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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 311 Going to the United States to Use the Toilet

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

"You can eat whatever. I want you to make a choice… not play dumb." Han Qilu looks toward the light, but when he looks at An Chuxia's faint smile, it gives him goosebumps.

Not play dumb? Is she? Has she? Well no… Well, that is!

"I personally think this basketball club manager position, more or less, can be considered a job. One can exercise leadership and organizational skills. I choose basketball club manager!" She smiles wildly. She tilts her head up and swallows the whole cup of coffee. It goes down bitterly.

Han Qilu looks at her from head to toe in her sitting position. The corner of his lips curl. "Very well."

An Chuxia learns later that day Han Qilu originally wanted to talk to her about the basketball club manager vacancy, but ended up asking her to be his girlfriend. T_T

Fortunately, when she didn't agree immediately, Han Qilu secretly found a reason to not be angry about her refusal. The result is obvious. Han Qilu looks calm from the beginning until she says… .

"What, do you have to go to the United States for a few days?" An Chuxia winks. "And you're worried about the basketball team being in a deficit, and I can be expendable?"

Han Qilu still looks serene, with the "you're not particularly stupid" kind of look as he nods his head at her.

It just dawns on An Chuxia after he nods. She stretches out her right hand and cups her chin. "Are you saying your father wants you to take over the business soon, and that's why you need to go to the United States so suddenly? Isn't this usually the kind of thing the president and the other adults attend?"

Han Qilu is surprised after listening to An Chuxia. Then, he smirks. "How do you know I have to go to the US for a meeting?"

An Chuxia impatiently rolls her eyes as Han Qilu asks his question. "If not for a meeting, do you have to go to the United States to just to use a toilet?"

Han Qilu was drinking his coffee when he hears An Chuxia's query, and he almost sprays her with coffee, like An Chuxia's fateful Meng Xiaonan event. Luckily, the young master's speed is much quicker than An Chuxia's and was able to spray the coffee on the ground.

It doesn't surprise An Chuxia he spat at her statement. "Don't drink coffee if you can't handle it. Otherwise, it's a waste." She's not aware she instigated the event.

Fortunately, Qilu takes a deep breath, containing his anger in his stomach. He stares deeply at An Chuxia before saying lightly, "It's not a Han group project. Hanyu, Mingluo, and I pooled pocket money together to open a small company, and a US company wants in on the project. Neither of them are proficient in English, so I have to go."

"English isn't good…?" An Chuxia laughs for a few moments before calming down. "Young master, if I remember correctly, you've achieved zero in all your subjects… Your English can't be that good to go!"

Han Qilu doesn't speak. The reason he tests zero is so that he remains inconspicuous. What's more, the exams are a clever way to cover his absences, so naturally, he scores zeroes. He doesn't want to talk to An Chuxia about these things, so he perpetuates the misunderstanding.

CHAPTER 312 You Should Be Afraid of Snakes, Right?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL: How does one get a mothball in a coffee shop? [strokes make-believe beard]

Han Qilu doesn't speak, and An Chuxia's disdain is more intense. As she lifts her eyes, she teases him. "Han Qilu, what's your name?"

"An Chuxia!" Han Qilu throws a mothball at her. Just leave, An Chuxia, and don't speak.

With mindful meditation: Buddha, God, ah, forgive me for judging students as poor for getting a zero on tests. I'm wrong, I repent!

Seeing her repentant, Han Qilu no longer looks pained. He says, "By the time I return next week, if I discover they've become lazy in that period , just wait … you're waiting for corpses!"

Corpses? Are you kidding?

"Hey, Han Qilu, what do you take me for? You, method of trying to persuade me is shitty… Bah! I'm wrong… Just because you let off sunshine doesn't make you brilliant, okay? Why should I choose you? Do you think you're a general who can command anyone?"

An Chuxia can't be trifled with; she knows when to do a favor, and when to quit when she's ahead. But Han Qilu is so insatiable, the end result can only be the kiss of death!

After hearing a heavy thump under the table to express dissatisfaction, An Chuxia stands up to leave. He doesn't stop her but he faintly says, "Of course, you can choose. However, I'll let you in on some gossip, next week's outdoor excursion will be at Snake Mountain. Every junior will be paired with a senior ge or jie as a partner."

"What do you mean?" An Chuxia squints at him, her footsteps stop.

A faint smile appears on his face, with pride, he sips his coffee and dismissively says, "You don't know? My mother is the deputy director at Stein College, and she instigated this trip. The coed match-up is also her plan. You think she will be divided after what you told her?"

See? No. She didn't see this as a child's threat. This threat is a naked threat!

"Snake Mountain… ." An Chuxia silently ponders for a moment, her mind immediately is filled with her fear of animals… snake! [Touching something soft and unknown is her biggest fear ===] mountains and plains containing snakes while… Help!!!

Her little face exposes her fear. Han Qilu can tell this is her biggest weakness. While he's proud to expose this weakness, he pretends not to care as he stands up, walks around, and leans to her ear. "Are you afraid of snakes? I'll make a good partner."

Son of a bitch!

"I need to go to the basketball club to supervise their practice! By the way… What is a basketball club manager? I promise to complete the task!" Ah man, just leave since I still have to learn! T__T

After she asks where basketball club is located, the self-study bell rings. Han Qilu will leave for the United States tomorrow, so today, she can familiarize herself with the work, during recess, after noon.

She doesn't return to the classroom immediately after leaving the cafe. She goes to the first floor to find the politics and religion teacher. The morning class teacher was sitting at a position where she can see An Chuxia. She grins immediately.

"Oh! Chuxia ah! I was preparing to thank you. The students in class say you had diarrhea. How are you? Did you eat something bad? Are you uncomfortable?"

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