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CHAPTER 283 She'll Crush You

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: I'm surprised Qilu actually implied Chuxia will get heavy and crush Jiang Yuan if she continues feeding her!

Bath isn't a fool. He knows Han Qilu won't physically harm his daughter. Is he just another connection to Han Group? But he doesn't say anything anymore. As far as the engagement is concerned, it would be his loss if this doesn't go through.

After all, the engagement was a joke between the two families. Who would have thought that his own daughter would actually like Liuhai's son? He has to put aside his pride and honor the marriage contract they've set. The Hans just agreed to the contract, and have his daughter live with them temporarily.

Basa Li grew up without a mother since her childhood. Bath always treated her as his precious treasure. But now, Basa Li likes someone. As a father, he has to let his daughter find her own happiness. After all, this is his job as the Father.

An Chuxia knows this. This is why she'd like to scream at Basa Li for taking advantage of a father who loves her this much. Her own father didn't… .

Bath answers his phone when it rings. He says before hanging up, "I'll be right there."

"Since there's nothing for you to do, go to school with Han Qilu. If you feel unwell, go to the hospital immediately, okay? I have to take care of something first." Bath looks at his daughter seriously. However, she dismisses her father with a wave of her hand. Her eyes are affixed on Han Qilu despite him not looking her way.

A faint sigh escapes Bath's lips as he quietly glances at An Chuxia. He reaches the hall's entrance when he almost collides with Han Liuhai.

"I'm sorry. I intended to have lunch here, but there's an incident at the branch office that needs me to personally deal with it," Bath says.

Han Liuhai has also made some minor mistakes on a project report, but he didn't have to personally deal with it himself. But telling his assistant how to deal with the matter was more trouble than him dealing with it personally.

They both apologize to each other and drive back to their respective companies to deal with their business issues. Bath walks out first, while Han Liuhai talks to Jiang Yuan before leaving. Before leaving, he pats An Chuxia on her shoulders. The gesture conveys a thousand words. He has so much to say to this child. However, he doesn't have the time and opportunity to talk to her about it.

The perfunctory smile she returns conveys that it doesn't matter. Han Liuhai, like Bath, sighs and turns away after taking a glance at An Chuxia.

Jiang Yuan doesn't say a thing, but she smiles as she puts out the dishes. From time to time, she puts food in front of An Chuxia. She's deliberately showing Basa Li whom she "worries" about because of Han shu (uncle).

With Bath gone, An Chuxia picks up the chopsticks and eats.

Finally, she can't eat anymore, but Jiang Yuan still parades food in front of her. She was about to say something when Han Qilu stops Jiang Yuan. "She'll crush you."

CHAPTER 284 The Relationship Between In-Laws

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: I don't know what the author would like to convey writing TAT. If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

It makes An Chuxia uncomfortable hearing what he said. Is it because Jiang Yuan showed her support by giving her food? Is she that weak? She wanted to say something, but all she did was burp.

But having said that, she feels better… TAT

The statement also makes Basa Li uncomfortable. Han Qilu wants to protect An Chuxia. But… it seems he is worried about her as well! Is it just that Han Qilu is that deceptive? Impossible! It's not in his nature to do something he doesn't mean. So what he said about being worried must be true… .

In this case, Han Qilu likes her ever just a little bit?

With these thoughts, Basa Li's mood suddenly brightens. She's rejuvenated with his actions. It is her wake-up call to not be weak. It doesn't matter if Jiang Yuan doesn't like her as long as Han Qilu does! Anyway, if he lets her in, she will surely move out with Han Qilu!

Besides, there's always friction between ordinary mothers and daughters-in-law. With this interpretation, it can be deduced An Chuxia is destined to only be Qilu's sister, not wife!

"I'm afraid of An Chuxia going hungry!" Jiang Yuan grumbles her dissatisfaction, but stops serving her food. She looks up at steward Han and asks, "What time is it? They have to go and take their exam."

Steward Han looks at his timepiece and says calmly, "Madame, there are two minutes, and fourteen seconds left before school starts this afternoon. It's time for the exam."

"What?!!!" An Chuxia's eyes widen before suddenly getting up from the chair. Shattered… Why is steward Han so calm when she'll be late for the exam?

Han Qilu follows her movements but doesn't panic either. He pulls out his phone and dials a number.

"Hello? Headmaster? This is Han Qilu. Delay the test time by half an hour. Don't ask why." He decisively cuts the conversation and looks An Chuxia in the eye. "Master, I am your butler. You will never be late for the exam."

That's right… she isn't late for the test. It takes almost twenty minutes to drive to the school, but he delays the exam for the entire school!!!

And he's able to do it all from his phone!!!

Disillusioned, what would happen when all is said and done?!!!

He stays behind for An Chuxia. He shakes his head and shrugs his shoulder. However, An Chuxia pushes him away and lunges forward. She walks up to steward Han and says, "Steward Han, you're fast. Let's go to Stein. Don't let the other students wait too long."

She knows it would be impossible for Han Qilu to "return to normalcy". It's better for her to be at ease (since the damage is done) than to rush back to school for the exam.

"This… ." Steward Han looks at Qilu unconsciously and sees him raise his eyes and acquiesce. The steward turns around and prepares the car.

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