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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 257 Laoda, Help!!!

I see trouble brewing… 

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks and greenapple

At one moment, Basa sees several AK47s pointed at her. The next, they disappear.

She is so astonished, her jaw drops, staring at the blank space before her. She's never experienced before, nor can compare to. She looks at Meng Xiaonan who seems unusually calm. She's seen much more than this… in a novel.

Xiaonan calmly looks at the stairs as she gathers her thoughts. The shadows of the three men are nowhere in sight. Taking a few steps forward, she pats Basa on the shoulder. Basa Li looks back suddenly with a condescending look.

"Basa Li, student, Master Han Qilu has left. Don't be afraid, you'll be alright." Meng Xiaonan caresses Basa Li's hand, but she shoves it off.

Xiaonan looks at Basa Li siince she's caught off guard. Basa glances in the direction of the stairs before quickly recovering, searching for words to respond.

Acting unaffected, Meng Xiaonan holds out her hand and says, "I'm sorry. I was speaking out of turn. I blame those two… I know one of them, the one named Ling Hanyu. Ling is the future heir of a company. Who's the other again? Both of them really make me sick!"

She continues to ramble. "Since we've just transferred, things are still not clear. I think it's best for us to find a place to sit and wait till the test is over."

"You don't need to. I have something to do so, I'm leaving. Sit here if you want." Basa Li's eyes are filled with contempt. She tries to hide her feelings, but Meng Xiaonan sees through her.

Balling her fist tightly, Basa Li wants to let things go. However, her heart tells her that she must stick it out till the very end!

With a stiff upper lip, Meng Xiaonan says dryly, "Since you've got something else to do, I'll take my leave."

Basa Li watches Meng Xiaonan's back as she leaves. Basa Li definitely showed a 180-degree turn! With a turn, Meng Xiaonan could've hit this person.

And then she sees a familiar person… .

"Good president!" Meng Xiaonan bows at a ninety degree angle to greet the headmaster. With a crooked smile, she asks, "Why are you here?"

The headmaster looks at Meng Xiaonan like she's an idiot and says, "I'm the principal. I don't have to proctor. If you don't have anything to do, go help clean the college library. They're short on staff."

Cleaning? She takes an audible gulp before feeling a stiffness in her neck. She reluctantly nods her head. "It's a service academy at my expense!!!"

Of course, the principal is satisfied with her response. A few hours later… .

An Chuxia is iron to Meng Xiaonan's steel. Meng Xiaonan is so tired she can't keep her back straight. She sits on an empty library seat and slumps over. An Chuxia, just finishing up her test, gets up and opens her SMS. She sees the text, "Laoda, I'm in the library, help!!!"

For a moment, she thinks Basa Li has done something to Xiaonan, so she hurries out of the school building and heads toward the library. But after meeting up with one of the students, she finds out that Xiaonan wanted to please the principal and has volunteered to help clean the large library.

CHAPTER 258 Red Rose

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks

An Chuxia is relieved as soon as she sees Xiaonan.

Her mouth tugs as she says, "Meng Xiaonan, give me a bit of good news, and tell me you're okay. I heard you exhausted yourself to please the principal. I came here in a hurry, thinking something happened. Next time you text me something like that, I'll strangle you myself!"

"Yo, you want to strangle me?" Xiao Mingluo's voice pipes in like a ghost. A scent of flowers trail him. Suddenly, a bouquet of red roses appear in front of An Chuxia's eyes.

Confused, An Chuxia blinks rapidly at Xiao Mingluo. "You… why are you here?"

As a girl, surprise isn't her usual reaction when a boy hands her red roses. She usually suspects a group will appear. Has she filled her head with stereotypes, and messed up her logic?

Xiao Mingluo internally sighs before flashing a shameless smile. "Lovely Miss An Chuxia, would you do me a favor?"

If it weren't for the fact that he is good looking, An Chuxia wouldn't hesitate to slap him on the face. Good looking people make it difficult for her to get heated. Of course, she has slapped Han Qilu so many times but… .

"Say it, I'm busy!" She frowns, but doesn't take the roses from Xiao Mingluo. She knows he plays dirty.

Meng Xiaonan is between them, and she's breathing heavily. Her eyes turn to Xiao Mingluo. With an awkward glance, she grabs the bouquet and takes it from him. "Buy these flowers for me. They're really fragrant, and I'll be very grateful!"

Xiao Mingluo is caught by surprise. He looks down at his now-empty hands, which used to be filled with a bouquet of roses. He shrugs with indifference. He just wished An Chuxia would love the flowers he gave her because he needs to chat her up. He has more important things to do, like ask for An Chuxia's help… .

Thinking fast, Xiao Mingluo smiles brightly. "Me, showing up here, is not by accident… ."

"Okay… so, say it." An Chuxia's face is filled with contempt. After all, she doesn't have much affection for Xiao Mingluo. She's still upset he made his friend unhappy. Fortunately, he doesn't think much of it, purely treating the incident like a brother or a friend would (when in trouble).

Although in this case, her heart is more or less upset at Xiao Mingluo's existence.

Sighing, he raises his eyes and glances at Meng Xiaonan. After all, is it a shame to get to know people better? Meng Xiaonan is no fool, he sees that clearly. The corners of his mouth tug and he says characteristically, "I went to the clinic to get infused with glucose."

An Chuxia nods lightly. Without saying a word, Meng Xiaonan walks away. She disappears before shooting Xiao Mingluo a lazy gaze. "My dear friend, let me say, what help do you need? I'm rather busy… ."

The class teacher is going to discuss the morning's exam with them, and she cannot be late.

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