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Image courtesy of Google/Weibo CHAPTER 327 You're Really Sought After

The battle of two houses begin!

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

An Chuxia and Ling Hanyu rush in to witness the scene-

Grandfather Ling and Jiang Yuan were standing across each other, tense like pulled crossbows. They're both livid, presumably arguing for a while.

An Chuxia is getting a headache.

"Grandfather, ayi…!" Ling Hanyu politely shouted.

"Ma, what are you… ," An Chuxia asks hesitantly.

"Ah, An Chuxia, you've finally returned. Ma has been waiting for you for a while!" Jiang Yuan's face lights up and runs past everyone and hugs An Chuxia tightly.

An Chuxia staggers from Jiang Yuan's sudden embrace. She braced herself from falling, but Ling Hanyu holds on to her… or he really wanted to just move heaven and earth to touch her.

That small act can possibly throw off the balance they've created.

As the instigator, Jiang Yuan didn't expect her excitement not to bubble over.

Of course, Jiang Yuan is happily over the moon. That nauseating woman has left and her xiao An Chuxia is returning soon.

If she thinks about it, An Chuxia had it rough.

But… right now, she can't back down!

"Xiao Xia, my baby, Mommy is taking you home."Jiang Yuan releases An Chuxia and gives her a big kiss on her pink face.

As she says this, she shoots Grandfather Ling with defiant eyes. The old man harrumphs. He doesn't see anything. This Chuxia is his daughter-in-law, she's not stealing her away! No way!

"An Chuxia is staying here. She is comfortable and at ease. Hanyu's affection for his fiancee is real, so let's not be put in an embarrassing situation." Grandfather Ling says the words with conviction.

He's exposing the Han scars. The events regarding Basa Li is still fresh in his mind!

But Basa Li has moved out from the Hans, grandfather Ling heard. However, this argument is now a mental challenge, and it would be an accomplishment [to win].

But this is only temporary!

Grandfather Ling thinks, and a meaningful smile touches his lips.

"An Chuxia, stay here. If you move back to the Hans, you'll eventually have to return here anyway, and that would be troublesome," Grandfather Ling says to her.

Is Basa Li returning?

An Chuxia feels a painful jab. She wants to return to the Hans, but grandfather Ling's words is making her waver.

After all… at the Hans, she is nothing but a ridiculous existence.

"Hey hey, grandfather Ling. This is no way to talk about the Hans. Xiao Xia is genuinely our daughter-in-law, no one else's!!!" Jiang Yuan says angrily.

Basa Li for that matter, is entirely an accident. An accident!!!

"Is that right? Transient? That's why Chuxia should stay at the Lings!" Grandfather Ling won't allow his daughter-in-law to be taken away.

This old man will fight to death for the future Ling wife!

Ling Hanyu looks at the two adults, whose ages combined is over a hundred years old. This is giving him a headache.

He thinks: well, An Chuxia, you're so sought-after.

"That, that… An Chuxia is mine, not yours!" Jiang Yuan didn't mince her words. She tightly clutches An Chuxia's hand.

An Chuxia is with her, and no one should take her away from her. She desperately doesn't want to discuss this matter at all!

CHAPTER 328 We Can Elope…

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

"Oh, girl, ah, An Chuxia is staying here. I'm old and rotten, and I don't let things go easily." Grandfather Ling is stubborn.

He has just discovered his daughter-in-law, she just can't be taken away, right?

This is a joke!

An Chuxia's heart is unsettled. Watching the two of them fight fiercely, pains her… .

She never thought that one day, she'd actually be so sought-after. Ah love, really!

"That… ," An Chuxia starts to persuade them, but she didn't think she can get another word in with grandfather Ling and Jiang Yuan looking at her with piercing eyes.

She doesn't look at her watch, but her heart is too young to be this unnerved.

"Xiao Xia, tell him you want to go home!" Jiang Yuan scowls at An Chuxia. Her attitude is quite abnormal!

"An Chuxia, stay at the Ling's. You're the real daughter-in-law of this house and you're staying here. Nothing will happen to you here; I won't let you get hurt." Grandfather Ling's words for An Chuxia are firm.

These two individuals face her with glowing eyes, waiting for her to make a decision.

An Chuxia remains mum. She doesn't know what to say, or what her decision should be.

If she says she's heading back with Jiang Yuan, Grandfather Ling will be disappointed. She thought back to their kindness, having her live with them for the last couple of days. She can't be ungrateful, right?

She looks at Jiang Yuan… .

If she were to stay, Ma would be sad. She doesn't want her to be sad.

However, Basa Li is a ticking time bomb. Who knows when she'll return?

An Chuxia is hesitant, not knowing where to go because of this issue.

At this time, Ling Hanyu shrieks, attracting all three's attention.

"Hey, sorry. I'm taking An Chuxia… and we're eloping!" After the announcement, Ling Hanyu pulls An Chuxia's hand, surprising grandfather while he and An Chuxia run for the door.

"I… Hey, An Chuxia is Han Qilu's wife. A friend cannot take a friend’s wife!" Jiang Yuan reacted violently by shouting.

But An Chuxia and Ling Hanyu have ran away far enough for them not to hear her.

Grandfather Ling, on the other hand, is hearing music. He doesn't mention how light he feels. He didn't think his grandson would be this proactive, so worthy of praise.

Grandfather Ling looks at Jiang Yuan, festering in anger, stomping.

False starts, false starts!

On the other side… .

Ling Hanyu is running on the road with An Chuxia, and a smile paints his lips. If he could, he'd hold her hand and run with her forever.

An Chuxia understands why Ling Hanyu pulled her away. It would be completely embarrassing to reveal his position… he wouldn't know what to say, and he'd want to run away…. .

What a headache, ah.

They have ran for so long, they reach inhabited grassland. Only then did Ling Hanyu stop running.

The first thing An Chuxia did when they stopped was gasp!

Nima, they ran so long, they're breathless.

"The indignities of life!" She takes a deep breath. An Chuxia airs her dissatisfaction.

If they keep running, she won't have any energy left in her.

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