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Image courtesy : tencent video CHAPTER 325 Today, You’re Not Animals

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Laoban… ." Meng Xiaonan seems apologetic.

An Chuxia knows that look means this errand won't be done well.

"I remember, Xiaonan, you cleaned the whole library, right?" An Chuxia raises her eyebrow. Xiaonan acts like she is an innocent woman being put through human trafficking.

Meng Xiaonan blinks, looking at her in confusion.

"Then… today, after school, help me clean the basketball team lounge," An Chuxia says clearly.

Since then, Meng Xiaonan looks down.

The scourge!


Afternoon – After school.

An Chuxia and Meng Xiaonan go to the school's basketball team lounge despite their busy schedule.

"Nice to see you, An Chuxia." Xiao Mingluo blinks and flashes a dazzling look with his eyes.

However, An Chuxia doesn't appreciate the greeting.

She's now the heart of the team, no thanks to Han Qilu, cursing the bastard a thousand times.

"Yo, flower girl, we meet again." Xiao Mingluo demonstrates his charm by smiling at Meng Xiaonan as he says hello.

Meng Xiaonan looks at him, and her heart sinks in depression.

Damn this supercilious-looking wolf!

She is still sore from the incident when he took money from her.

Flower girl… fuck, and he expects payback. Pah!

Sell flowers. Your family sells flowers.

But deep in her heart, Meng Xiaonan's common sense kicks in, and she knows that he is wealthy, chances are that she'll be able to get the flower money out from him.

So, Meng Xiaonan makes the effort to put on a tight-lipped smile. She says, "Hey, hello, hello."

Xiao Mingluo's mouth pumps. He feels… why is this girl so much fun?

Fun and interesting.

"Coach, don't you want to stay and help?" Ling Hanyu comes off from the sidelines and stands next to Xiao Mingluo.


Is he kidding?

"Go, go, go! Go play basketball and concentrate." Then, she tosses the basketball quickly, and Ling Hanyu goes after it.

As soon as he's out of sight, she wants to kick Han Qilu's ass.

An Chuxia's heart is agitated.

Damn, Han Qilu, I hate you!

Ever since An Chuxia has become the basketball manager, her life has turned tragic.

Meng Xiaonan comes out of the lounge, carrying the basketball uniforms and dumps it in front of Chuxia.

She stares as she picks through the putrid-smelling jerseys, making her angry!

"I'm just a basketball manager, not someone to help wash the jerseys!" An Chuxia is displeased, staring.

This day needs to end!

This is outrageous!

This peculiar request is how Han Qilu desperately wants to enslave her.

An Chuxia rummages through her mind, then her heart, where she finds Han Qilu's peculiar confession.

"The jersey is from public funds, so it's the manager's responsibility to keep the basketball uniforms clean, An Chuxia!" Xiao Mingluo balls both hands into fists, the jerk tries to show her support.

"Laoda, I sympathize with you." Meng Xiaonan pats An Chuxia on the shoulder.

This day… Monstrous!

"I'll… wait for you outside." Ling Hanyu walks in front of An Chuxia. He tries to hold in his laugh, choking it back. The image is too hilarious.

He pats An Chuxia on the shoulder and walks out of the lounge.

The team leaves, one by one… In the blink of an eye, the lounge is empty except for An Chuxia and Meng Xiaonan.

"Han Qilu, you asshole!" The situation is so unbearable, she yells out the obscenity.

CHAPTER 326 Curse You, Curse You, Curse You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The mothership has come for An Chuxia hehe. The fight for the precious “daughter-in-law” is funny umm real. 

She's tidied up the entire lounge, and washed all the jerseys. She's become a cleaning lady!

It's half past six, and An Chuxia and Meng Xiaonan are exhausted as they sit in Stein College.

"Laoda, take care of yourself. I'm heading out!" Meng Xiaonan squeezes Chuxia's hand before straightening her upper body and disappearing like a ghost.

She groans her resentment!

Han Qilu, damn you, asshole!

She fiercely curses him in her heart. An Chuxia drags her tired, limp body toward the Ling's car parked not that far away.

Today, throughout the entire day, An Chuxia has cursed Han Qilu so many times that she can’t find any more ways to curse him.

Bastard, he goes to the US, and yet doesn't let other people peacefully live their life in his absence. This is too much!

She is at a deficit just because of that statement made on that fateful insomnifilled night, right?

Ah, you devil, you devil, you devil!

If the devil is gentle, for sure, no one would wish her ill!

Ling Hanyu sees An Chuxia approach the car. He gets out and holds the door open for her. "Get in the car," he says softly.

"Ah, thank you." She gets into the car and sits on the soft seats.

This is torturous!

Han Qilu, I curse and despise you!

Ah-choo! Ah-choo!!!

Someone in the US is sneezing uncontrollably.

"Grandpa just called," Ling Hanyu faintly says in the back of the car.

"Huh?" An Chuxia lets out a whispered cry. She has no effort to speak.

"The Hans… they're coming over to pick you up." Ling Hanyu says hesitatingly.

She knows she's leaving… and she felt bad about it.

He looks at An Chuxia. She looks back at him, squinting. What she doesn't see is her amused gaze is met with a pair of eyes looking deeply at her.

"Ah, I just have to call Ma," An Chuxia replies.

"That… are you ready to head back?" Hanyu asks.

Does she really want to return?

Strangely, Hanyu thinks of the exam date, and Basa Li locking An Chuxia in the bathroom, and how he searched the entire Stein College. He remembers when the security team couldn't find her, and he had to tell Han Qilu.

It was uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

"Ah, I have to go back. I'm sorry I've been a bother." An Chuxia smiles at him faintly. "But also… thank you."

She says it with all sincerity.

"Xia ah? It was a favor anyway. Grandfather is very fond of you as his daughter-in-law," Ling Hanyu says with a playful tone.

"Go to hell," she says to him, punching him on his arm.

They talked like this, comfortably, on the way back to the Lings.

"No, she is my An Chuxia. You can't stop her from leaving!"

"She is my daughter-in-law!"

"What do you mean? Our Chuxia just stayed for a few days, and now, she's going home. Also, remember that xiao An Chuxia is my daughter-in-law. This is determined!"

An Chuxia and Ling Hanyu haven't entered the room yet but they can hear the voices arguing.

They look at each other.

"Ma?" An Chuxia says as she sees Jiang Yuan.

She and old man Ling… are arguing!

An Chuxia and Ling Hanyu are able to conclude what's going on, and quickly walk into the living room.

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