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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 237 Stop Here

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

"What you've just said, is it true?" Han Qilu shudders. Even his voice trembles.

Countless times in her heart, she tells herself to be cruel, to draw a clear line with him. Then, everything will go back to how things used to be. She'll go back to the time when she was careful and with scruples.

It took less than a week for her personality to change in the Han residence. She became cold, quiet, and timid. She wants to change back to what she used to be, but then, that would be ridiculous.

Han Qilu husband? The name is ironic. She doesn't know why she said it. If she were to be given the choice, would she willingly call him that?

"Of course, I said… aaaaaahhhhh!" Her words are swallowed by Han Qilu. He kisses her, draining her breath. His hands firmly clasp her shoulders, releasing her as he loses his strength.

Exhausted, she fiercely pushes him as he slumps to the ground. Suddenly, she remembers the scene when Basa Li kissed him. Then she remembers what Lila said: "I've been with him."

She raises her wrist and starts rubbing her lips. How nauseating, disgusting… .

As he watches her, Han Qilu's brow wrinkles. "Can't you just forget?"

"No! That's what I always say," she says out loud. "Please stay a little further away from me. Obviously, as the future president of the Han Group, your actions are as dangerous as gangsters!"

"I've only flirted with you," he says softly. "Don't go, okay?"

"Oh… ." She sneers again. "Only me? Han Qilu, honestly, how many women have you bedded? I'm afraid you've used up all your fingers and toes counting. Or that… or can't you remember more than that?"

Gritting his teeth, the green vein on Han Qilu's forehead pops. "Who have you been listening to?"

Lila… he did exactly that. But at that time, he wanted… In short, he's only touched Lila. He's never touched another woman. But in the end, it's his loss. His eyes dodge hers.

A tear escapes her eyes, but she quickly raises her hand to erase the drop. She stubbornly says, "This junction… we have to stop here. After all, we were supposed to be two parallel lines."

Finished, she picks herself off the ground and starts walking out.

"Stop!" His voice sounds threatening. She wants to ignore it, but her feet don't listen. They refuse to go a step further.

His voice rings in her eardrum. "As I said, give it a week's time. As long as you come back to me, we… ."

This time, she doesn't stay any longer. She doesn't hesitate to lift a foot out the door before shutting it behind her. As soon as she walks away, she gasps. With a gulp, tears unconsciously shed, wetting her skirt.

How can she be that brave? She really wanted to turn around and run into his arms but she can't be trapped in his gentle facade. No matter which Han Qilu she faces, she can't touch him.

Han Qilu, let's stop whatever is between us.

CHAPTER 238 Doesn't Make Thoughtless Remarks

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

TL Note: Xiaoxue (小学) – elementary school. In this manner, used sarcastically.

An Chuxia hides her emotions as she approaches Jiang Yuan's bedroom. Since she arrives empty-handed, the older woman can't help but ask. "I thought you were going to fetch your notebook and two movies? I don't see your laptop."

She frowns in distress. She has completely forgotten her laptop! Lightly gnawing on her lower lip, she pretends to close the bedroom door effortlessly before sitting on the bed. "I looked at the clock and realized it's a little late. I know you won't want me to be late getting up tomorrow."

"I agree." Jiang Yuan nods in agreement. "We can talk in the morning."

Fortunately, Jiang Yuan didn't talk to her about Japan or the Diayou Islands. Instead, she reminds her to enter the Ling family home with caution, and that she should call home frequently. Jiang Yuan falls asleep while talking.

An Chuxia smiles gently and conveys her feelings. Thank you, Mommy.

 The next day comes came soon enough. She's in a trance the moment she dons on the Stein uniform. She wonders why she feels overwhelmed.

Jiang Yuan has long been out of bed. As she emerges from the bedroom to the hall, she sees Basa Li sitting at the breakfast table with Han Qilu, laughing while eating their meal.

Tugging her collar, Jiang Yuan emerges with a smile on her face. "Precious xiao Chuxia, I know we often have breakfast but I personally got up early to wish you well. Let's eat."

An Chuxia nods and sits on an empty chair. It so happens she sits diagonally opposite of Han Qilu while Basa Li sits across her. An Chuxia momentarily flashes a disgusted look. Her lips spread into a sweet smile. "In the future, I would appreciate a request to keep an eye on my xiaoxue mei."

She notices Basa Li wearing the Stein uniform. Her heart suddenly feels unsettled. This slut is attending Stein? It has to be a lie!

"Xiaoxue mei, are you squinting because you're unhappy?" She looks Basa Li in the eye and whispers, "You're attending a Chinese academy. Will you be able to understand the teacher's lectures?"

Basa Li's face changes after her question. "This doesn't bother me. Han Qilu will help me catch up with the classes."

Poof! An Chuxia sprays the milk she just sipped. Steward Han hands her over a paper towel before returning to his position at the side of the table. She wipes her mouth as her eyes light up in humor. "Ah, then you have to study well, mei." You're a comedian, Basa Li, if you're relying on General Zero Points to help you catch up with your lessons.

 Han Qilu knows why the milk sprayed everywhere. A sudden tenderness reflects in his eyes. He's confident An Chuxia will always return to him. Even if she doesn't apologize to him, as long as she comes back to him, he won't care about anything. After all, he's a generous man.

Basa Li is confused about Chuxia's warning. She doesn't know Han Qilu tests zero in his exams. "How can you spit all over the table? This is inexcusable behavior… ."

"Miss Basa, I think you're better off managing by yourself. Our xiao Xia lives in this home and she is one who doesn't make thoughtless remarks," Jiang Yuan states quickly as she stares fiercely at their guest.

A maid hastily runs to steward Han and whispers in his ear. She quickly retreats and runs back outside. Steward Han glances at Chuxia as she eats. He catches her eye and bows, making a statement.

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