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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 239 You Need to Respect

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

"What's going on?" Han Qilu just finished eating when he notices steward Han acting strangely.

Steward Han glances over to Chuxia first before lowering his gaze. "Master Ling has arrived to take… ." For a moment, he doesn't know how to address An Chuxia. If he calls her "young mistress", it'll cause more confusion, especially after Basa Li's announcement that she's the future Han mistress. But if he doesn't address An Chuxia as young mistress, the main mistress will be upset with him.

After standing for a while, Han Qilu waves his hand, indicating he understands. He'd rather ask Ling Hanyu personally why he's here so early in the morning to pick up An Chuxia. The maid hands him his uniform jacket as he strides out. Steward Han follows right behind him.

"I assume Lao Ling asked for you to be picked up. However, An Chuxia, are you really considering moving out?" Jiang Yuan looks at her with red-rimmed eyes.

She nods slightly as her heart feels anxious at the sight of Han Qilu. She lays down her chopsticks before looking at Jiang Yuan. "I'm just going to the Ling residence to live there for a few days, get a change of pace. Mommy, you don't have to worry."

Basa listens to their conversation and it makes her uncomfortable. She actually calls Jiang Yuan "Mommy". She really treats her like a daughter-in-law! Unintentionally, she looks up at the wall on the opposite side of the sofa. She is shocked to see a large photo of Han Qilu kissing An Chuxia.

The photograph is processed beautifully, and the frame is exquisite. However, she dislikes looking at it. Putting down her chopsticks, Basa Li looks at Jiang Yuan. "Auntie, what's the story with that picture? You know, I'm betrothed to Han Qilu… ."

"Miss Basa Li, as I said yesterday, the only daughter-in-law I recognize is our Chuxia. You're just like your father, always trying to force yourself into the Han family. There are some things I'm not able to understand and I don't care to see reason. Don't embarrass your father any further." Jiang Yuan empties her glass of milk.

Annoyed, Basa Li stuffs a poached egg in her mouth. She attempts to copy An Chuxia by swallowing half of it.

An Chuxia grabs a paper napkin and wipes her mouth. "Mommy, I'm leaving. Please take care of yourself."

"Why so soon… I'll see you out." Jiang Yuan gets up and walks toward An Chuxia. The maids reluctantly take An Chuxia's luggage outside.

Basa Li spits out the egg when she sees everyone seeing her out the living room. Unhappy, she grabs the laptop and roars to the maid, "You! Go get me a glass of hot milk."

The maid glances at Basa before staring at the laptop in her hand. "Miss Basa Li, I am busy. Can't you see I'm taking things out? It's getting late, and if you want to drink milk, then drink it fast! There isn't any hot milk left. However, you can go to the kitchen and heat a glass for yourself."

The maid annoys Basa Li so much her chest violently rises and falls. She sneers, not just because of the drink. "You choose not to do my bidding? If you want to stay employed in this household, you need to respect the future Mrs. Han!"

CHAPTER 240 Your Loyalty As a Servant

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

The maid impatiently rolls her eyes as quickly as Basa Li sneers. "Miss Basa Li, do you have a hearing problem?"

"What… what do you mean?" With big eyes, Basa Li stares at the maid.

The maid deliberately yawns and says impatiently, "Didn't you hear the missus? She acknowledges Miss An Chuxia as the one who'd be with the young master in this life. It would be impossible for you to be the young mistress. In addition, you've brought trouble to An Chuxia. She is kind. We will miss her kind words to us. As for your tone… !!!"

A scream reverberates down the hall. It's not because Basa Li strikes the maid. Instead, she knocks An Chuxia's laptop to the ground, scaring the maid so badly, she takes three steps back.

"What happened?" Steward Han is about to remind the maid not to take the laptop when he hears the commotion in the hallway. He looks at the mortified maid as she looks at An Chuxia's laptop on the ground. He gazes at Basa Li, and suddenly understands everything.

The aggrieved maid runs to steward Han's side and says, "Steward Han, I followed your orders to bring the notebook down, but Basa Li asked me to get her a cup of hot milk, and I said I'd do it as soon as I gave you the young mistress' notebook. Instead, she rushed to me and threw the young mistress' notebook to the ground. What should I do?"

"What?!" Basa Li stares at the maid spitting nonsense. Yes, she definitely grabbed the notebook and threw it to the ground, but the narrative is completely fabricated, right?

He guesses Basa Li has garnered the staff's ire. He steps up to her and says, "Miss, our young mistress has earned the respect of the staff because she has always been friendly. But you… you haven't done that."

"You mean to say I'm not qualified to be the Han family's young mistress? Why are you spouting so much nonsense when you're just a housekeeper? Didn't I tell you yesterday, if you called that slut the young mistress, I'd dismiss you?" Basa Li didn't intend on explaining herself, but that seems unnecessary as it is. It is really hard to cross that witch, An Chuxia!

Steward Han squats deeply before raising his head to look at Basa Li. He reverts his attention to the notebook. Fortunately, the notebook didn't sustain any damage. He stands up and hands the laptop to the maid. "I won't tell the missus and the master about this matter. But I would like to warn you about thinking twice before doing anything," he cautions Basa Li.

He has worked for the master for so many years that even the master regards him as a brother. And yet, this Basa Li dismisses him like a messenger. He holds back his anger. He glances at her one last time before walking away.

It is only An Chuxia who is worthy to be brought into the Han family.

With this conclusion, the butler picks up his pace as he leaves. He can hear Basa Li slander him from behind but he pretends not to hear her.

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