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CHAPTER 329. Tangled An Chuxia

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Ling Hanyu watches An Chuxia in silence, then, giggles.

He feels great right now.

"What are you laughing at? Have you lost your mind?" An Chuxia is very silent before kicking Ling Hanyu.

Of course, her kick isn't lethal.

"Hey, I asked you, why did you take me away?" An Chuxia asks.

Why did he bring her out?

Of course, she knows why! In fact, she knows why he said… they're eloping. Otherwise, it would be a misunderstanding that would end in death.

Thunder rolls in.

"Haha, don't you think that it made me look like a handsome MAN?" Ling Hanyu laughs and poses handsomely.

MAN, your sister, MAN! (I think ACX is being sarcastic)

An Chuxia rolls her eyes and gives Ling Hanyu another kick.

She’s trying to provoke a fight!

"You're really violent," Ling Hanyu states.

An Chuxia throws a punch at him, but doesn't say a thing.

Both of them sit on the grass for a while. Ling Hanyu looks at An Chuxia and says, "I'll send you back to the Hans, along with your luggage. If we go back to my place, grandfather won't let you go."

In fact, this is the reason why Ling Hanyu took An Chuxia away.

If An Chuxia is left to face grandfather alone, he won't let her leave.

Eloping would make grandfather happy, but Hanyu won't interfere with An Chuxia's relationship with the Hans.

Grandfather cannot block An Chuxia if she is back home from where she came.

"Oh, I see." An Chuxia suddenly laughs.

"Hey, who told you I'm going back to the Hans? What if I changed my mind?" An Chuxia blinks her eyes jokingly.

He is self-deprecating, surprised for a moment.

"Come on, tell the truth. I knew you were bothered and uncomfortable. Quickly return back to your home, back to Han Qilu's, your husband's arms and go." Ling Hanyu playfully ridicules An Chuxia.

An Chuxia glares at him, curling her fist… .

"Ah, ah, ah, how are you going to say hi to me when I come over to the house? You can't do that… ah!"

A scream echoes in the grassland.

*** At the Han Door ***

"Go in. I'm sending you off." Ling Hanyu sits in the driver’s seat, seeing An Chuxia off.

An Chuxia, sitting in the passenger seat, suddenly hesitates about going in.

After all, after the Basa Li incident… In fact… it still hurts.

She doesn't want to face Basa Li again, wanting to kill her, and make her feel like a mistress; let her leave. It still leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

She has to admit, she is in love with Han Qilu. She can't deceive herself anymore. She's in love with him.

If faced with that kind of situation, can she be this cold?

“Look, you and ayi have a great relationship. She should be waiting for you right now. Go in." Ling Hanyu touches her head and speaks to her softly.

Soft moonlight shines on his handsome features. His face is filled with tenderness.

Watching Ling Hanyu's expression, An Chuxia gains the courage to nod and say "thank you" before exiting the car.

"I'll send your luggage as soon as possible," Ling Hanyu says before An Chuxia takes off.

"Thank you." She smiles.

Anyway, there isn't much stuff.

CHAPTER 330. Whatever You Want

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia is about to get out, but she suddenly stops. Her fingers are on the door handle.

Ling Hanyu is about to ask her what's wrong when An Chuxia looks at him with an embarrassed look. She turns to him hesitantly. She should do the sensible thing and get out obediently. However… .

"That… I… Hey!" She sighs.

Ling Hanyu suddenly becomes indifferent to her as she takes a deep breath. "Get out quickly. I want to get home and watch some anime."

"Hey, hey." An Chuxia smiles while scratching her head. "I want to say… ."

"I'll pay you. Now, get out!" His face remains neutral, but An Chuxia can see his lips twitch unconsciously.

Before him, her brazen self has returned. She doesn't care she's returned to her true form. "Laoda… ."

"Don't let me hear you call me that again," Ling Hanyu challenges. Under the faint moonlight, he looks like an angel. An Chuxia is momentarily stunned and realizes how good-looking he is… in this world, how can she run into so many of them?

"Seen enough yet?" He raises his brow to challenge her again. An Chuxia wonders if all handsome men have the same characteristics.

Chuxia lightly coughs to conceal her embarrassment. "To be honest, your face is ashen."

"Ah?" Ling Hanyu drops his eyebrow and peers at the rearview mirror while An Chuxia reaches over to rub a spot on his face.

He lifts his eyes to her while An Chuxia slyly looks at him. "Never mind. I can help you clean up. I know I don't have to but I want to say… I'm not someone who's money-grubbing… I'm not the greedy kind."

Ling Hanyu smiles faintly, but his eyes narrow to slits as he tries to judge if An Chuxia is being sarcastic. But she's just being deprecating.

He wonders: what kind of person isn't greedy for money? There's always a reason to be greedy. The love for money is natural, if not forced by life's circumstances, right?

No one would love money because of money itself. Some love money because they want to buy their dream car. Some, to acquire beauty… she, to be free.

An Chuxia's expression seems complex. He looks away from her mischievous face, his eyes look forward, past the glass, and looks at the small tree on his line of sight.

"An Chuxia, do you know you're a lot like Han Qilu?" His abrupt statement scares her. She doesn't know what to say.

Then, she hears him sigh loudly. "Don't be stubborn when you need money. I don't know why you need it, and I don't want to know. You just need to know… no matter what you want, I'll give it to you."

She stares at him with wide eyes. "Why?"

He moves his lips, but his face remains stiff. "Because in my grandmother's manhua, the protagonist's name is Chuxia."

"Because of that?" She's suddenly confused.

Sure enough, people with money and mere mortals are different. Just because of a name or something, a person will be given what they ask for… .

"Get out." His brow lifts. "Your ma is coming."

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