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Image courtesy of Meraki archive CHAPTER 355. Baby, Whether or Not You Endure

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

"Why are you looking at me?" Han Qilu somehow sees her heart through her tears as she turns her head to deliberately look away.

"You suddenly came looking for me." He didn't form it in a question. He's probably still angry. "Not that I wanted to spy on you."

Fortunately, he doesn't mention what transpired. An Chuxia suddenly feels a bit guilty internally. She shoots him a side glance, but she finds him staring at her, too, anxiously waiting for her answer. He curls his lip. "You didn't come here to apologize?"

Without showing much emotion, what he really wanted to ask was: Are you admitting you do seduce men in my absence?

"No, actually, that man… ."

"Steward Han." Han Qilu doesn't turn back to hear what she has to say. His eyes fall about three meters away. Steward Han didn't know how long they've been standing there, but his eyes concealed a smile. Xiao Xia, who is holding her phone, points at an angle, and is looking quite excited.

An Chuxia frowns. She's stunned. When did this happen? She didn't see them, and yet, Han Qilu knew that the steward was nearby?

Does he have foresight or clairvoyance? Or have they all been hiding in the shadows? If they actually witnessed her crying, she would die of embarrassment!

"Young master, what are your orders?" Han Qilu hears the butler’s respectful tone. He isn't smiling, but he's showing allegiance.

"Prepare to take us to the small airport." he orders as he carries An Chuxia out of the airport security area, and out of the crowd's sight. Then, steward Han freezes. Does the young master have to go to the United States? Shouldn't he immediately take the young mistress back to the Han residence, if not the school?

The butler turns his head and looks at Xiao Xia. She is happily describing something [to Jiang Yuan] while Han Qilu is carrying An Chuxia away: how gently and safely he cradles her to appease her. It may be an exaggeration, but it will make Jiang Yuan happy.

Steward Han looks back as he tries to call the people at the small airport. His eyes light up. He raises his hand and heavily pats himself on the head. Ah, he's really getting old! Even he didn't think of that!

"Xiao Xia, go back home. Apparently, I have to go to the United States with the young master."

"Eh?" Xiao Xia is surprised. The maid doesn't seem to comprehend.


Half an hour later, An Chuxia stands inside the small airport. Her school uniform blows in the wind. She's still surprised at what's unfolding. In her hand is her notebook computer.

"How did you do that?" An Chuxia asks the butler, interrupting his conversation with Han Qilu.

Han Qilu tosses her a look. "What?"

"I wouldn't be able to go without a passport. But this is amazing! How can you procure one for me in half an hour? I heard it's rather difficult to acquire one."

Han Qilu tosses her a casual glance. His right hand affectionately cups her shoulder, and he leans over and brings his lips close to her ear. "Did you forget who I am?"

Who is he?

An Chuxia is slightly confused, but she reacts quickly.

CHAPTER 356. No One Dares Peek at the Devilish Young Master

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

She really forgot who Han Qilu is…

He is one of the biggest movers and shakers, and his arrogance proves it. Despite scoring zero points in his exam, he was able to speak English as fluently as a native English speaker when he was conversing with an American CEO via video. This is an achievement she can't even reach. She wasn't able to understand much of what they were saying.

She imagined him as someone who is cynical, scores zero points, and is without ambition.

At that moment, An Chuxia is somewhat lost. Standing next to this radiant man, she's disappointed with herself for feeling inferior. She has never felt this way… What happened to her?

"How come you're suddenly not speaking?" Han Qilu quickly becomes aware that she's different all of a sudden. He hands steward Han a folder, then proceeds to do other things. The smaller airport is much quieter than the previous one. It even looks like everyone disappeared.

With the exception of steward Han, everyone else is outside, including the bodyguards. Even Xiao Xia is nowhere to be seen.

She curls her lip as she looks at him. "Nothing. I just suddenly felt…" like you're too far away from me.

"What did you feel?" He suddenly stops when he sees her complexion. He looks grim. "Stuttering; this isn't like you, Chuxia."

"What's not like me?" She rolls her eyes. "I've never been on an airplane before, and I think it's amazing."


His face remains stoic. It seems like she doesn't want to say what she's thinking … .

A hot and crazy kiss falls on An Chuxia's lips, and her first instinct is to push away. But her strength is no match for his. The more she resists him, the tighter he holds on, and his kiss deepens… .

Her being belongs to him as he feeds on her lips. The last of her resistance melts. Rebelling against him will only attract his overbearing need to conquer.

Everyone is aware of Han Qilu kissing An Chuxia, and they take extreme measures to look away. No one dares peek at the devilish young master kissing his future mistress, An Chuxia.

After what feels like a million years, Han Qilu finally lets her go with a satisfied smile. "Now… you can say what you wanted to say."

This is quite a threat! If she doesn't confess, he will overwhelm her by kissing her… .

TT Is she the only one bothered by this?

An Chuxia seriously thinks about the conundrum. But as she looks around, she sees everyone acting busy, however, their expressions… they're hiding their laughter! Han Qilu's staff helped her make a decision. She takes a deep breath before she gazes upon Han Qilu. "I just suddenly feel… so small standing next to you."

Han Qilu looks at her before falling into a long silence.

"Young master, would you like to board the plane?" the flight attendant asks.

He points ahead. An Chuxia trots to keep up as they both enter the plane. After a few minutes, the plane takes off the ground.

An Chuxia is excited to fly for the first time. Long bouts of silence sweep the plane and the entire cabin. Only then does steward Han shout, "You are too careful!"

The two passengers in the cabin are caught unaware by the abrupt comment, but they know it's said in jest.

Han Qilu's eyes look up from the stack of thick documents in his hands, and fall on the girl who is curious about everything.

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