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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 313. Diarrhea? Vulgar!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL: KTV= Karaoke TV

An Chuxia approaches the concerned teacher while she curses Meng Xiaonan mentally. Diarrhea? She has diarrhea, her family has diarrhea. Couldn’t she give a more elegant reason?

"I'm not uncomfortable… ." An Chuxia shakes her head in embarrassment and asks, "Teacher, why do you want to thank me?"

Her remark makes the class teacher immediately happy. She takes out a form from her drawer and shows An Chuxia Class A's high score; their average score ranks second in the city. The school marked first is located on the outskirts of the city.

She can see that the teacher is very satisfied with this result. But An Chuxia is rather dissatisfied, thinking that if she could've participated in the exam, maybe, they could have raised the class rank to first. With this in mind, she can blame Basa Li for this outcome.

"If not for your help, An Chuxia, my progress as a class teacher won't be as quick. So I've decided! Tonight at eight, I'll pay for the whole class to go to "White Nights" KTV to sing! I've already told the other students, and you must come!"

An Chuxia originally wanted to refuse, but she accepts the invitation. Despite not ranking first, the class scored very well. But she has to make sure the time doesn't conflict with her Basa Li project. "Teacher, I have been absent for two periods… ."

"Oh! As for that matter, young master Qilu told me since you had stomach pain, and weren't able to participate, your score doesn't count toward the average. Because of it, you can take the test in a course of several days… Yes, Chuxia student, since you had diarrhea, don't eat bad things. Otherwise, your stomach won't get better. Go to the hospital and have yourself checked. I have an acquaintance in the hospital at Center City. Do you need my help to get in touch with him?"

"No, no! Don't!" An Chuxia waves her hands and rejects the teacher's kindness. She rolls her eyes as she walks out of the teacher's office.

Why was diarrhea given as a reason? Can't they be less vulgar and more creative?

But Han Qilu actually helped her be excused by the class teacher. This is unexpected of him. Then she thought, this is his way of breaking Basa Li out of trouble. He's afraid something would go wrong because of what Basa Li would say. Her thought of being thankful toward Han Qilu immediately dissipates.

Bah! Son of a bitch!

Han Qilu is taking a nap in the music classroom when he suddenly sneezes. Who is scolding him?

Since exams have just finished, the whole morning is disguised as a form of 'celebratory homework'. Each classroom teacher discussed the class' progress, spending half the time giving lecture, and the rest, analyzing the exam paper. This is how the morning passed. Meng Xiaonan didn't take the exam. So naturally, she didn't listen to the lecture. She spent the morning sleeping and dreaming of the past.

Fortunately, she is sensitive to the school bell, and is able to wake up before the bell rings.

"This concludes the analysis of the first paper. We will continue this afternoon." The history teacher finishes up at the podium while the other students rush out of the classroom in full force.

"Laoda, where are we eating lunch?" Meng Xiaonan asks as she sees the young master walk leisurely to the front door.

CHAPTER 314. Dear, Tired of Living?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"An Chuxia, you're so slow, rabbits will be running circles around you!" Impatience is written all over Han Qilu's face.

The once self-confident Meng's eyes meet with Han Qilu's, and his temper is a bit… foul. Letting out a disappointed sigh, Meng Xiaonan says, "I guess I'll be eating alone."

Her voice falters, An Chuxia doesn't skimp on rewarding Meng Xiaonan. "Dear, are you tired of living?"

"I'm not tired of living, dear… ." The light plays in Meng Xiaonan's eyes. She smiles and says, "Life is precious. I'm leaving immediately. Till we meet again. It's not that hard to say goodbye!"

Xiaonan is about to leave when she is grabbed from her collar and pulled back by Han Qilu. He says, "Follow Basa Li closely and keep an eye on her." This is the last time he'll see Chuxia and Xiaonan together.

Meng Xiaonan ponders what he said, and finally, she claps her hands. "But I'm more familiar with laoda. We were born in the same hospital. I know what type of underwear she uses, because… ."

"Because what?" Han Qilu's expression suddenly becomes worse. Although Meng Xiaonan is a woman, listening to her recite intimate things suddenly makes him unhappy.

Han Qilu stares, and Meng Xiaonan can say it's acceptable for her to say such things because they've known each other since their childhood. They've given each other back-rubs and whatnot. Changing the subject, she laughs. "Because we've known each other since birth!… Of course, I'm absolutely not going to tell you about all that personal stuff… Okay… Tell you what, let me go talk to Basa Li to get to know her. Do you know where she is? I certainly will ask her anything. I also won't tell you, laoda, allowed me to trick her into going to the library, and then kill her."

Heaven, is her friend going crazy? An Chuxia bites. "Meng Xiaonan, I think you're really tired of living!"

"Tired of living? I haven't lived enough! Not to mention you haven't invited me to to eat Haagen-Dazs today, moreover… !" Meng Xiaonan leaps behind Han Qilu. "With your future husband here, you dare be presumptuous?"

Meng Xiaonan? He remembers her name having such great personality! Future husband… This name suits him.

With such a thought, Han Qilu raises his eyebrow. "Until what time do you want to dawdle?"

An Chuxia is puzzled… Xiaonan and Qilu are so similar. Han Qilu is actually helping Meng Xiaonan make sense? How can they be bonding?

Silence falls on then. He bows his head as he heads out of the classroom and walks toward the basketball courts.

"At noon, we're having lunch with Basa Li. Then, you can go to the basketball club, and then go to dinner." Han Qilu says dismissively as he walks away.

This is An Chuxia's [moment]… She has successfully found Han Qilu as a patron! Great! ^__^

She sheepishly tags along to the basketball club.

He introduces the manager's job in the basketball club. In fact, he takes her to the club to introduce her to the players. An Chuxia is surprised to find out that Han Qilu is the team captain, and Mingluo and Hanyu are vice-captains.

The three hapless conspire; her head swells.

In fact, the basketball managers have nothing to do. They help players buy things they need, and do things like wiping sweat with towels, and getting water and stuff like that.

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