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She-who-must-not-be-named has made an appearane. It’s a torture to read these few chapters… someone save me!

I did not want to post this pic, but…. CHAPTER 335 To Meet Again : 1

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia doesn't know, and she may never know what prompted Han Qilu to call her, but as spectators, we have a right to know what happened, what suddenly made him nervous to lose his patience.

"Master Han, for being someone so young, (your business acumen) is very admirable. I hope we can do business with you again."

"Naturally," Han Qilu says humbly as he smiles and shakes hands with the president of the company who just signed a deal with them. Han Qilu regards himself as an invincible beast who can be a fierce rival, but is respected and one who is trustworthy to deal with again.

Once he sits in the town car, Qilu's driver hesitates, then, turns. Qilu is reviewing the contract on his tablet. "Master, do you want to return directly to the hotel, or do you want to walk around?"

He freezes, looking up from the computer tablet and out through the car windows… .

Tall buildings, crowded, but not too noisy sidewalks, trees planted on them… The scene is strange, but familiar. There are people lining the sidewalks, as well as trees. But then he sees a girl at the corner of the street, come to contact with her lover with a kiss.

Emotions flash through his eyes before they turn black like the night. He can't help but harden his heart.

"Back to the hotel." He points toward the road with his lips. He hangs his head, finding a comfortable position to start working again. He came here not for her, but for work. Dreaming about roaming around with her… pure nonsense!

Since the Han Group is an international industry, it's natural for them to have a branch in the United States. The driver takes him to one of the Han's glamorous hotels. Any of these buildings are at his disposal.

After a short ten-minute drive, the car stops in front of a posh facility. With the rented rooms just twenty floors high, the hotel seems insignificant. A group of bodyguards surround him as he walks toward his exclusive elevator. The lift takes him up slowly to the highest level: the 27th floor.

The elevator doors open slowly. He takes a step when he is met by someone.

Slightly curled, pale purple hair catches his eye. The woman is dressed in a light blue, extremely low cut evening dress. In one hand is a diamond, limited edition bag, while the other clutches a phone. She impatiently spits, "I told you several times today, don't call me. I'm meeting someone important."

He doesn't know what was said, but she simply hangs up the phone. She turns around and her eyes crash into Han Qilu's gaze.

Caught by surprise, she slowly smiles. It is Xiang Mankuai.

She knew Han Qilu is in the US, and was residing here, so she waited for him to arrive. While waiting, she strolled the hallway back and forth until he returned.

At that moment, her lips move. She doesn't know what to say. Transparent liquid falls from her eyes. They're tears.

"Qilu… ." Missing him all these years, her feelings started overwhelming her. She still wants him. Granted, she collects any news about him. And even if she's loved by masses, she still feels lonely without him.

Finally, she has joined him… .

CHAPTER 336 To Meet Again : 2

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Clearly, Han Qilu didn't expect her. His hand clutching the tablet, trembles. His face remains emotionless. With the exception of the initial surprise, he remains stoic.

Mankuai notices that the look in his eyes is flat.

This shows that he still loves her, right? After all, a man remembers his first touch, while a woman remembers her first love, right?

With her heart filled with joy, she takes a few steps toward him before flying into his arms. She has missed him; his familiar scent is so good… She couldn't help but leave him for another man before since she was hiding something. She will never mention what she was hiding… .

But now… everything is different. That man got into a car accident and will be in a vegetative state forever. He won't appear in her life again. Now, she can come back into Han Qilu's arms. These arms only belong to her.

"Qilu… ." She breathes again. She closes her eyes, waiting for Han Qilu's gentle touch.

However, life is capricious. Even if the sun rises daily, it will rise from a different spot from the last. Wouldn't people change as well?

Han Qilu doesn't push her away, but he doesn't reciprocate her action. After a while, he sighs loudly. His gaze falls on the ground where cigarette butts cover the floor. He definitely thinks this mess is created by Mankuai.

"Long time, no see." In this case, it is said to someone who's a mere acquaintance, not an old friend. It's not meant to alienate, but one that wants to put some distance.

This is not what she expected in her mind.

She lifts her head as she wraps her slender arms around his waist, holding him tightly. "Qilu, I am sorry. What happened in the past was my fault. I… ."

"Were you going to tell me about it?" Han Qilu faintly talks about the topic before his eyes fall on the screen of her phone. He frowns.

Mankuai is shocked to see his response. His eyes are completely different from his old, gentle gaze… they're strange.

"You thought I'd stay this way forever?" Han Qilu looks back at her, his eyes fall on her face. It's been a while since he's seen her face, and the innocence that was once on her face has also disappeared completely. All he sees is a face covered in foundation. The only thing he sees in her eyes are her pupils.

She has changed. But so did he. Who knows? It doesn't matter.

Mankuai pulls back in embarrassment. She doesn't know what to do with her empty arms. Although she is a year older than him, he has a maturity that shouldn't be underestimated. It's rare to see that in boys his age.

She dislikes those boys: too childish and unstable.

Han Qilu walks past her. He takes out a card to open his suite. She doesn't know what to say despite the multiple opportunities. Talking to her makes him feel nauseated. He doesn't like her.

She follows him into the room when he leaves the door open. Han Qilu speaks first. "I heard he was in a serious car accident and hasn't woken up yet."

Restlessness spreads through her chest when she hears his flat tone.

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