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Chapter 207

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia is aware her friend is trying to kill two birds with one stone, but her contempt towards Qilu runs hot. Not to be swayed, she says, “Meng Xiaonan, you always go for dessert. I have no interest in boys I don’t know. Anyway, I have to eat lunch so that Han Qilu’s mother doesn’t get worried, okay? 2 o’clock. Let’s meet at the World Trade Center building in Center City.”

“But the last time we met, didn’t you pose as a couple?” Meng Xiaonan asks as her friend hangs up on her.

Chuxia raises her hand and a fruit plate is placed on her palm. “I

swear to you, that small fox… Oh sorry, not you! Uh… where’s Ma?”

The maid replies calmly, “Madame went out for brunch, and has an appointment at the beauty salon.”

An Chuxia nods, allowing the maid to excuse herself. 2 o’clock… she can take a nap till then! As far as the matter involving the eldest Han child, when that times comes, she needs to be careful in asking before it’s too late!

She never developed an interest in boys since her father abandoned herself and her mother. Meng Xiaonan’s family is another example. Xiaonan may be more optimistic than Chuxia, despite her abandonment issues, but she’s currently living with her father since his mistress can’t

can’t bear him a child. It seems like divine intervention… .

Setting the fruit plate aside, she lays on the couch and closes her eyes. Within few moments, she falls asleep. When comparing her life to Meng Xiaonan, her current situation is destitute.

An Chuxia sits quietly at the table while eating her meal. Han Qilu silently sits across from her. From time to time, he stares at her with a frosted gaze. The tension is so taut, she can’t taste the rice.

Standing at one side, steward Han realizes something is off. He takes a step and says, “Young master, young madame, the lady is out all day for a spa date.”

“Uhm,” Qilu mutters before setting

before setting down his chopsticks. He clears his throat and puts all his attention on her. “An Chuxia, we need to talk.”

She swallows the food in her mouth and dabs her lips with the napkin handed by the maid. She looks up and stares at Han Qilu. “Young master Han, what do you want us to discuss?”

Young master Han. Has their relationship been ripped apart? When they first met, he forced her to call him young master. But now, he hates her calling him with that title. Where did she hear Xiang Mankuai’s name? It’s impossible for her to hear it from his two friends. They know he’ll kill them if they talk about this talk about this taboo.

He looks at her deeply before spitting out, “Chuxia, you’re not jealous, right?”

The moment she hears the word ‘jealous’ she can’t help but shake. “Jealous? Oh, you’re too much!”

Upset, he gets up. “I will give you a week to apologize to me.” Losing his patience, he grabs his jacket from the table and walks out the hall. He needs to ask his friends how An Chuxia got to know about Xiang Mankuai.

But as he mentions her name, he realizes his heart is… calm?

As soon as she sees him leave and hears his car leave the graveled driveway, An Chuxia hurriedly gets up from the dinner table to watch him drive away.

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