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Image courtesy of Meraki Archive CHAPTER 353 I Told You to Lose the Wings

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

In contrast, An Chuxia's attitude toward the housekeeper has been more direct. Full of contempt, she sneers at the car owner. "Don't you comprehend chemistry? There isn't an element that's completely pure. Gold can only reach its highest purity at 99.99, right? I recommend you do your research. The business card is not solid gold. Take a look at the words at the top, since it says it."

The car owner may be insulted with An Chuxia, but he looks down at the card, and reads the words carefully.

[Chairman Han Liuhai, Han Group]

The car owner flicks the card before looking back at steward Han. "You, you, you… you are Chairman Han Liuhai, the legendary business tycoon?"

The housekeeper puts on a crooked, but polite smile. "You're mistaken. I am the Han's housekeeper. Everyone calls me steward Han."

The man's eyes turn hazy, and then, he starts feeling faint… .

"Are you going to faint?" An Chuxia attempts to step forward to see if he'll actually faint, but steward Han stops her with one look of his eyes. Steward Han asks the staff to take the car owner to the hospital, just in case. "So, what's happening to your young master and the young mistress?"

"You just jogged this old man's memory!" Steward Han pats the man on the head. "They should be at the big airport. We should check up on them… ."

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As An Chuxia scans the crowds, she realizes for the first time that life is rude. Even at her mother’s death, when she felt so powerless and alone, she still didn't feel it, because she still felt her mother's love and that she was beside her.

But now…

She bites her lower lip. A sour feeling rises up her nose. She raises her chin, her eyes start tearing up.

Han Qilu, where are you? You won't leave, would you?

I didn't mean to misunderstand you.

Don't go, okay? Don't leave me!

Tears quietly fall no matter how much she tried to hold them back. How could she stop them from falling when she is trying to find Qilu? She has always felt very strong; strong enough not to need tears. Now, she realizes that all along she has been pretending to be strong.

Her persona is filled with thorns, keeping everyone at bay because she's afraid of getting hurt.

When her mother died, she moved to the Hans, and met Qilu. Although he was awful, he was always there for her whenever she needed help. He was there when she was at her lowest point, or had the most embarrassing moments.

Demon, don't leave, okay? If I ever tell him he was an angel who has lost his wings, and she's fallen in love with him, she wouldn't believe it. Wouldn't that be sad?

An Chuxia is so distracted, she walks aimlessly down the airport corridors. When she sees a familiar figure from behind, she runs over to the person and pulls him. The person is probably confused, perhaps, angry or filled with contempt. Or maybe amazed… of course, none of them know she's searching for Han Qilu.

Shortly after that, she becomes weary, the halls feel like they're getting huge. People come and go, turning into silhouettes with different facial expressions. Her head begins to whirl.

Unable to stand, she squats and clasps her hand. She brings her head to her knees, trying hard not to burst into tears.

CHAPTER 354 Don't Leave Me Alone

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Are you stupid?"

An Chuxia shudders. This voice… .

She lifts her head slightly, and through her teary eyes, she sees Han Qilu's face. She raises her wrist and wipes her tears away to look at him clearly.

At that moment, she freezes. She doesn't know how to react.

Are you stupid?

This statement says it all… She remembers the time she was roasting under the sun when she thought she was going to die on that playground, and he suddenly appeared. That sentence, Are you stupid?, was uttered before she collapsed and he held on to her with all his strength… and he even ran the few laps on the playground for her.

And move on? It would be a lie if she said she did.

An Chuxia squats instead of standing erect. Han Qilu seems impatient, and it's magnified with the fact that more and more people start crowding around them, witnessing a good-looking man look displeased. "An Chuxia, you know, you look really ugly when you cry."

"Wow~." She can't hold back anymore. She starts crying loudly. Big tears start falling down her eyes, and she has reached a personal catharsis.

As he watches her cry, Han Qilu becomes anxious. His brow wrinkles, and his expression changes. He takes four steps toward her and squats in front of her. "Hey, do you want me to die?"

What a shame! A good-looking man, and a crying woman in the corridor is reminiscent of a real man and woman desperately holding on to each other, like they're about to abandon each other.

Sure enough, people start whispering and pointing.

She ignores them and continues to cry!

"Color me tortured. Can you stop crying, ah?" Han Qilu looks at her, hoping she gets what he means. "I'm not going to the United States. I won't leave you, okay?"

His words seem to have done the trick!

An Chuxia goes from crying to soft sobbing, and then she becomes expressionless… .

"Who told you to go to the United States, or stay? Who cares if you stay or go?" An Chuxia rolls her eyes at him. Then, Qilu says, "Give me your hand. You've been squatting for so long, you'd have trouble standing up!"

He is full of black lines, and his face looks like he has eaten a dozen lumps of stool.

"I know, I should've gotten on the plane!" He leaves with that statement. Han Qilu coldly stands up, and turns away.

"Hey!" An Chuxia stops him by pleading at him loudly. "Don't leave me alone, okay?"

"Han Qilu stiffens, stopping in his tracks. He turns and looks at her in disbelief. "What did you say?"

"Huh?" An Chuxia pretends. "Did I say something?"

Then she says, "Oh! I was saying my feet are prickly and that pain is… ."

He lifts his eyebrow. Han Qilu returns to her and crouches. He then picks her up. "I figured. That's why I came back."

An Chuxia suddenly becomes happy. "Well, this is long overdue!"'

She gets up, feeling the eyes of envy from the strangers around them. A satisfied smile appears on her face. "Hey, don't you have a meeting in the United States?"

He slightly turns his head, and his eyes remain secured on Chuxia.

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