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CHAPTER 281 Evil Basa Li

… or is it Evil Jiang Yuan?

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by anks

This isn't the time to explain. Fortunately, Bath's face has turned for the worse; like he has eaten two stools.

He has to remind Han Qilu to keep his distance from An Chuxia and stop playing an absurd game of playing house.

An Chuxia continues to frown. Bath hasn't moved his chopsticks, and she dare not touch hers. She sits upright, waiting for Jiang Yuan's return. But she doesn't know what's keeping her for so long. Han Liuhai has been on the phone for quite a while too. They can hear words like "project report" and "core data". It seems the call will take a while.

Bath coldly says through clenched teeth, "Han Qilu, you have a fiancee!"

Han Qilu casually shifts in his seat and answers, "Are we still engaged? After all, knowing you, wouldn't you have checked on me earlier? I like An Chuxia, and it's a fact, so… ."

He didn't finish his statement. An Chuxia, like an idiot, turns and stares at Han Qilu. She didn't think he'd speak so frankly to Bath.

Han Qilu winks mischievously at An Chuxia after seeing the surprise on her face.

He's always like this. He immediately changes his face and leaves you unable to tell which Han Qilu is real, whether he is gentle, or cold, or violent.

Han Qilu changes a lot, and sometimes, even she can't tell.

"You…!" Bath says hurriedly. However, Jiang Yuan, who's helping the maid, puts a ceramic pot filled with fish soup on the table. She had the maid investigate what Basa Li dislikes. Apparently, she doesn't like eating fish after eating spoiled carp soup. So she deliberately sent the housekeeping team to the market to buy a big batch of carp soup.

Bath stops speaking the moment he sees Jiang Yuan. It is obvious, she supports An Chuxia, and as far as Han Liuhai is concerned, he wouldn't risk his marriage over this matter.

"What kind of soup is this?" Han Qilu raises his eyelids. "Don't tell me it's bone soup again. I've lost weight recently."

Jiang Yuan rolls her eyes at him. "Are you still losing weight? It's soup, but you've guessed wrong. It's not bone. It's… ."

She deliberately prolongs her response by reaching for the wet towel handed over by the maid. She lays the cloth on top of the lid, and lifts it. Suddenly, the fish scent permeates the air.

"It's carp soup!" says Jiang Yuan, putting the lid down as she hides her smile while looking at Basa Li.

Sure enough, Basa Li's face turns green. She suddenly gags and heaves.

Bath stands up quickly and shouts, "Take the fish soup away, quickly! Hand me a towel and water!" He pats Basa Li's back. The maid who was farthest away from the table glances at Jiang Yuan. After gaining approval, she takes the lid and returns it on the pot before taking the untouched carp soup back to the kitchen.

CHAPTER 282 Worry About Yourself

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by anks

Basa Li gasps after cleaning her mouth. A clean tablecloth replaces the one that has been soiled. Jiang Yuan sighs as she gets up from the table. "You're quirky. Why didn't you tell me you vomit at the smell of carp soup? People who love fish love this soup!"

Jiang Yuan's expression is flawless, but pitiful. Bath undoubtedly thinks her actions are intentional, but he has no reason to accuse her. In the end, all he can do is stare at Basa Li's face and sigh heavily.

Basa Li didn't want to fly to China with him, but he insisted. Now, his daughter is deeply in love with a man who doesn't love her. Is he responsible for this?

No! He's not wrong! No one would dislike his impeccable baby daughter. Even a dignified successor like Han Qilu, who is known to take a liking for foreigners, would like her.

"Mr. Bath." A faint sigh escapes Han Qilu's lips. The light in his eyes don't waver. Basa Li's delicate looks don't sway him.

A light flashes in Basa Li's eyes the moment she hears Han Qilu's voice. She looks forward to see him despite the fact he doesn't look her way. She looks at her father as he says, "Anyway, she doesn't need to go to the city's national examination since she has just arrived. Since you're free, have her examined by a doctor at the hospital. She doesn't look well."

Her father's last statement brightens her features. She looks carefully at Han Qilu, and she asks in a low voice, "Han Qilu, do I make you anxious?"

An Chuxia doesn't want to know how Han Qilu should respond to Basa Li's inquiry. She just wishes Bath would take her daughter to the hospital soon. Otherwise, she won't be able to move her chopsticks!

Surely, she's going to starve to death… Really starve to death! Nima!!!

She doesn't want to ponder, and she doesn't know why. However, she leans in to listen, only to hear Han Qilu say flatly, "Sure, you make me anxious."

Qilu is anxious? What an annoying child! What kind of parent is Jiang Yuan? He's one kid to watch out for! After witnessing Jiang Yuan's reaction, she must've deliberately planned the soup incident. If someone asked what Basa doesn't like to eat, he can see her push that edge.

Jiang Yuan stays in the kitchen for quite a while. Basa Li won't put it past her to have put the fish out.

Han Qilu is worried. If anything happens to Basa Li, Jiang Yuan would be seen in a bad light. Although he remains stoic, he is quite affectionate toward his mother. [Love seems to be less appropriate with pain, but it's true… .]

But Basa Li doesn't think so. She's flying high like a cloud. Her whole being is dizzy with happiness. After all, her fragile disposition disappears.

"I don't mind, I'm okay now. Let's eat. Wait, I'll take the exams with you," Basa Li says with a smile.

Only Bath's face remains poor. It seems he has eaten three stools.

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