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gif courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 275
Don't Drool Over Women

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

"Han Qilu!" Basa Li is very unhappy. Han Qilu isn't worried about her, and instead, his contemptuous expression explicitly shows what he means!

Raising his head from the magazine he's reading, Han Qilu casually asks, "What?"

"I… " She wants to say something, but finds herself stumped. Whenever Han Qilu looks at her, she is rendered speechless. He's too handsome. The contour of his face makes a person unable to help but look into his deep, dark eyes. His aquiline nose accentuates his attractive profile. How can a man look so good?

"The girls I hate the most are those who salivate in front of me." Han Qilu looks away and secures his gaze at An Chuxia. "Of course, that doesn't include some people."

An Chuxia pretends not to hear him. She looks outside the window, tracing the air with her fingers. But only she knows how fast her heart is jumping. It might as well burst from her chest.

Basa Li is very unhappy, but gratefully, the car suddenly stops. She can see the Han gate through the window.

A person opens the tall iron gate. The car slowly drives through the open doors until it comes to a complete stop, ten meters away from the front door. Basa Li quickly opens the door and walks out of the car. She leaves, afraid of doing something impulsive. She doesn't want to give Han Qilu a bad impression of her.

But what she doesn't know is that Han Qilu loathes her existence. He is disgusted by her arrival, since he's just recently gotten comfortable with An Chuxia. But one can guess how the story will change.

Punctually, steward Han leaves. An Chuxia presses the END key on the game on her phone. Han Qilu still continues to sit, reading his magazine. Moving her pink lips, she eventually tells him to get out.

With eyes withdrawn, she restrains herself. An Chuxia puts her phone in her pocket, and readies herself to open the door herself. However, his left hand seizes her hand at the door. He drops his magazine in the process.

"You… ." She looks at Han Qilu quizzically. His eyes look at her softly, and her gaze suddenly renders her weak.

"Sorry." He looks embarrassed. As the dignified prospective Han Group heir, he has never given in to modesty. But only she, An Chuxia, once again, is the exception.

His apology leaves her confused. "What do you mean?" She doesn't understand his connotation. If he's apologizing for dropping the car magazine, it really has nothing to do with her. However, she says thank you.

"I mean earlier, at the school gate. I was angry at you. I'm sorry." He curls his lip. "I want you to know because I care about you, so it… ."

"Enough," she interrupts Han Qilu before he finishes. "I said it before… but now, us… it's impossible."

CHAPTER 276 You Are My Personal Servant Image courtesy of  Yana Toboso

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

Musings: I thought this deserved a photo of Sebastian, the Black Butler. He’s one of my favorite manga characters.

"Why?" Han Qilu frowns as he asks. "You like me too, right?"

An Chuxia can't help but laugh, and Han Qilu likes it, and it makes him think… she's so cute, damn it! How can she be so… He suddenly feels the resentment in Basa Li's eyes as she stares. From the outside, Basa seems calm. But if one takes a closer look, she looked pained.

Will it be evil if she uses Han Qilu and absolves herself from getting rid of the woman?

As soon as Chuxia raises her head, she looks up to Han Qilu and says, "Since she's already here, once she disappears, I can think about us being together."

His expression is complex. The alliance with Basa Li's father is at its most critical state. If Basa Li leaves the Han family now, it would certainly displease his father. It's most likely the alliance won't be agreed upon. The importance of this alliance isn't clear to Han Liuhai, of course.

How can this be done?

Fortunately, An Chuxia is someone who doesn't look for faults in anyone. She seeks kindness over revenge. The Hans adopting Chuxia has worked to her benefit. Not only is she living with them, but she gets to attend the prestigious Stein College and receive quality education. This isn't news.

When Han Qilu doesn't reply, she continues with, "I don't need her to leave now. I'm just… hey, can you be my baron butler?"

This thought suddenly comes to An Chuxia. After watching the anime, Black Butler, she suddenly wants a handsome and powerful man similar to Sebastian Miaelis.

For the handsomeness, Han Qilu naturally passes. As for toughness, it goes without saying. He may look thin, but once he takes off his clothes, his physique is good enough to attract girls and make them drool.

But, in fact, the most important point in presenting this idea is to extract revenge. Han Qilu once said she was his personal servant. Although things have been well for a while, any unsuspecting classmate would ask her to buy water, borrow books, and do a variety of chores. She doesn't want to do it, but every time she's faced with the situation, she nods and smiles, and then carefully justifies their actions.

And the more this is the case, the more people would use her and give her a headache. She may be a new student in Stein but she feels like she's been attending the school for ages.

"Baron butler?" he asks. "What do you mean?"

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to." She rolls her eyes and gets out of the car. Han Qilu pulls her arm and says, "I'll decide if I don't want to do it."

At that moment, An Chuxia suddenly feels pity for him… he jumped into the trap she set.

"Well, Han Qilu, then, you're my… exclusive butler! I hope you don't forget your identity." She returns his statement to him… for a second time!

An Chuxia slaps his hand away, and walks out of the car like nothing happened. It's hard not to hide her smile.

But… this development may completely be what she's expecting.

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