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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 337 To Meet Again (Romantic Chapter) 3

If you read last Wednesday’s post, you’ve been introduced to Xiang Mankuai. What drama do you think she brings to this party?

Again, thanks to all our followers. I hope you’re all strapped in for the next roller coaster ride!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

"Don't mention him, okay?" She closes the gap between them, clinging on to Han Qilu. "I only want you… ."

"Do you?" He asks faintly. He remains numb, listening to her as she cries.

Upon hearing his question, she lifts her impeccably painted face and charmingly looks at him. "Whether it is eating, sleeping, doing shows or interviews, the person I was constantly thinking of was you, Han Qilu. Please forgive me?"

Qilu lowers his head and nods as he looks at Xiang Mankuai. She bats her false eyelashes like butterfly wings. With a cocked smile, Qilu leans over and tightens his arms around her as she tilts. A hint of joy fills her as she feels a more intense atmosphere surround her.

"Really… all this time you thought about me?" He retains his smile despite the cold look in his eyes. Xiang Mankuai cannot control Han Qilu, but he definitely has changed a lot.

He has become more dangerous… .

"Of course!" She doesn't hesitate to point at his head. She looks back at him with reverence. Her hands snake from around his neck to the front of his chest, to undo the buttons on his shirt… .

One… two… three…

She immediately exposes his chest to the air. She suddenly feels hot. She presses her lips against the warm skin.

A bright red hickey immediately appears on his chest. But why is he remaining passive this time?

He used to think about what would've happened if they became a couple. Eventually, they'd end up doing it together. But then, that didn't happen.

There had been numerous nights she regretted not taking the initiative. She didn't want Han Qilu to think she is a woman of easy virtue, so she faked modesty… .

He lifts his hand to her zipper. Unzip. All she is left with is a delicate blue bra… ready to be taken off. She is proud of her body.

They nudge each other until they reach the bed.

"Qilu, I love you." She leans over to kiss him, but he avoids her. No, he shouldn't be avoiding her… .

She had an opportunity to kiss his lips, but in her trance, she turns toward the bed. A casual smile spreads on her crimson lips. "Han Qilu… ."

She was expecting a kiss to fall on her lips, but instead she hears his cold and deliberately suppressed voice say, "How cunning of an actress are you to be able to casually get to be alone, with a man, let alone, one in a hotel… ."

She doesn't understand what he means, instead, she stretches her arms around his neck. "It doesn't matter because you're my man… ."

"Am I?" He squints a bit as he smiles lightly.

He doesn't know why, but suddenly, the person he sees is An Chuxia, with the slightest bit of face powder: pure, youthful, clean, beautiful, desirable.

Unconsciously, his cold lips dip. Mankuai closes her eyes, anticipating for his kiss to fall.

Millimeters apart, An Chuxia's face disappears, and Mankuai's face returns. He frowns. Frowning, he can't stop himself. Instead, he diverts his kiss to her collar.


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

TL: 一哭二闹三上吊 (idiom) – to throw a tantrum


Real- true to herself

"What's wrong, Han Qilu?" Mankuai blinks in confusion.

Han Qilu stands up and looks at her coldly. "Go."

Just now, he almost mistook An Chuxia in Xiang Mankuai's body. He almost took her… almost betrayed An Chuxia. The mere thought of this makes his palms sweat.

"Why?" Mankuai frowns, unwilling to leave. Biting her lip, she stands up and unhooks her bra, immediately exposing herself. No man could see her beauty and still remain firm like a mountain. Never!

However, this world doesn't have absolutes. Not to mention that Han Qilu is different, and is one that can't be predicted.

He turns his head, to avoid looking at Mankuai. This final action has destroyed the last beautiful memory in his heart. Now, Xiang Mankuai is no different from those who appear on TV for the limelight. Her body betrays without much difference.

The only difference was that once, she was was the best in his heart. Unfortunately, the passage of time changed that as well.

"If you won't go, I will have people come in [and take you out]." He decides with finality. It is evident to Mankuai he has never recovered from their fallout.

She cannot prolong this meeting: her undergarments, her evening dress… it's all for a show. She walks in front of Han Qilu, looking calm and intelligent. She's not one who throws a tantrum. Not only is the game disgusting, but counterproductive. She is savvy, that she is.

"Han Qilu, can I finally ask you a question?" She looks him in the eyes. Han Qilu has a soft heart, but he remains quiet. Then, he expresses tacit approval.

She looks at him momentarily before asking, "Do you like someone else?" Is this why you don't want to touch me? This is going to be hard for you?

He interrupts her before she finishes. "I don't like anyone."

This brings joy to her heart, although, it also leaves her melancholic. If it's melancholy, then he should ask, "What would you do if I like you?"

But now, he says he doesn't… .

She was about to say something when she sees his gaze fall into the distance: "I don't like anyone."

"… eh?" She wonders why he repeated himself.

"But." He looks at her in the room, clearing the chaotic thoughts in his mind. "I've someone whom I'm quite fond of."

As if hit with a heavy blow, Mankuai suddenly freezes. For a moment, she thought she was standing firm, until she starts tilting back. If he didn't catch her, she would've fallen over.

This revelation gives her a headache.

"Is this true?"

He nods. "She's a lot like you, the former you whom I liked."

Mankuai's lips move, but the words don't come out.

"While I liked the old you, I like her because of who she is, not because she's your substitute." His Adam's apple bobs up a bit. "Later, I found out she's not even like you. She is her [own being], she is different and wants to be alive and real."

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