fast… .

She gets up from the bed and looks at the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. For a moment, she is at a loss. She turns around and finds the laptop in the room and turns it on.

In the desktop are the documents, the contract, statistics, and various documents and strategies. She swears she has forgotten what has transpired. In addition to that, she finds a game on the device and opens it.

She didn't need to log on since the he's still logged in. The game's interface is very beautiful. It's set at night, with stars in the sky. She finds his character, Han Shaoye, standing by a wide river. Dark flowers bloom by the riverbed. It may be dark, but the flowers bloom with white light.

Needless to say, how disgusting for him to even name his avatar similar to himself. How can there be another like him!

She looks at the low level.

"I'm in! Level 200?" She checks Baidu and looks at the highest level in the Magic Night game: 200.

Does this mean Han Qilu is a full-scale god-of-war?

She shakes her head in disbelief. In real life, Han Qilu already has money. Beautiful women surround him, and he owns a handsome car. In games, he's at highest level… .

"I'm better off dead!"

Han Qilu approaches the door when he hears her from inside the room. Shocked, he hurriedly knocks on the door. "What are you doing, An Chuxia? Open the door! Don't be stupid!"

An Chuxia, who spooked herself, looks up from the computer screen. Isn't there a key? Oh! She suddenly remember she locked the door after closing it behind her.

Noticing there's no movement, Han Qilu freaks out and raises his hand. "An Chuxia, you better fucking open the door for me! If you dare do stupid things, you'll die!"

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