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CHAPTER 259 Mad Girl

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks and greenapple

"Maybe I should tell you about my situation." He isn't worried because he know it takes time to clear things up. Moreover, even without Chuxia, this can be a good situation to this matter. And, he wants to help her and Han Qilu.

He's always misunderstood. And he wants to be misunderstood so he doesn't become the heir to the Xiao Group. It's why he appears to have a dual identity in front of everyone. However, Han Qilu, that bastard, has actually seen through him.

Despite all his charms, he knows An Chuxia knows he's the kind of person who'd be in the flowers all day, but will not be responsible for its maintenance: the grass or the flowers themselves.

Xiao Mingluo is different from Han Qilu and Ling Hanyu. He's not the only child. He has a very good brother. However, his deceased grandfather left a will, and Xiao Hsiao handed him the right to lead Xiao Brothers. Feeling guilty toward his brother, he intentionally wants to go to his father and give up his inheritance right for his brother. It used to be a difficult topic, but Xiao Mingluo speaks about it like it doesn't matter. An Chuxia feels depressed after hearing his story.

All this time, she despised people born with silver spoons. Now that she's befriended them, she realizes they don't have it easy either. On the contrary, their burden is sometimes heavier and more painful than poor people.

Everyone has a sad story.

But this isn't the point. The point is… .

"You want me to help you tell your father you want to give up the right to your inheritance? I won't promise you anything, but your dad would think of me as a crazy woman!"

Her eyes twinkle for a moment, prompting Xiao Mingluo to laugh and slap his hand on his forehead.

"I won't worry about it if this is resolved. Oh, and if you can help me with this thing… ." He gazes at her with fleeting lightness.

"Help you… with this thing?" She blinks, puzzled. "Then why don't you take the straight route and just tell him this is some misunderstanding? I hope you don't mind."

Xiao Mingluo knits his eyebrows before calmly pulling the phone from his pocket. He looks at his address book before saying, "Remember when you went to Atlantis with those two girls?"

She nods her head slightly, remembering the faces of Ou Yang and her sister. In retrospect, it was unkind of her to take advantage of them. She hasn't found a way to say thank you and apologize to them. Although she isn't interested in them now, it's still a fact that she used them.

"Of course, I remember. I still owe them my gratitude."

CHAPTER 260. Be My Girlfriend

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by greenapple

After hearing her statement, Xiao Mingluo rushes over to embrace An Chuxia. He then forces her to look in his eyes as he says, "Cute xiao Chuxia, great xiao Chuxia classmate! This time, you can't say no to me! You must help me!"

Completely confused, Chuxia takes two steps back before looking at Xiao Mingluo from head to toe. "What exactly do you want me to do?"

"Very simple!" Mingluo says, snapping his fingers. "Be my girlfriend!"

"Hahahahaha!" An Chuxia laughs at Xiao Mingluo. The thought of "being his girlfriend" makes her choke on her own saliva. Tears start flowing from her eyes.

He smiles wanly before patting An Chuxia on the shoulders. "Please don't be so difficult?"

She finally stops coughing and stares at him. "Are you toying with me?"

He doesn't respond. Confused, she turns around to leave, but Xiao Mingluo quickly stops her. "Don't be angry! You misunderstood. I mean, please pretend to be my girlfriend!"

"Pretend?" She raises her eyebrows. She knows he has a way with words. Even if she pretends to be angry, she's afraid he'll dawdle and waste her time.

From his confession, she knows he's quirky. She's learned that he doesn't want to pick either of the girls because they've got a good relationship, and they'll fight because they're attracted to him. He doesn't want their friendship to end because of him.

Wringing her hands, she says, "Xiao Mingluo, I really don't want to agree to this! How about… ."

"Tell them I'm boring? Please, please, help me this time. I swear, my low IQ won't do this again!" He swears to her by extending his three fingers in a boy scout promise.

He vowed to himself to help make Basa Li disappear so Han Qilu and An Chuxia's relationship would prosper. He has a volatile relationship with his brother because of the inheritance, and he doesn't wish a fire-and-ice relationship on anyone. He doesn't want that between the sisters.

Perhaps, he provoked the relationship between the sisters because he finds his own life boring… .

But in any case, he sincerely wishes to see Han Qilu and An Chuxia together. So he has to make the sacrifice himself!

Looking at the pale Xiao Mingluo, Chuxia says, "Why me? Can't you find a more willing "fake girlfriend"?"

Upon hearing her question, he takes a long pause to find an answer.

"Do you think I like doing this two-faced thing? I'm afraid if I rope another woman to play this role, I'd get rid of the original issue, but start a new one. So… will you not save this handsome, funny person? My unique charm is quite warm, and only you, great An Chuxia can save me. What do you say?" He raises his eyebrows knowing she'll agree.

An Chuxia listens to his sweet talk. She nods in agreement. "But in return, you have to reward me handsomely."

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