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Chapter 215

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

It takes five minutes to get to the World Trade Center despite being escorted by steward Han. Her heart flutters. An Chuxia knows it’s Meng Xiaonan the moment she sees the toe shoes. But as she approaches, a group of men in black suits crowd around her.

“Why are you detaining me?” Meng Xiaonan’s head tries to peer over the men. Is she being kidnapped in broad daylight?!

An Chuxia tries to minimize the chaos by stepping forward. “Big brothers, please let her go. Really, she’s my friend!”

The bodyguards look at Meng Xiaonan. They apologize before taking a step back and disappear back into the crowd.

An Chuxia turns around and looks at

steward Han. He doesn’t speak. He’s worried An Chuxia would get angry and wouldn’t want him to follow. He bows his head and from time to time, he looks at her. “Young madame… the subordinates are terrified.”

“Well, they can’t always do this. You need to talk to them, okay?” She shakes her head and stands next to her friend who’s shaken. “Hey!”

Xiaonan regains her composure and opens her mouth. “Oh, are they your family’s bodyguards? They’re really handsome! My father didn’t give me bodyguards. That’s not good! I must propose this arrangement to him!”

A heavy black line crosses An Chuxia’s head. She really underestimates this girl. At first, she was worried that the bodyguards surrounding her

her friend would scare her. Instead, Meng Xiaonan wants more.

Suddenly, she sees her friend differently. She sizes her up from her head, to her green dress, to her toes. Xiaonan looks very comfortable. Chuxia clears her throat before poking her friend’s chest. “Is this chest real?”

Meng Xiaonan’s palm swats her hand. “How could you ask such a mentally handicapped question! I know I used to dress like an old lady but this beautiful body has emerged after wearing that idiotic school uniform. And yes, these are real!”

An Chuxia bites the tip of her index finger as she tries to hold back a smile. “Then how do you defend that idiotic hairstyle? Who dyed your hair? And why

And why did you straighten it? It’s definitely better than that nest you used to have!”

Meng Xiaonan’s lip curls as she pulls her friend into the World Trade Center. “Don’t mention my old hairstyle. Wasn’t it bad? But as you see… I’ve decided to make myself low-key. You can’t go wrong with having a low profile. I thought it would be proper since I’m entering Stein Royal College. It makes me look more noble!”

Although steward Han follows on their heels, An Chuxia and Meng Xiaonan converse cheerfully. They stroll into the building. It seems natural Xiaonan buys clothes as they shop.

Meng Xiaonan takes a deep breath as she hands over a credit card to be swiped. An Chuxia swiped. An Chuxia starts looking bored. “You’re buying a lot of clothes. You’re spending a lot of that hard-earned money. Where did you get your card?”

The salesperson hands Xiaonan the card. She smiles as she hands An Chuxia her card for inspection. “That mistress gave the card to me to use occasionally. I don’t really need any of this but she won’t give me money. Does she think I’m a fool? So, I’m getting these clothes and will return them, pocketing the refund.”

“You’re a professional! You simply are returning these clothes you buy.” She sighs. Who knew Xiaonan is so bright! “I really don’t know how much money is in this card. Shouldn’t we go buy more clothes?”

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