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CHAPTER 359. I Wish You Some Happiness

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Han Qilu nurses a blue tequila drink at the lavish reception. Next to him is a long, elegant, enchanting woman who isn't lacking in finesse. She nods and smiles at the people passing by, and greets them.

The woman intimately links her arm around Han Qilu, making them the main focus.

One can take a look at Han Qilu and tell he's fed up with the fraudulent act since arriving from the airport. He just wants to disappear completely. His eyes dart around, a leer lingers at the corner of his mouth. He flashes a fake smile at everyone.

Was this the meeting he was talking about? An Chuxia isn't sure why there is a sour feeling at the pit of her stomach. The pain, it stabs her heart… .

How come she didn't recognize her immediately? Mankuai left China to be a starlet in the US entertainment circle. She also remembers hearing that she had won a piano competition overseas. She realizes little by little that she was Han Qilu's history.

Her hand presses against her chest. She turns and smiles. "Steward Han, that woman is really beautiful. If only I was as pretty as her."

Steward Han, who has been silent, doesn't know what to say. Suddenly, he shakes his head. "No, young mistress. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!"

An Chuxia chuckles at steward Han's response. "Is that so? If that's the case, why did Han Qilu take her to that cocktail party instead of me?"

Steward Han looks at her before taking the remote control from her hand and turning off the TV. "Xiaonainai, the young master didn't want to wake you up. He wanted you to get settled, so he took her… this lady. But she's a nobody, you don't need to worry."

He doesn't say her name.

An Chuxia covers her disappointment with a smile. "I'm just teasing you. I'm not upset that he's on a date with someone I don't know. Anyway, can you help me get some food? I'm famished."

"Okay." The butler nods. "What would you like to eat?"

"I don't know… ." An Chuxia extends her index finger and taps her chin. "Since we're in the United states, I must have some western food! How about a KFC kid's meal?!"

Steward Han laughs, but he doesn't refute. "Okay, let me get you some western food. Just wait."

As soon as the butler closes the door to the suite, the smile on her face disappears. She picks up the remote control the butler set aside and turns the TV back on.

This is not a business party, but a social birthday party. It's part of a reality show known in the United States.

"A nobody?" An Chuxia sneers. It seems like Han Qilu would still like to marry her. Steward Han is still withholding information from her, but he doesn't know that she already knows everything.

She stares at the couple on screen. Her emotions are in turmoil. She finally closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths. When she opens her eyes again, she is calm again, keeping her emotions in check.

An Chuxia, remember, you have to learn how to hide your emotions.

She stands, she pours a glass of water from the round table, flicks her wrist and splashes water on the TV.

"Birthday? Then I wish you some happiness and a long life… one that would lead you halfway to death!"

CHAPTER 360. Wow Boss, You Won't…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She acts unaffected after looking at the TV. "What a crappy hotel! Is the TV waterproof?!"

She looks at the TV screen again. Ashamed of herself, she goes to the bathroom to retrieve a clean towel. Then she looks at her reflection in the mirror. She loosens her grip on the towel, making it fall to the ground.

The woman in the mirror has messy hair, and bloated eyes. Her clothes are a mess… Is she An Chuxia? She shakes her head and makes a few movements. The person in the mirror imitates her actions.

That's right… the madwoman in the mirror is her.

She recalls how glamorous Mankuai was on TV. Suddenly, she feels inferior. She wallows in self-pity for three seconds. After that, she brushes her teeth with a new toothbrush. Then, she washes face and hair. Then, she takes a small towel and cuts a piece off with a small pair of scissors.

Soon, a clean and innocent An Chuxia appears again in the mirror. She tilts her head and sees a lot of cosmetics in the side of the cabinet. She reaches out… then retracts her hand.

Whether she dons make-up or not, she's nothing but a student. She'll just be pretending; she's nothing but a chicken!

Her eyelids flicker. Then, she lets out a wan smile. She bends over to pick up the towel. She jumps out of the bathroom… she reluctantly wipes off the water she splashed against the TV screen.

She isn't a jealous demon! Jealous?… Her hand stiffens as she wipes the TV. Did she just mention the word jealous?


Just as she hypnotized herself, the phone in her pocket rings. She was going to hang up in fear that Meng Xiaonan would rack up a phone bill. But after thinking about it, she realizes this time is different. Her friend is rich now. So she answers the call.

"Honestly! You dare answer the phone now? Hang up and call me back!" There is the Meng Xiaonan she knows. Before An Chuxia can react, her friend hangs up. She hears a busy tone before a red sign posts: Call Ended.

What's messy? This is messy!

She sits back on the sofa, throwing the towel before calling back Meng Xiaonan. "I said, what do you want, Meng Xiaonan?"

"You're a rich woman, so don't lecture me. I'm just someone who doesn't want to go hungry. I don't know how to be as diligent as you. If I lose a penny, I will suffer. I would have a painful death at the end of the month." Xiaonan's supposed to be at her physical education class but pretends to be sick by squatting on the toilet.

"Shut up!" An Chuxia takes a deep breath. "Let me ask you a question: if a woman becomes intimate with a man, and another woman gets mad to the point she doesn't even know what she's doing, what does that mean?"

An Chuxia stuns herself after asking her question.

The phone is silent for a while before her friend responds. "Wow, boss. You're not jealous, right? Because the young master is out and about, sleeping around? No wonder why the teacher said you went after the young master to the United States."

She is filled with black lines… she was too transparent and she should've just referred to herself. Sure enough, it's a sad reminder to find someone who knows too much about her.

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