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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 235 Not Allowed in My Room

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

As Han Qilu steps forward, Chuxia reaches for his hand to stop him. "Don't go in there. You're not allowed in my room, do you hear?!"

Unnerved, his face stiffens. "What do you mean, An Chuxia?"

She ignores him. Chuxia takes a step back, and accidentally hits Basa Li on the face, but she doesn't pay her any attention. Instead, she turns and runs into her room, slamming the door behind her.

He was about to follow her when his steps come to a crashing halt. Did she say what she said because she saw them kissing and it made her angry? If that's the case, does she actually care about him? [Does she want more?]

 The tension on his face dissipates. He looks at Basa Li and says to her tonelessly, "It's getting late. Get some rest. Tomorrow morning, you're attending Stein. Go to school and don't be late."

Although he sounded gentle, she didn't feel his sincerity. She's chalking this up as a moment to forget. She smiles as she tries to follow him. However, he suddenly grasps her wrist with vice-like pressure.

The pain is severe enough for her to wrinkle her brows. Her whisper turns into a shout. "It hurts, Han Qilu!"

"Listen!" Han Qilu's voice booms like he's speaking through a cone. She is stunned to silence. "Don't ever pull a stunt like that on me again. I don't care if our families are in negotiation. After all, this is my father's business, not mine. I'll kill you if I must."

She flashes a glimmer of despair. Basa lightly raises her lips, laughing. "You will fall in love with me in a month!" She gazes at him before leaving.

Qilu stares at her back, shooting her a cold look. What kind of woman is she for him to love? If so, then his love is too cheap! How ridiculous!

He frowns as his attention returns to the closed door. He heads to the store room where the master key to all the locks are located. He doesn't know what she has done with the phone but he has a vague feeling something has happened.


"I remember putting it on the table!" An Chuxia heavily pats down the table. Her heart is racing. After slamming her hand slightly harder than normal, her palm reddens. To minimize the pain, she drags her hand on the surfaces to find the blasted phone. She needs to plug the phone into the charger so she can change the wallpaper. She should've done that rather than flinging the phone and forgetting about it. It's best not to go into details when it comes to Qilu… .

The fourth time she's pulls the drawer, she suddenly remembers putting the phone under her pillow so it can charge. She hurriedly gets up and runs to the bed, sitting next to her pillow. Palms together, she says a silent prayer before reaching underneath her pillow.

Sure enough, Han Qilu's device lies quietly under her pillow. Charging has been completed.

Her eyes widen with joy. As she reaches for the device, a large hand appears before her, snatching the phone away. Shocked, she looks up to see Han Qilu staring at her nonchalantly.


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

Ruined… .

"You want this phone?" Han Qilu looks at her, puzzled. Instead of putting his phone in his pocket, he stiffens. He unlocks his phone in desperation.

He sees a smiling An Chuxia as his phone's wallpaper. In the background… if he isn't mistaken, the picture was taken at the Presidential Suite! Is this the reason why she didn't want him in her room?

With remorse, she bites her lips. Frowning, she says, "I forgot it wasn't my phone so I thought you'd be shocked when you saw my picture as your wallpaper."

Her once-bowed head raises when Han Qilu asks in embarrassment, "Did you see what just happened?" He was referring to Basa catching him off-guard.

Her heart couldn’t help but beat rapidly. She curls her lip and responds coldly, "So? I would love for us to just come to a meeting point. After all… after all, you've only known each other less than a day. No, I mean, how casual of you!"

Just as she stands up to get off the bed, Han Qilu suddenly pulls on her wrist. He locks her gaze with his eyes. Gathering her nerves, she straightens her back, and spits out, "Let go!"

He releases her wrists but grabs her shoulder and forces her to look at him. His Adam's apple bobs up and down. His eyes devoutly conveys, "Don't be angry. She kissed me on her own. I wasn't able to react in time."

She blinks. Her eyes are affixed on his face. He's serious, and she's afraid she'll fall for him. She's slowly getting used to his poisonous tongue, his indifference; the manic him, the gentle him. Then, one day, she would be reluctant to leave him.

They aren't a part of each other's worlds, so why… .

She clenches her fist before slightly raising her chin. "You don't have to explain anything to me. I don't need to hear your excuses."

Her voice is cold, but she can feel it trembling. Han Qilu is too dangerous. She can't get too close. It's absolutely imperative not to get close.

He looks deeply into her blinking eyes and forgets what he wants to say. Biting his lip, he says quietly, "Don't leave. You don't have to move because of her. Basa Li will soon be gone."

An Chuxia sneers. "Don't you hate me? You said so the first day I arrived. To be honest, I saw how I made you unhappy then. Now, I'm happy to have the opportunity to move into the Ling residence."

"You… ." Han Qilu suddenly clenches his fist. The green veins on his arms jump.

Hearing Han Qilu's response makes An Chuxia smile. Ah, he's really irritated. It's time to break him.

"Qilu Husband?"

Han Qilu is momentarily stunned. He looks at her stiffly. His gaze, complex.

She chuckles. Her eyes are full of contempt. "Do you really think I want to call you that? You're wrong. Every time I call you that, I would rather chew off my tongue!"

She can tell Han Qilu is shaking in anger. His face has never been so pale. And his eyes… they're sad? Impossible… She jokes that the devil might be sad because of other matters.

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