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Chapter 216
Don’t Profit Over Someone Else

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Steward Han steps forward to scold xiao Meng. He leans over and says, “Young madame’s friend? Actually, this building is part of Han’s industry.”

An Chuxia’s eyes suddenly bulge at steward Han’s revelation. Han, Han, how, in the end, does everything belong to f**king Han?! You can’t go anywhere without the Han shadow being cast. How can she be so unlucky? And he still expects her to apologize in a week? Dream on!

“This, shushu?” Compared to Chuxia, Meng Xiaonan is more assertive. She rushes toward steward Han

and holds his hand. “I knew you were extraordinary! You’re very suave. Certainly, you won’t refuse my request?”

Steward Han immediately straightens his spine. Chuxia pulls Xiaonan away from him and says, “Meng Xiaonan, do you think he’s a sucker? Steward shuhu doesn’t eat your sh*t. Why did you have to say that?”

Honestly, Xiaonan isn’t one who takes advantages. In Fuxing High School, how many times did she have to defend this girl? Even her mother encouraged her to take up Tae Kwon Do to protect herself.

“Miss Meng, what matter would you need my help

help with?” steward Han asks calmly. Chuxia felt strange hearing the butler say her friend’s name so she says, “Call her Jiangnan.”

Meng Xiaonan’s name actually comes with a backstory. Her real name is Jiangnan. However, she felt her name had no individuality to it so she changed her name to Jiang Xiaonan. This didn’t give her the vitality she was looking for. Jiang Xiao was too manly… Hence, Meng Xiaonan.

“This!” Meng Xiaonan says boldly. She pushes An Chuxia next to steward Han. “This belongs to Han’s Industry, right? An Chuxia is the future wife of

wife of the Group. Shouldn’t this young wife’s friend get a gift for the ceremony?”

It took a while but the fox’s tail is finally exposed. Her stepmother may be a small fox but Xiaonan is an old fox! An Chuxia scolds her mentally.

An Chuxia rolls her eyes at her friend. “You shouldn’t profit from someone else’s wealth. And if you’re going to do it, don’t be too obvious!”

Who knew steward Han would calmly smile! “Well, I would suggest you’d explore and pick one thing.”

Xiaonan mischievously picks the statement. She smiles and says, “So, the money I the money I used a moment ago with my credit card… can you help me exchange the items so I can get my money back? You see, you and I think alike, right, steward shushu​?”

This time, a distorted expression appears on steward Han’s face. Chuxia mentally face-palms herself. This child is so… candid!

“Didn’t you say this is your stepmother’s card? Why are you so worried about it?” An Chuxia hates the fact she owes the Hans. After she graduates and enrolls in a good university, she will leave and make amends with the family.


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