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gif courtesy of Tencent Video/Tumblr CHAPTER 309. My Girlfriend, You Can…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

In fact, the moment they stepped out of the cafe, she felt something foreboding. She just didn't expect the premonition to come true.

Han Qilu leans against the cafe, one foot slightly bent forward, a slender cirarette pinched between his right index finger and middle finger. Looking at the remains at his feet, it seems he has been standing here for a while.

At that moment, Han Qilu looks like an injured demon general allowing angels to pass to appease An Chuxia. However, what she sees behind his eyes a reflection of betrayal.

Thinking quickly, Meng Xiaonan pulls Fei Lixiya and runs. As they run, she looks back and pumps her arm in a "jaiyou" gesture. Come on, add some fuel, sister!

"Why are you here?" Pondering, she takes a few steps forward, asking such a stupid question. She knows he is waiting for her, but she has nothing to say.

Snuffing the cigarette in his hand, he doesn't care that he has only taken two puffs before tossing it on the ground. His voice is a bit hoarse when he raises his chin. "An Chuxia, we should talk privately."

The school bell rings, and she catches the sight of a teacher heading toward the building. Her eyes revert back to Han Qilu. "Fine. Besides, we are already a minute late. It won't be different if we're an hour late."

They walk together, side-by-side, into the cafe. There are no students around. Instead, there are two waiters wiping down the tables. As soon as they see Han Qilu, the waiters give him a respectful nod, and pour them two cups of coffee. Chuxia and Qilu head to the lounge to sit, being the only customers.

"Well, what do you want to talk about?" She takes a deep breath, knowing she can't escape forever. She simply gathers the courage to look at Han Qilu. Since yesterday evening, she found herself… seeming to be really in love with Han Qilu.

Although she doesn't want to admit it, but love is love, and she can't deny it.

"I asked you." Han Qilu pushes the coffee to the side, putting his hands on the table as he looks at Ah Chuxia earnestly. "Why do you hate me?"

Hate you? An Chuxia asks herself again. She shakes her head gently. "I used to hate you, but now, I don't."

"Well, then you like me." Han Qilu's lip curls sightly as he continues to talk to An Chuxia. "If that's the case, I, Han Qilu, once again, officially ask you to be my girlfriend. Are you willing?"

An Chuxia clenches the cup in her hand. She bites her lip before shaking her head and saying, "I'm reluctant."

In this respect, she feels she's relatively rational. Deep inside, she knows what kind of person Han Qilu is, and that they are attracted to each other and share common ground. But like two hedgehogs, when they're together, they hurt each other.

"Reason." Han Qilu stays unexpectedly calm, but the Buddha she knows would refuse.

"Unworthy to associate with." With those brief words, An Chuxia looks away. "To be honest, you might seem annoying, but… there isn't any real reason for people to hate you. How do you do it? My dream, my insistence has actually began wavering, so please don't come close to me, okay?"

CHAPTER 310. What Does One Eat

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

"Is this why you're avoiding me?" Han Qilu laughs with his eyes. An Chuxia may have said very little, but he grasps what she means… An Chuxia is in love with him.

An Chuxia's mouth twitches, and she slyly laughs. "Not just about this, but because sometimes, you really make people… unable to stand it! For example, yesterday evening, I was locked in the toilet and I didn't know if I was going to die there, okay?"

Han Qilu admits it. His character is changing. He believed at one point that no one can change in a short period of time. But last night.. he didn't want her in that situation.

His resentment [after taboo] is obviously a mistake, but he didn't want to explain. For him, the past is the past. There's nothing to explain. He really can't seem to let go of An Chuxia. Like Xiang Mankuai, he never felt them fit. Later, he realized that the reason for his obsession is because they never reconciled.

Seeing how Han Qilu is silent, An Chuxia doesn't proceed. He is still looking out of the window. She's decided to wait until the bell rings after self-study, and go directly into the office, and explain why she didn't finish yesterday's test, and inquire about the class' score… No.

"Can you forget about last night?" Han Qilu's brow ruffles. "I hope you can forgive Basa Li."

"Forgive?" For once, she managed to talk calmly with Han Qilu, but it seems like it's wasted time. Hearing Basa Li angers her. She stands up and slams the table. "You know, I was never bullied in Fuxing High School. You can go there and ask about who's the bully?! I was locked in the toilet… what a joke. The person I was would've blown her head!"

Han Qilu doesn't know the An Chuxia of the past. The nickname, 'tyrant wolf-sister' explains everything. For now… An Chuxia looks so quiet. Maybe it's because she's dependent on others, especially after her mother's death, which created a significant blow. Once something annoys her, she'll bury it deep until it explodes.

"The collaboration [between our families' companies] will be fully implemented by next week. Now is a crucial time," Han Qilu says and indifferently explains why he is talking nicely to Basa Li. He then lifts an eyebrow and asks, "An Chuxia, you're suddenly fiery not because you're jealous, right?"

Poof! God bless, her mouth isn't filled with coffee. Otherwise, Han Qilu would have met the same fate as Meng Xiaonan!

"Don't deny it. It's written all over your face." Han Qilu says. An Chuxia thinks whether his eyebrows should be cramping by now.

Today's weather is sunny and good. The scenery is good everywhere… An Chuxia sings to herself as she silently adjusts her mood.

"Since you won't promise to be my girlfriend, I want you to manage the basketball club." Han Qilu continues to raise his eyebrow. "You have to choose one. Personally, I would prefer you choose the first option."

Girlfriend or basketball club manager… Can anyone tell her what the connection is between the two when there's nothing between them?

"What's that?" She plays the fool. "What does one eat as a basketball club manager?"

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