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gif courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 273 His Breath

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"Shut up!" Han Qilu says as he glances at her. "If you want me to continue being nice to you, don't ever come and remind me of who I am. Otherwise… ."

Otherwise, he can't say a thing. With his icy gaze, he stares at Basa Li from head to toe before leaving to get in the car.

Although Basa Li is unwilling to reconcile, she dare not say anything after being warned with that frosty gaze. However, she follows him quickly. As Han Qilu prepares to sit in the back seat, Basa Li stops him. "Qilu, sit up front. I'm used to sitting in the back."

Han Qilu's hand freezes for a second as he opens the car door. But he recovers quickly and continues to sit in the back.

Not used to it? How could one not be accustomed? Don't people who get motion sickness eventually get used to it? Additionally, he doesn't believe Basa Li wouldn't like to sit on the front seat. But she sits there now?

Seeing that Han Qilu has ignored her, Basa Li grinds her teeth. She pouts as she sits on the front seat. Soon, steward Han starts the engine and drives off.

As Basa Li sits in the front, she watches the two from the rear view mirror. She sees An Chuxia playing with her mobile phone. Her head is bent. Her face is void of emotion.

Han Qilu, on the other hand, flips through a car magazine. His eyes never leave the pages.

Despite the absence of physical contact between them, Basa Li remains unhappy. She thinks too much about it. But Han Qilu doesn't seem to have much interest in that girl. Despite An Chuxia's unusual behavior, all it proves is that Qilu is a very kind person. He's just being polite to the girl who lives under the same roof as him.

Her mouth hooks as her mood lightens.

At that moment, two dogs running at top speed dart out from the alley and on to the road. Steward Han suddenly steps on the breaks.

Fortunately, Han Qilu's quick reflexes allow him to protect An Chuxia in his arms. She could feel his breath on her face.

The two dogs don't even realize they could've caused an accident. They chase each other away from their sight.

Steward Han looks back quickly. "Master, Miss Xia, are you alright?"

Steward Han's reaction wasn't to care for Basa Li, but An Chuxia's and Han Qilu's. This response is normal, but not to Basa Li. It's surreal.

Since she's sitting upfront, she witnessed the dogs rush out. She braces herself quickly by tugging on the seat belt. Nothing happened to her, but she's still scared.

When she looks back, she witnesses An Chuxia shaking in Han Qilu's arms. He's still tense.

"Are you okay?" It isn't hard to hear the fear in his voice.

CHAPTER 274 Pretending to Twist Her Hand

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The cologne Han Qilu wears fascinates Chuxia. She greedily wants to stay in this position, and not let go.

He's destined not to be a worldly man. Han Qilu is the dignified future successor of the Han Group. An Chuxia is merely an ordinary woman who just wants to study hard and attend a prestigious university, and become a teacher who's considered worthy.

There's no future between them.

These thoughts rush out all at once. Suddenly, she pushes Han Qilu away and adjusts herself so she can calm down. She looks at steward Han first before looking at Han Qilu's eyes. "I'm fine, thank you."

From the moment she met Han Qilu, every time she was in an ugly or awkward situation, he always appears first. Today is no exception.

The waves of emotions are crashing in her heart. She averts her gaze and looks outside the car window. She stares at the trees on both sides of the road, which continue to recede from her view. She can't help but sigh.

Han Qilu is speechless seeing her like this. He can't even stand reading his favorite car magazine in his hand. He glances at her from the corner of his eyes, he can't hide his concern for her.

And in the front, all Basa Li wants to do is to kill An Chuxia with her eyes. She gnashes her teeth tightly. Her fury burns brightly against her chest.

"I'm glad you're fine," steward Han says in relief. When he turns back around, he accidentally glances at Basa Li. This reminds him she's in their presence. He hurriedly asks, "Are you fine, Miss?"

What she wanted was for him to to call her young mistress or young madame, but this old geezer calls her miss. She can't help but distort her facial features. Her face turns pale.

She doesn't know how she did it, but a bead of sweat forms on her forehead. A haze forms in her eyes. She says faintly, "My hand seems to have been twisted."

Steward Han suddenly asks, "Are you okay? Show me your hand. Do you want to go to the hospital and have it examined?" Since becoming the Han's butler, none of his guests have gotten hurt. How can he not be worried?

Seeing the nervous expression on the steward's face satisfies her. She turns slightly to look at Han Qilu's face. She frowns and says, "I don't know where I hurt myself, but it just feels sore!"

At first, Han Qilu thought she really injured her hand, but from her haughty expression, he realizes she is just full of it. Suddenly, his mood lifts higher and higher, to the point of idiocy.

"You just probably scratched yourself. Once we arrive, ask the maid for the medicine box and disinfect your hand," Han Qilu says with indifference. Then, he looks at steward Han with unreadable eyes. "Continue driving."

Steward Han wants to take Basa Li to the hospital, but after looking up and meeting Han Qilu's tough gaze, he immediately understands that the point is moot, and that he should get back to the traffic flow.

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