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CHAPTER 279 Uncultured

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Translated by nightcache

Edited and translated by greenapple

Jiang Yuan immediately retorts after listening to Bath. "I'm not sensible? Do you think you're sensible? Haven't you looked at your daughter… ."

Han Liuhai expels an uncomfortable laughing cough rather than saying anything. Jiang Yuan shoots him a dark look, and he consciously silences himself. He realizes she is still staring at Bath.

Despite being in the Han household, Jiang Yuan appears to be the family's boss. If she says something, Han Liuhai cannot contradict it. However, Han Liuhai has the final say in matters of great importance. She is someone with a high IQ, proven by the fact that she's a senior writer of the Great God level. She knows when to speak up and when to shut up.

Han Liuhai steps in and smiles wanly at Bath. "Forget this happened. Let's sit down and eat. I've heard today the school's taking the city's entrance exam and it's getting late. Come on. Eat."

Since Han Liuhai stated this, Bath can't help but face him, nod, and sit at the table. Basa Li sits next to her father.

At this time, Han Qilu didn't know he has since arrived back at the landing. He looks at his mobile to check the time before sitting himself across from Bath. On his right, An Chuxia sits in silence.

An Chuxia knows Jiang Yuan is happy to hold her own, but she is embarrassed that she has to defend her. The longer she stays here, the more she'll owe her. She feels apologetic toward the Han family despite the knowledge that if it weren't for Han Liuhai, her mother would still be alive. But she is logical. She knows that despite current medical technology, her mother’s death was not because of Han Liuhai. She would've died eventually from her illness.

She doesn’t want to admit this, but she has to, because it's the truth.

Han Liuhai mumbles, "Sorry," when the phone rings. He leaves the table to answer the phone. Jiang Yuan suddenly remembers there's soup in the kitchen, so she leaves to take the pot. Left at the table are Basa Li, Bath, An Chuxia, and Han Qilu.

Chuxia picks up the clean chopsticks handed to her by steward Han. She casually picks up the cabbage in front of her and stuffs it in her mouth. Since Jiang Yuan just left, Bath attacks. "I heard you have no education. I heard you haven't had a father since childhood. How did your mother teach you? Didn't she teach you not to reach for your chopsticks unless someone senior starts using their chopsticks?"

She's been indifferent toward Bath, but her eyebrows knit the moment he mentions her mother. She had to calm herself: she can't be angry. Otherwise, she'll end up grabbing a dish and emptying its contents on his face.

She doesn't know what kind of contract he has with the Han Group, but whatever it is, he's comfortable with his threats.

But she can't do this. She used to fighting people since she was small, and her mother used to clean up the mess she left behind. But now, she can't do that… Impulse is the devil, and she's aware of that.

"I'm sorry." She clenches her lower lip, squeezing the words out of her mouth.

Basa Li grins, chuckling while she whispers, "You deserve it, you uneducated… "

But in all honesty, Bath said what he said because of what was on Qilu's phone.

CHAPTER 280 My Dear Master

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by greenapple

TN: Sadako- a malevolent female spirit; responsible for the "Cursed Video".

Han Qilu was looking at his cell phone before sitting down by the table, and he conveniently sets the device on the table, face up.

Steward Han programmed his phone to delay the lock on his screen longer than the device setting, so his screen remains up by the time he sets the device down. Bath sees the wallpaper before the device screen turns dark. The girl with the brilliant, but mischievous, smile on the screen wasn't his baby daughter, but An Chuxia.

That vision flares up his anger, and takes him a while to calm down. He can't question Han Qilu directly, so he has to deal with An Chuxia being everywhere. An Chuxia doesn't want to say that his daughter, Basa Li, has rubbed people the wrong way, and everyone around her is just being tolerant.

An Chuxia searches Bath's face, and as he shoots her a pitiful look. She puts her chopsticks down again, waiting calmly for Bath to pick up his chopsticks. This makes Bath more unhappy.

He raises his head, but he doesn't move his chopsticks. He sips his glass of red wine and looks at Han Qilu. "Han Qilu, don't you think it's time to set your engagement with our Basa? When would you like for it to take place? It's up to you."

Engagement… This word suddenly strikes a nerve. An Chuxia's face suddenly changes from rosy to white, and she couldn't help but hide under her arms.

Bath admits, although his daughter is very beautiful, An Chuxia possesses culture. A closer look makes a person realize she is clever and innocent, like an angel… Particularly, her eyes. They are clearer than the clearest lake, and can trap people without them realizing it.

Basa Li is beautiful, but in the ordinary sense. An Chuxia is amazing. He doesn't want to admit that his baby daughter, who's been educated since her youth, is far off worse than the Han family. She is nothing but ordinary.

"What are you doing? Are you trying to starve yourself to death before your exams, my dear… master?" It would be a mistake to think Han Qilu cared for Bath's child. Instead, he shoots An Chuxia a loopy smile.

Basa Li's face is comparable to Sadako's: stoic and motionless. The host, Han Qilu, actually calls An Chuxia MASTER. Bath's face is indescribable. It is unsightly, like he was eating stool. In the end, he sighs and reminds Han Qilu. "Han Qilu, what do you mean by your term? It seems out of line with the system."

Noticing the change in Basa and Bath's face, Han Qilu's gaze slips as he sneers. He composes himself, hiding in the deepest and darkest corners of himself.

"Ah, my apologies!~" Han Qilu easily shifts his tone as he looks into Basa Li's eyes. "An Chuxia is very naughty and she likes to play house. I found this role play very naive, but interesting at the same time. So I pretend to be her servant. She is my dear master."

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