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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 263 He Does Not Allow Her to Breathe

Translated by nightcache

Edited and translated by anks

"If you’re worried about the exam…," Han Qilu pauses. He gazes at her, godlike, enunciating every word and phrase, "I can order them to delay it. Or rather, I can easily order them to put your class in first place."

Han Qilu usually speaks like an arrogant king, doing whatever he wants. He really can do whatever he likes. However, this attitude doesn't appeal to her. Does he really think he's a god?

Scoffing, she shakes off his grip on her wrist and brushes past him.

A light breeze blows, causing a few strands of her hair to gently sweep against the side of Han Qilu's face. The slight itch brings an indescribable fluttery feeling. "We are not possible, Han Qilu."

Han Qilu's eyelashes gradually droop. An Chuxia doesn't notice the dejection on Han Qilu's insufferably arrogant, handsome face. But even the sky darkens, like it feels his sorrow and grief.

"After the second exam, I will be waiting for you outside the school entrance. My mom wants you to come back to eat." Afraid that An Chuxia won't acquiesce, he adds, "Don't disappoint her."

After the conversation ends, An Chuxia's cool fingertips accidentally brush against the ice-cold door handle of the rooftop. Her fingers go rigid for a moment as she opens the door. She firmly leaves the rooftop without glancing back at Han Qilu, yet, Han Qilu remains planted, back turned away from the door. He, himself, doesn't understand what's wrong with him, but merely feels the pain of those years Xiang Mankui gave to him, haunt him again. And this kind of pain seems to be more unbearable than any physical kind.

"Damn it!" In the end, he curls his hand into a fist, and ruthlessly punches the railing. He creates a small dent on the spot he just hit,closely proceeding with a flow of blood.

And his complexion does not change in the slightest.

An Chuxia reopens the rooftop door, and witnesses Han Qilu's bleeding right hand. Drops of blood start pooling on the rooftop floor.

At first, she receives a call from Xiao Mingluo, setting the time for their meeting at noon. She's already taken the opportunity to help rid of Ou Xi by pretending to be his girlfriend.

Naturally, she doesn’t want to disappoint Jiang Yuan. After all, she's someone who treats her sincerely. Therefore, she thought of informing him that she might be a little late in meeting him at the school's entrance. Never did she expect to observe such a scene.

She felt choked, as if a piece of rock is blocking the pit of her stomach, causing her to be unable to breathe.

At the sound of the door opening, Han Qilu's ice cold face turns towards the doorway, only to see the evident shock on her face. He thought it might be Ling Hanyu or Xiao Mingluo. However, he never expected her.

He unobtrusively hides his hand behind his back. He doesn't want her to see him hurt. He casually averts his gaze before asking,  unperturbed, "Is there something else?"

Knowing her, she wouldn't have returned unless there was something else. As a matter of fact, everything he just said was the truth: Jiang Yuan indeed called him to invite An Chuxia to come for lunch this afternoon. Then, did she return to reject him? She'll even refuse Jiang Yuan's request? His gaze adopts a trace of coldness.

He raises the corner of his mouth, shelving away his emotions in his heart. "If you dislike going back there to eat, then do not go. My mom, she is unlikely to go as far as dying because you did not come to eat."

CHAPTER 264 Is Masochism Amusing

Translated by nightcache

Edited and translated by anks and greenapple

TN: *to avoid unwanted problems or trouble

Masochism- deriving pleasure from pain

Meanwhile An Chuxia pays no heed to what he's saying; she only observes him unobtrusively hiding his hand behind his back.

Immediately running forward, she quickly arrives in front of Han Qilu. This idiot!

"You… just now, did you fight with someone?" In fact, she could see the blood on the railing with one glance, realizing that he must have taken his anger out on his hand. And yet, there's really no need… .

Upon reflection, she realizes this is also her fault. She's unaware of the ton of concern in her voice. "Hurry up and give me your hand."

Han Qilu stares blankly into her eyes, probing, trying to guess the meaning behind her words, and the frame of mind with which she said that. However arrogant he is, how could he let himself to show his hand because of a girl. This just means losing face!

Although he had to lose face countless times for An Chuxia, the shame accumulates, as large as the Pacific Ocean.

Seeing that Han Qilu is not moving or having any intention of extending his hand, An Chuxia urgently stretches out her hand and pulls out the hand he was hiding behind his back. His hand is comparably larger than hers, possessing calluses on the top part that does not usually belong to people his age. In addition, that is… a badly mangled joint.

She feels a pang in her heart. She frowns, "Is it amusing to be a masochist?"

Han Qilu uses his gaze to lock her eyes, as if trying to peep through a hole. A while later, he moves his lips. "I will make Basa Li disappear from your sight as soon as possible, believe in me."

These words, spoken by him is like a serious pledge, making her even more unable to breath easily. But "Basa Li", these words, also snaps her back to reality instantly. The same as to throw off a hot potato*, she releases Han Qilu's hand, and takes a few steps back to stabilize her body.

"I don't care, I just came to tell you, I will be a little late [meeting you] at the entrance. I'm going… ." Again, with indifference, she turns and leaves, and this time, Han Qilu doesn't attempt to stop her. However, his mouth is painted with a hint of a smile.

This girl is too obstinate. Since both of them are so relentless, this stubbornness is unable to escape from their relationship. If it was not for that encounter, and his vile attitude, perhaps it will dispense several inconveniences, then can finally be together?


During the same time, a very embarrassing event happens.

Xiao Mingluo leaves the library and heads toward the doctor's office. However, the doctor's office is empty, with the exception of the two doctors on shift. Other than them, no shadow can be seen.

"Young master Xiao, are you feeling unwell anywhere?" The two doctors on shift immediately step forward and ask.

The infirmary isn't large, but he looks around again. He retracts his gaze and dimly asks, "Have you seen a female student? Looks…. Not particularly pretty, but is quite interesting."

The two glance at one another before smiling in embarrassment. "We're not sure of the identity of the female student you are looking for…but no student has visited the clinic today, so probably the person you are looking for did come over."

Then this is strange, did she not come to the clinic?

Feeling a headache, he waves his hand, turns and leaves. Where did this damn girl run off to? Never mind. He quickly gives An Chuxia a call, and says he didn't find her. Then that wouldn't be considered dereliction of his duty.

Just as he takes out his phone and is about to unlock it, his line of sight catches onto a large crowd of people, gathering not far from him as if they're scramble for something. In a glance, his eyes see Meng Xiaonan carrying fiery red roses, while in the process of saying something.

After slipping his phone back into his pocket, he distrustfully approaches with a few steps, just to be able to hear Meng Xiaonan say… .

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