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Chapter 214
Reconciling with Lila

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Lila bites her lower lip like she was making a very important decision. She says to Chuxia, “Lend me ten thousand dollars. I will disappear from A City! But… I will certainly come back. I will not come back to step on your foot, but to take your money.”

An Chuxia can’t help but laugh. “To be honest, I’m very repugnant. I’d ask you to be my friend, but that’ll be hypocritical. I know I’m charming, but not the way boys do. I’m the kind of friend who likes friends…. .”

She dances with joy as she explains but Lila glares at her. “I have no time to

listen to your narcissism. I want cash. Also, help me get to a hospital… .”

Half an hour later, Lila is at the hospital. Then, An Chuxia remembers she was supposed to meet with Meng Xiaonan. She is somewhat exhausted dealing with Lila, but she gets recharged thinking about her friend. “Steward Han, please go home ahead of me. I have a date with a friend at the World Trade Center.”

“A date?” Steward Han’s brow crinkles. “Male friend?”

Her lips break into a smile. “Oh no! It’s a female friend. Does Han shushu gossip with Ma? Really… you don’t have to worry about me. I can take public transportation to the World Trade building.”

An Chuxia wonders what

what shopping would be like with Meng Xiaonan if steward Han accompanies them. Maybe he’ll tease her! However, steward Han doesn’t know what she’s thinking. All he knows is that his most important mission is to protect An Chuxia. As he listens to An Chuxia, his eyebrows knit so tightly, it almost forms a single line.

She asks him to drop her off at the next block. Steward Han begs, “Young madame, are you embarrassed to be seen with me? If something happens, how can my old bones rest?”

She is about to respond when her phone rings. She presses down on the answer key and she can hear Meng Xiaonan yelling. “Laoda, are you doing this intentionally?

this intentionally? Are you just a minute late or aren’t you coming at all?”

“Oh, I’m not allowed to deal with something? Wait. Ten minutes. Ten minutes, I’ll be there.” She hangs up and then takes a long breath. She sees steward Han standing on one side. Her heart hammers. She hesitates to take the bus. She’ll definitely not make it in ten minutes. Clenching her teeth, she says, “Steward Han, you can accompany me if you’re at a distance. My friend will definitely not like this… especially.” An Chuxia points to the bodyguard behind her.

Wouldn’t this cause a scene with Meng Xiaonan? She’ll faint and when the time comes, and she won’t have money to compensate her to compensate her for her medical expenses!

Since An Chuxia compromised, steward Han nods. “Young madame, rest assured, I will disappear. Of course, when necessary, allow me to follow you closely.”

An Chuxia nods as she listens to steward Han. Everything was so simple and peaceful. Why would she encounter an accident? Although… after today’s incident, she just thinks it’s ironic she’s being protected by a bodyguard employed by Ling Hanyu’s family.

Her thoughts suddenly shift to Hanyu. She sighs, knowing her wages are all but gone. She best become a successful novelist now if she wishes to leave. She’ll tell Meng Xiaonan she’s become a writer… She doesn’t wish to court death to begin with… .

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