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Chapter 208
That Evening

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread  by anks

Relief washes through her once she confirms Han Qilu is gone. She immediately turns to steward Han and asks him in a low voice, “Steward Han, can you help me?”

Although steward Han looks like he’s nearing fifty, he is a versatile housekeeper. Not only is he capable of doing everything, he will help without asking why.

As soon as she’s seated in the Bentley, An Chuxia grabs her phone and presses a series of numbers. She’s frustrated when she hears a constant beep. Tapping the phone, she looks up and meets steward Han’s gaze. “Would you happen to have Lila’s phone number at hand? Why isn’t she picking up?”

Steward Han looks at

the rear view mirror and gazes at Chuxia’s anxious face. After she confessed about this morning’s events, she told him she wants to find Lila. He dialed Ding Ning and asked for Lila’s phone number. However, he was told he doesn’t know her whereabouts. Steward Han gives Chuxia Lila’s mobile number as they try to search for her.

In all honesty, he doesn’t understand why An Chuxia wants to look for her when she has nothing to do with that derisive young woman. However, he believes Chuxia has a natural, protective tendency toward people in poor environment because she has been in that situation. But some people are born ruthless. Lila belongs to that group, and he feels she’s dispensable.



He remembers the day the young master rescued Lila. It was the day he cut off ties with Mankuai. Wasn’t it his right to indulge? But that decision cost the young master. Lila took advantage of him.

The steward smiles at Chuxia. “This number is correct. Don’t worry, we’ll be arriving soon.”

The strip is rather busy. People are bustling and moving right along. Few are shopping leisurely. The expression on their faces are similar, yet, different. They’re… indifferent.

“You stinky beggar! Go die elsewhere!” Several girls stare maliciously at Lila. Bloodstains cover her face while tattered clothes cover her frame. Her feet could hardly carry her. These people regard her as a beggar. However, underneath the loose long hair, they couldn’t tell

couldn’t tell she used to be a car advertisement model. Yesterday, she was someone. Today, she’s a beggar casted aside.

Her eyes are devoid of expression. Her lips split from dryness. She lifts her hand to cover her mouth as she smiles. All she could think about were the memories from that night… .

“Why do you want to save me?” Lila asks. Several years ago, her family fell apart and she was driven to the streets. She had nothing. Lost in a trance, her footsteps stagger. She doesn’t want to live for love. Then what is she supposed to live for?

 An expensive sports car halts at her side. She smiles as she takes a step in front of the car. The sound car. The sound of breaks and a voice makes her collapse to the ground. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself resting in the presidential suite of the Milestone Hotel.

“Where are we?” She asks, rubbing her temple. She attempts to sit up. Expecting to see her dirty clothes, she is surprised to see them replaced by a clean, white dress. She raises her arms to give herself a once-over. She is washed clean. The scent of lavender gel lingers on her skin.

 As she wonders, the door suddenly opens. Startled, she finds a man standing in front of her like he was a god among men. She stares at him as he moves his lips. His first words were, “Are you awake?”

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