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CHAPTER 261 His Phone

Not to spoil you, friends, but… QILU is back!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks

Xiao Mingluo is caught by surprise. What makes An Chuxia so lovable? But as they talk, she also mentions she's working at Ling Hanyu's. Is it because she needs money?

Oh, who cares? Money is just a worldly possession. With one eye closed, one finger stretched, he says, "One million, no more!"

Because of his current economic crisis, he's unable to give her more money. And, he's not an idiot. Once she's with Han Qilu, her money will benefit him and then be multiplied tenfold, so Han Qilu will be a richer man!

"Deal!" She smiles mischievously. "Tell me what time, what to say, and what you want me to do right now since I have to hurry back to class."

He shrugs, indifferent to her situation. "Then go. I'll come find you when the time comes. And as long as you cooperate… ."

He and the girl named Ou Xi decided to meet at noon by the school. It's early, and he's not in a hurry.

"Would you be able to help me? Can you please go to the infirmary. There's a girl there, and she's my friend. Would you be able to send her home?"

Xiao Mingluo agrees immediately. He only promised to send the girl home. What's more, the girl may look pleasing to the eye… At least, he won't be smitten. It would be amusing!

As soon as he agreed, An Chuxia leaves the library, and walks to the teaching building.

She reaches for her phone and realizes she has ten minutes to get to class. She can't slow down. Suddenly, her phone vibrates in her hand. She sees the name on the caller ID: Han Qilu.

She becomes anxious as she tightens her grip on her phone. Frowning, she hesitates whether to answer her phone. Why is he calling at this time? Should… it wouldn't be anything important, right? No! If he's trying to rectify their relationship, talking on the phone isn't the way to go!

Closing her eyes, she presses the REJECT button. But she doesn't shut it down. When she reaches her classroom, the phone vibrates again. It's not Han Qilu this time. She should feel relieved, but why does she feel sad?

Is she insane? She sits down. Fei Lixiya looks at her, puzzled. "What happened, Chuxia? What happened to Xiaonan? You look like a lost soul."

She deduces something happened to Meng Xiaonan, and now, she's worried.

Her emotions are brewing behind her eyes, but Chuxia smiles. "Everything is fine. You don't have to worry about her. She's doing some boring stuff. I'm just worried about our class' grades."

Relief washes over Lixiya. Just then, when the teacher walks into the classroom.

"We should've done well in that test, right?"

The rest of the class responds positively. "Of course!" "This will be the best test of my life, ever!" "We won't let you down!"

After hearing everyone's response, An Chuxia's mood brightens. Some of her dour emotions dissipate.

"This may be the case, but we can't be so lax. On our third test, we should go all-out!"


"And there's one more thing about Stein's annual wild adventures… ." The headmaster, accompanied by another person, appears through the door. His entrance attracts everyone's attention including the teacher's.

CHAPTER 262 What Are You Doing?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks

"Master Han Qilu, why are you suddenly here?" The teacher humbly asks. Han Qilu lightly glances at the teacher on the podium before focusing on An Chuxia indifferently.

Her soft features become rigid, but she's still stunningly beautiful. Like a general, he steps forward and walks toward An Chuxia. "You hung up on me."

It wasn't a question, but a statement. Annoyed, An Chuxia looks up. Her hand balls into a fist. "If I recall, the Constitution doesn't require me to answer your calls, right?"

Her tone is contemptuous and indifferent, and it completely angers Han Qilu. As soon as he reaches her, he grabs her arm and pulls her out of the classroom.

"What are you doing? Let me go! Let go-," An Chuxia shouts loudly. She is small and helpless, and can't break away from his iron grip. He doesn't let her go until they reach the school rooftop.

He pushes her away forcefully, and she quickly grabs on to the rooftop railings. She might as well have been physically thrown from the rooftop.

She is pale and shaky as she grasps on to the railing. Her stubborn face refuses to shed a tear. If she dies, maybe she'll be able to see her mother.

He knows he didn't push her hard enough to fall from the rooftop. He will not let her leave him so easily.

But she needs to be taught a lesson!

"If you hang up on me again, then… the consequences will be more dire… I will make you… I won't let you die! But I'll rather make life a living hell for you. You know I am able to back my words!" His voice is filled with arrogance. He doesn't want her to underestimate his authority.

Especially her!

She forces herself to suppress her raging anger despite wanting to lash out. She takes a deep breath. Why is she even breathing so heavily?

"Why are you looking for me?" Her voice sounds calm, like a pool of stagnant water. But that's exactly what Han expects. He wants to create ripples on the calm lake.

The only people allowed on the rooftops are the Hans and the super-special people in the school. Therefore, no one's usually around to bear witness. Han Qilu takes a few steps toward her before tugging her hand and pulling her towards him. She can see his trembling lips.

"Are you jealous?"

Contrary to what An Chuxia thought, Han Qilu doesn't exhibit any signs of anger. Instead… he genuinely smiles at her, and butterflies start fluttering in her belly.

If An Chuxia is jealous, then… does she like him?

An Chuxia bites her lower lip before sneering at him. "Grand master, you seemed to be full of yourself. If you don't need me, I need to go back and take the next exam."

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