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Chapter 209

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

She puts all of her previous concerns behind her as she stares at him blankly. How can someone in this world be this handsome?

 “You’ve been sleeping all day, and I have given special instructions for the staff to make you a nutritious meal, but you haven’t eaten. Are you hungry?” Despite the coolness in his voice, he made her


 She shakes her head and replies, “I’m not hungry.” However, her stomach growls so loud, the other end of town can hear it. Her already red cheeks blush deeper.

 He immediately calls for a bowl of porridge. Despite wanting to eat the food, she can’t bring herself to eat in front of him. As she was about to speak, he says, “Han Qilu.”

 Han Qilu… that’s his name?

name? She smiles and shyly says, “I’m… Lila.”

 He nods before standing up slowly. “Get some rest.”

 “Of course!” Anxiety rises as soon as she hears him leave. She doesn’t like being alone in a big room. Frowning, she bites her lower lip and asks timidly, “Why did you save me?”

 Han Qilu freezes immediately before turning and blasting her with a frosty glare. “You almost hit my car and

car and I… need a woman.”

 He doesn’t beat around the bush. He truly needed a woman… but he doesn’t want to find someone promiscuous. He was driving aimlessly before meeting her. When she doesn’t speak, he raises his eyebrow. “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

 As she turns around, an arm tightens around her. She bows her head and exposes a blushing ear. a blushing ear. “I… I am willing to… .”

 “My woman betrayed me and I am looking for a way to vent. You know you’re not going to gain any status,” Han warns her with a tone of indifference.

 She holds on to the arm around her waist and bites on her lower lip. She raises her voice despite feeling coy. “You saved me. No matter what, I am willing… .”

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