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Image courtesy of Meraki Archive CHAPTER 357. I'm Entitled to Provide for You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: 嗷嗷嗷- loud clamoring

"Young mistress, stop fidgeting. Take a break!" Steward Han is old after all. A short while ago, An Chuxia made him panic, and although the crisis has passed, he's still covered in full sweat.

He raises his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. "Won't you be considerate of my old bones and take a rest?"

An Chuxia helplessly replies, "Okay."

She ignores the steward's request and sits next to Han Qilu. This may be first class, but all it has is a table and two seats! She pretends to be curious about what he's reading, but it doesn't hold her attention. She walks around and refuses to stay seated.

But if she doesn't down, steward Han will definitely die of exhaustion….

"If you've had enough, just close your eyes and rest. When we arrive, you'll have to be alone at the hotel. You can let steward Han know what you want. He'll be with you," Han Qilu says without looking up from the documents.

She doesn't even look at him. Instead, she gazes outside the window. The plane ride is different from what she imagined. It lacks the fun and excitement she thought it would be, and there seems to be no end in sight. All she sees is clouds. Even the scene on the ground is static.

In short… flying is boring!!!

After yawning several times, she falls asleep.

Steward Han, who was reading some documents, looks around before getting up and entering the cabin. He sees An Chuxia sleeping. She's leaned up against the window, and half of her body is sliding off her seat.

It must be uncomfortable for her. Her eyebrows are wrinkled.

Han Qilu is also displeased to see her scowling. Why is it that she's always smiling and laughing when she is awake, but frowning when she's asleep?

[I suddenly feel so small standing next to you.]

The words she spoke before they entered the plane came to mind.

Is that how you really feel standing next to me? Han Qilu reaches out and strokes her brow. The brow softens under his touch. When he gently opens his palm, she unconsciously rubs her cheek against his hand. "Mommy… ."

His ring finger touches her soft lips, they are warm.

"Do you know," Han Qilu's lips move. "When I stand beside you, I always feel inferior. I start doubting myself, whether I'm worthy and qualified to be with you; to give you happiness and all my love."

{Ao yo! Little Qilu, follow through and finish!~~~ from author 嗷嗷嗷!!!}

An Chuxia grabs on to his hand as he strokes her cheek. Han Qilu smiles suddenly.

When she's asleep, she calls her mother. How childlike. She pretends to be so strong and mature. He taps her nose lightly before pressing a kiss on her forehead.

"An Chuxia, you are mine! You can only be mine."

For a moment, the cabin temperature rises, and peach blossoms bloom and scatter everywhere… Steward Han, who was about to ask Han Qilu what he wants to drink, consciously and quietly retreats.

Well, the young master definitely doesn't need a drink right now.

CHAPTER 358. One Two Three!!! Blood Rushes

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

When An Chuxia opens her eyes, she realizes she isn't in a cabin filled with seats, but a luxurious room.

She attempts to turn over and sit up, but realizes she currently has no strength. Maybe it's because she slept for so long?

The bed is large enough to accommodate five to six people, easily. The room is decorated in golden yellow hues. She doubts that the room is made of gold. Gold…. .

When she thinks of the word, blood rushes through her. After counting to three, she gets out of the bed and jumps to the floor. The whole floor is covered with a soft, thick, golden carpet, that even being barefooted, there's no discomfort.

She takes a few steps and looks to her left and right. It is filled with an over sized TV, over sized bed, over sized crystal chandelier… and over sized curtains!

The crystal chandelier is on the dimmer switch, so she turns it up to full brightness. Then, she pulls the curtains open, and her eyes are filled with surprise.

Her eyes feast over the flickering lights. Large and small streets are bustling with people. She's what, at least twenty floors up high? Thank goodness, she isn't afraid of heights!

"Young mistress, are you awake?" The door opens wide enough for An Chuxia to see steward Han standing by the door.

As it turns out… .

She realizes she is surrounded by clouds. She leaves the bedroom, and realizes the room looks bigger: the chandelier, the TV, the floor-to-ceiling windows… .

"Floor-to-ceiling windows?" Her mouth drops to the ground, and steward Han's face breaks into a smile. An Chuxia dares stretching out her hand, carefully touching the glass. The architect who constructed the building forgot to build a wall here… .

If that wasn't enough to surprise her, she realizes the ground she's standing on started moving. Her feet shuffles, little by little, but she is scared still. Then, she can see below her sidewalks and roads.

She was about to scream when steward Han walks up to her with a remote control and says, "Xiaonainai, you can control this. Don't be afraid. The transparent glass you're standing on isn't ordinary. Even if you jump, it won't break."

It turns out she's not floating, but standing on glass ==!

Despite steward Han's reassurance, she doesn't dare stand on the glass for long. She returns to the "normal" spot in the room and sits down on the sofa. She turns on the TV.

"Young mistress, are you hungry?" It is 10:00 PM east coast time. An Chuxia slept for so long, she has regained her energy.

An Chuxia swings her hand. "I'm not hungry, steward Han. You can continue what you were doing while I watch some TV… Hey, are all the channels in English? By the way, what does this mean? It reads… ser… ser… ."

Steward Han laughs and says nothing for a long time. Then he says, "Xiaonainai, we are in the United States. Of course, the channels are all in English."

An Chuxia mentally curses herself, and is about to turn off the TV, when she accidentally turns on the subtitles. She still can't understand it, but she recognizes the people on TV.

It is Han Qilu and… .

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