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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 333.
Unhinged Demon Boy

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"I know," he replies dismissively, sounding unaffected. Mentioning Basa Li doesn't arouse the slightest interest in him.

She turns and looks inside the refrigerator. "So I moved back in."

"I know." Han Qilu's voice softens now he knows An Chuxia is safely back [home] and he can hear her voice.

"How is it that this refrigerator is empty?!" She slams the refrigerator door and shouts into the mobile phone. "Han Qilu, is this how the servants are in this house? They're so miserly!"

Just then, she hears a noise coming from the hall before lowering her voice."Ah, wait first."

She doesn't turn off the phone but she quietly peers out of the kitchen door. She sees Jiang Yuan take an apple from the hall before returning to her studio, shutting the door behind her.

Relieved, she walks out of the kitchen and takes two apples from the fruit bowl before running back to her room. So this is how it feels to be a thief!

She sits on the soft leather sofa. She takes a deep breath before biting on the fruit.

"Eating dinner?" She suddenly hears a voice from the phone, forgetting they were in conversation.

"Ah… ." She stifles a yawn, thinking of a way to end their conversation and hang up. She should just shut down her phone.

There's momentary silence before she hears, "I'm hanging up."

"Eh?" Before she can respond, she hears a busy tone before seeing the screen display: Call Ended.

This boy… is crazy, right? Out of the blue, he calls her, but doesn't want to hang up. She's unconvinced he has a patient bone in his body; he can wait for her to slip out of the kitchen and run to her room, and eat a few bites of her apple.

She knows his patience. The only explanation is that… the demon boy is unhinged.

She sets the phone aside and continues to unconsciously munch on the apple. However, her mind is filled with his words: I miss you, what should I do?

She takes another bite of the apple, but she loses her appetite. She finally gives up and sits in front of her notebook. The last time she had it was when steward Han prepared the device for her to take to the Lings. Suddenly, she's moved by the genuine wealth (love by people around her).

As soon as she opens the computer, the first thing she does isn't opening QQ, but the network shelves' homepage. She looked at the list, and the first book has slipped to fourth place. Her story, Master Devil Don't Kiss Me, moves to the first spot. The comments exceed by four hundred in comparison to the story in the second spot!

Her eyes immediately dance the moment she sees the number of comments appear on her story. This data means… she can convert them into money! The more comments a person gets, the more money she earns! All of a sudden, she clicks her mouse over the novel page, and reads the comments ranging from update quickly to curse the stupid heroine.

After a short burst of anger, she is able to calm down and write a chapter. Part of it is motivated by whim, and perhaps, the temptation of money. Her typing speed is a lot faster than usual. It takes her less than an hour to write three thousand words.

She publishes the chapter, and just like that, three thousand words chapter is up.

CHAPTER 334. Sprite, Soothe the Soaring Heart

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: Sprite- referring to the clear soda made by CocCola

Hang out to dry- means to abandon a friend or someone dependent (on that person) who is in danger

Out of sheer boredom, she reads a few of the comments and signs into QQ. She replies to the message sent to her by the network editor, telling her to read the contract and sign it by tomorrow before classes start.

She looks at the time, and it's quarter past nine at night when steward Han tells her she has a phone call. This man doesn't seem to sleep since he says in a loud voice, "Young miss, what do you want me to say?"

Good grief, she almost forgot An Chenchuan's goods. "Steward Han, do you remember An Chenchuan? He said his family is sending over some gastrointestinal drugs. Were you asleep? I'm sorry to trouble you with those people waiting at the door."

The butler hesitates, and asks her if she has an upset stomach. She laughs and says that she and the students were pranking each other. The steward doesn't say anything; he just hangs up the phone.

She refreshes the computer page, and finds another ten pages of comments. The comments are coming in fast, many of them upset about the characters she's based on Lila and Basa Li. She reads more; her heart bursts with joy.

At the same time, she starts doubting herself. Is her writing really that good? Being one of the bestsellers doesn't mean there's a shortage of good stories. She can be easily replaced.

The reason she writes is to make it to the 'royalties' column; to get red envelopes and gifts of income reaching upto a thousand yuan… [Truth, like fiction, will pass… as long as it's done with conviction.]

Buzz Buzz

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. With a good mood, she puts the mouse down, before walking out like a madwoman. She is blindsided the moment she opens the door.

Steward Han stands before her, throwing an ambiguous gaze toward Jiang Yuan. Then, she looks down the corridor and sees the Han servants, holding different trays of food.

This… she's completely dumbfounded. Did Jiang Yuan find her rummaging in the kitchen looking for food before running up the stairs with the two apples? Impossible….

Then, is it… .

"What is this?" She dare not ask as she looks at Jiang Yuan.

With another mysterious smile she says, "Ah, An Chuxia, why didn't you tell mommy you were hungry? Why did I have to hear from Qilu in the United States that he woke up chefs from the hotel to cook a midnight snack for you? How am I supposed to settle this account?"

An Chuxia is terrified and confused. Despite Jiang Yuang looking displeased, her expression doesn't reflect the brilliant smile behind her eyes.

Needless to say, Jiang Yuan is leaving Qilu to hang out to dry.

But why… Chuxia looks at the delicious food. Not only does she want to devour it, but she thinks it looks so good, shouldn't it be on a TV ad?

Sprite, soothe the soaring heart!

"I have to take this into account," Jiang Yuan commands while laughing. "Xiao An Chuxia, it's good to fatten you up. This way, you can give me a fat grandson! (^ o ^) / ~!"

An Chuxia starts sweating a black line.

Really… soothe this heart….

As Jiang Yuan's eyes light up, she pinches food from one of the trays and pops it in her mouth.

A flash of ten thousand lights burst in eyes. Delicious!!! Everyone must die. The devil must die before she dies. Right now, An Chuxia should try resolving her food and clothing problem before he returns for her to kill him.

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