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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 285 To Throw Oneself Into His Arms?

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: 船到桥头自然直- Proverb: when the boat gets to the pier, it will go along with the current; (FIG) everything will be alright

An Chuxia follows behind the steward as he walks out of the hall. Suddenly, she remembers she has an important matter to take care of. Since today's situation progressed this far, she had no way of saying anything to Jiang Yuan. When the boat gets to the pier, it will go along with the current.

She takes a step back, and slams into Han Qilu's hard chest. He lets out an audible gasp before laughing. "What? You want a fight?"

Did she just throw herself into his arms? What a bother! An Chuxia raises her eyes and shoots him a look. Then, she walks past him to get to Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan was about to sit back and bite into a chicken leg when she looks at Chuxia in confusion. Jiang Yuan, actually, is quite beautiful. She has childish features, but with a little makeup and a haircut, she could pass for a movie star!

The things she'd do to have skin like hers!

But this isn't the time to be sentimental. An Chuxia raises her hand and says with a slightly embarrassed voice, "Ayi, I need your help to make a call."

"Huh? Hey!" Jiang Yuan speaks with a lisp since she just bit into the chicken leg. "You called me ayi. Why didn't you call me Mommy?"

Despite the vicious look Basa Li shoots her, An Chuxia pastes a smile as she says helplessly, "Mommy, please stop and come. I'm in a hurry."

She isn't moved by Chuxia's tone, so she doesn't move. But then, the maid hands over a napkin to dab the corners of her mouth, and wipe her fingers. "What do you need me to do, I'll do it immediately. I will move mountains to help out xiao Xia!"

Basa Li has finally finished eating. She takes the paper napkin on the table and wipes the corners of her mouth. She stands up and walks to Han Qilu's side. She unconsciously clings on to Han Qilu like an octopus. But Han Qilu pulls away. "I don't like people being too close to me."

His response is completely different from his reaction to An Chuxia accidentally bumping into him. It's more than a thousand miles. Probably so distant, might as well be the space between earth from the sun… [How far can a brain wander?]

"Han Qilu… ." Basa Li's eyebrows wrinkle, and her beautiful eyes get misty. It seems like a tear will escape out of the corner of her eye. But his eyes no longer linger on her.

- the other side–

An Chuxia continues to talk to Jiang Yuan.

"Actually, it's no big deal. I was hoping you'll give me permission not to go." An Chuxia watches Jiang Yuan before continuing. "Next week, Stein has an excursion. Do you know about it?"

Jiang Yuan listens and nods. "Of course I know about it. Stein usually does this, but Han Qilu doesn't usually participate. Why are you asking about it?"

CHAPTER 286. Sleeping Together

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

In this chapter, Jiang Yuan’s right ring finger was given center stage. in this story.

An Chuxia gets a little curious after listening to Jiang Yuan. How can someone as playful as Han Qilu not participate in interesting activities? It's impossible for him to stay back and study quietly.

She shouldn't worry about it! If she asks Jiang Yuan to call the school to tell them she isn't participating, will Jiang Yuan think she's lazy? Damn it! How can she make this situation better?

Jiang Yuan can see An Chuxia struggle internally, so she shoots her a puzzled look and says, "An Chuxia, you don't want to go. Are you afraid you'll tire yourself? Don't go if you're afraid."

"I… ." An Chuxia wants to say she wants to use this time to study. However, Han Qilu's eyes have been locked on her, and it's making her a bit nervous. She can't organize her thoughts and words.

An Chuxia confesses to Jiang Yuan she definitely doesn't want to go. "If you don't want to go, I can stop by and say hi to the principal. Steward Han usually takes care of these matters, but since you're trusting me, I will definitely speak to the principal!"

"No, no, no!" An Chuxia waves her hands and says, "You don't have to go in and speak with the principal. Just call the headmaster. The headmaster said that it's okay to be excused if the parents call."

"Parents?" As a senior writer of great god levels, Jiang Yuan picks through the few words in her statement.

An Chuxia doesn't know what's going on, but Jiang Yuan suddenly rushes over and cries to the point of having a runny nose. "An Chuxia, we love you! What actually makes a family are its members. What you said is really moving!"

The people around them are silent. She knows Jiang Yuan is so child-like, but right now, she is behaving completely like a child! TAT?

"Hey, woman! We don't have much time left if we are planning to return to school in time to take the exam. Do you want me to move it back to the original schedule?" Han Qilu's "goodwill" is dwindling. Sometimes, Jiang Yuan just can't understand his thought process! She doesn't know how he was born this way, and raised to be this obnoxious!

Jiang Yuan returns to reality with tears on her face. She looks at An Chuxia and says, "An Chuxia, I'm sure you see me as a 'parent'. Well done!"

An Chuxia tries to subtly calm her down. "Okay, sorry to trouble you… Mommy."

It was difficult to call her Mommy when Basa Li is sighing. But this is the only way she can thank Jiang Yuan.

"Shameless!" Basa Li mutters, disgruntled. But no one hears her curse.

"It's a pity, since every year the seniors work alongside the incoming seniors in the field trip. I also heard they can choose to sleep with someone of the opposite sex at night. The opportunity sounds too good to pass up."

Suddenly, Jiang Yuan's ring finger on her right hand moves. She catches a glimpse of her son's eyes looking at her. He remarks overbearingly, "I won't allow her to stay behind."

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