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CHAPTER 277 Basa Li's Father

I love these chapters because the drama it's not from the children's perspectives!

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

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TN: Bobo 伯伯- father’s elder brother / uncle

As the door closes again, a smile appears in Qilu's eyes. He shouldn't look so haughty since he's Chuxia's butler, but who benefits isn't the point!

He flings the magazine to the backseat, and exits the car. However, Basa Li pulls his arm. He was about to say something when he sees Basa Li's father come out of the hallway with his father.

Jiang Yuan walks before them, talking softly with An Chuxia. She looks sad, but he couldn't see any obvious displeasure. It's only when Han Liuhai looks at Xia Xia does he witness an apologetic gaze.

[As the Han Group's leader, he has to take pains to work with other leaders. But once this partnership is over, he ca be rid of Basa Li. As for An Chuxia, despite feeling apologetic, he still has to face her.

An Chuxia nods at Han Liuhai. His eyes are clear; his expression, relaxed. But as Han Liuhai meets her gaze , his middle-aged eyes reflect his eyes, turning faster as he apologizes for the complexities.]

The middle-aged man next to Han looks at An Chuxia with inquiring eyes the moment he sees her. She can feel in her bones that this man is unfriendly. She can even see a trace of disgust.

An Chuxia doesn't understand why this man, who doesn't know her, is judging her. This is the first time she's met him. But why is he so hostile?

She suddenly comprehends the situation when Basa Li calls out to him sweetly, while she hangs on to Han Qilu. Everything becomes crystal clear.

The man who looks older than Han Liuhai is Basa Li's father. No wonder… no wonder why he gave her that look. The boy his daughter likes doesn't like her, and her presence complicates the situation, right?

But what about people like Basa Li, who talk badly about people behind their backs?

An Chuxia doesn't care what he thinks of her, but she remains polite. She is, after all, innocent and pure.

She hides her emotions in her eyes and nods to the middle-aged man. The man points at her face, smiles at her, and says, "You're Miss An Chuxia? Have I heard of your name?"

Basa Li's father's Chinese is far better than Basa Li's but his words… .

What about her name? Doesn't he know what he said is inappropriate? An Chuxia hides her dissatisfaction, and says, "You're too kind. You shouldn't have heard of me." What she says may be true, but she says it frankly.

Basa Li's father doesn't say anything again. Instead, he shifts his gaze to Han Qilu and his baby daughter and says, "Have you had lunch yet? There's a Chinese saying… Right, one's body is the capital of revolution! Go eat, since I'm still talking to Han Bobo."

Jiang Yuan, who was standing by, couldn’t hold back any longer. Pulling An Chuxia's hand, she guides her back to the hall and says loudly, "I've made your favorite dishes, An Chuxia. Please do me the honor of feeding you."

CHAPTER 278 Engagement Date

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

An Chuxia didn't have much to say. Her only response is a slight raise on the corner of her mouth.

As she sits down at the dinner table, Jiang Yuan stares at her with a serious look and says, "An Chuxia, treat that old Basa Li person like air, and leave things to me."

At this time, Basa Li and the rest of the group walk in. Han Qilu continues walking past them. An Chuxia wonders if he's not eating.

But she doesn't say anything anymore. After all, Basa Li's father is here. She didn't want to interact too much with Han Qilu. She didn't want to bring trouble to Han Liuhai. Despite being able to tell that Bath, Basa Li's father, is critical of her, she doesn't care!

"Han Qilu, you're not eating?" Compared to An Chuxia, Basa Li seems to care more for him. When she looks up and sees him ascend the stairs, she shouts again.

Bath looks strangely at Han Qilu when he shrugs off his daughter. His deep voice reverberates. "Qilu, come down and have a meal. We can discuss the date of your engagement."

Without much thought, An Chuxia picks up the chopsticks. But the ivory pair slips from her hand and falls to the ground, making an audible sound.

Steward Han notices immediately and picks up the chopsticks before An Chuxia can get to it. "Young mistress Xia, I'll get you a new set of chopsticks."

"Young mistress?" Bath's brow furrows as his eyes fixate on the butler. With great disgust, he says, "You called Miss An Chuxia what?"

He deliberately emphasizes the words Miss An Chuxia. He pointedly asks this question while pointing a pair a chopsticks at the steward. His expression is beyond comprehension. In any case, it makes everyone in the room feel uncomfortable. The steward bows and whispers, "I'm sorry, Master Bath."

Han Qilu, who was walking up the stairs, stops in his tracks and looks Bath with eyes borne with a glint of guilt. Who would've known that this old man, known as "the good old man in the mall", would make life difficult for a little girl for the sake of his daughter's happiness?

Basa Li didn't want to show her elation as she watched her father reprimand steward Han. At first, all she saw was a stoic butler dedicating himself to Chuxia, and that upset her. Since he carries a certain status, he dares not to defy the guest. But with Han Liuhai and Jiang Yuan present, she suppresses the urge to laugh out loud, forgetting about Han Qilu.

"It's… (my fault)," Jiang Yuan preempts the butler before finishing his statement.

She stretches her arm and pulls steward Han aside like a vixen, and points her finger at Bath and says, "Look here, Mr. Bath, ah, An Chuxia has always been considered Qilu's fiancee. Now you're mentioning this sh*tty marriage contract made when the children were young. Now you're saying my butler is wrong, but I can say, myself, you're wrong!"

Jiang Yuan's statement leaves Bath's face unreadable. His lips move, and say, "Mrs. Han, isn't what you said a little too much?"

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