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Image courtesy of Tencent Video/Google Image CHAPTER 331 You Have My Best Interests…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Ling Hanyu sees a puzzled Jiang Yuan approach them in her pink bunny pajamas. He presumes the servants noticed them parked in front of the house and notified her, right?

The moment she appears, his speech speeds up. "Thank you, good night, goodbye. Get out!"

An Chuxia opens the door and jumps out. Ling Hanyu is surprised when Jiang Yuan starts shouting and hurling a slipper toward An Chuxia. He should've been gone. He starts the engine and takes off like a shot arrow.

"Xiao An Chuxia, you know I'm calling the Ling family and beating up that old man? You didn't even have your phone! You worried me! Steward Han told me that a car was parked outside. I had to hastily leave my readers to come here!" Jiang Yuan is like trying to do a good deed by giving candy to a child while scolding an adult for eating too much sugar at the same time.

An Chuxia laughs as she glances toward Ling Hanyu's car. A faint smile is on her lips. "I know you have my best interests in your heart. As for the phone… I didn't hear it ring. Maybe it's out of power."

She pulls out the cell phone to check -it. Suddenly, she hears a sound.

"Young miss, your room has been cleaned daily, and your linen has been changed. It's late, so take a bath and sleep." Steward Han's face appears behind Jiang Yuan.

An Chuxia wasn't aware when steward Han appeared behind Ma. She was taken aback. She smiles and nods, "Thank you."

She's really tired today. She appeases Jiang Yuan by accompanying her despite her constant yawning. Jiang Yuan notices, so she doesn't nag her. She said she has to do other things on the Bookshelf, so she says goodbye to Chuxia on her floor before leaving.

The room lights have been turned on by steward Han. He runs her bath before bidding her a good rest. In the big room, she suddenly feels her heart swell. She has subconsciously treated this place as her home. If one day, she has to leave, she'll feel really sad, right?

She shakes off the negative emotions and heads toward the drawn hot bath. She doesn't feel as tired, but her stomach starts rumbling… then she remembers she hasn't eaten dinner yet!

She takes out a set of white pajamas from her closet. She was about to search for food when she sees a light emitting from the phone she tossed on her bed. She turns on the device to see the name on display: An Chenchuan.

She is surprised to see he called her. Did something happen to 'that man'? She doesn't want to call the "man" father.

She speaks into the phone after accepting the call. "Hello?"

An Chenchuan had his phone beside him, thinking she wouldn't answer his call. When she responds, he's caught by surprise. What now?

If he doesn't answer, the phone conversation will be terminated.

"I'm going to take a bath. Do you need something?" An Chuxia's voice is faint and An Chenchuan can't detect any emotion to her speech.

"… uh, nothing. I heard you had diarrhea recently, and after my parents heard about it, they bought you a ton of US brand gastrointestinal medicines. They're being sent to the Han residence. Remember to tell the staff to hand it to you."

CHAPTER 332. I Want You, What Should I Do

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

A black line crosses An Chuxia's face as she listens to him… diarrhea is diarrhea.

She can't tell him she has loose bowels; she just wants to fill her stomach!

Since the lie has already reached the sky, she might as well bite the bullet and ride with it. "Ah, thank you. You didn't have to. Extend my thanks to your father and mother."

"Okay. Hang up and go to bed."

"Hmmm." She puckers her lips after she says thanks and hangs up. She sighs, and her stomach registers its discontent by making a 'clucking' sound. Is she going to die after skipping a meal?

She scolds herself internally before grabbing her phone and walking out of the room. She realizes the phone is showing several missed calls from Jiang Yuan.

The large lamps that usually casts light on the long hallway have been turned off. But a meter away, a pale yellow light emits from the small lamp; its light is enough to show her the way.

She has walked these halls a hundred times with the lights off. But today, a trace of white light emerges from Jiang Yuan's writing room door. In order not to attract attention, she leaves the light off, using her phone screen to light her path.

Suddenly, her phone screen flashes. It looks like Han Qilu is calling from his flight. Shouldn't this be an overseas call? She knows these kind of calls end up becoming expensive phone bills… .

With that in mind, she presses the answer key. [Let that son-of-bitch pay for the bill===]

"What are you doing?" He seems very tired, but he's trying not to be obvious. She can hear it in his voice. Was he in a meeting? He has to be fatigues, right?

"I'm… ." Can I tell him to call me back after I rummage for food in the kitchen? Wouldn't that be shameless? She curls her lip and decides to avoid the question. "I'm watching YouTube."

She opens a cupboard and sees it's empty. She was about to close the door, at which point she hears him faintly say, "I miss you. What should I do?"

This dubious statement is exaggerated to the point that she doesn't know why Han Qilu would say it so matter-of-factly. It's a declarative sentence, like he's discussing the weather in general.

But even so, her heart is shamelessly beating out of control. Her hand slips from the cupboard handle, but unconsciously remains stiff.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" In the US, Han Qilu is currently holding his phone in one hand, while holding a glass of red wine in the other. A faint glow from the hotel's crystal chandeliers reflects on the goblet's surface.

He stands in front of the French window, watching the bustling street below him. The bright lights and the hustle and bustle seem to have nothing to do with him.

An Chuxia finally shuts the cupboard door and squats. With Han Qilu talking for a long time, her resistance (towards him) is getting significantly better. Their mood [toward each other] may be jarring, but he definitely doesn't make life dull.

"What do you want me to say?" She frowns, trying to decide if she wants to eat. "What do you want me to say to you, Mr. Han Qilu?"

"Say it."

She goes to another cupboard located at the right hand side of the cabinet and finds pots and pans. However, she still can't find anything to fill her belly.

"Basa Li has left your home." She takes a deep breath. She stands up and looks around. With the moonlight coming through the kitchen window, she can faintly see the entire kitchen furnishings.

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