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Chapter 197
CHAPTER 197 Must Kill Xiamo

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She clicks on the X and logs on QQ. Letting out a nervous cough, she decides to go all in. Exhaling, she sounds like a man on his last, gasping breath.

She follows the instructions on her page, and adds the editor-in-chief. She tilts her head as she confirms the invite. Several seconds later, the bookshelf net editor-in-chief’s avatar appears.

Bookshelf net editor-in-chief: Hello, are you author Xiamo?

An Chuxia hesitates before replying, “Yes.” Finally, the other party says a few more words. “Your novel, Demon Boy, Do Not Kiss Me, broke the recommendations and comments records on our website. In an hour, your comments section reached as much as 200. Therefore, I would like to

ask if you’d like to sign with bookshelf net?”

“Signing? Is this where one gets money from a contract?” She thinks out loud as she considers the bookshelf net editor’s offer. They find her important and new. They want her to consider the offer. However, another message wasn’t sent her way.

Han Qilu opens the door and this time, and she sees him carrying a breakfast tray in his hand. She just realizes she is so hungry, she could die. She makes a mad dash to gain access to the food. Han Qilu is stunned when he puts the tray on the table. After she finishes eating, she looks up at Han Qilu. “Huh? Why are you here?”

He throws her a when-am-I-not-here look.

look. He lifts his gaze at her. “Do you want to take a look at this morning’s paper? You’d be pleasantly surprised.” He touches her chin but she remains indifferent.

She suddenly asks Han Qilu, “I need to ask you, is bookshelf net popular? If I tell you their editor-in-chief wants to me to sign on with them, would you believe me?”

He looks at her earnestly. “I’ll believe you. However… you sure you don’t want to look at today’s morning paper? I swear, if you don’t look at it, you’ll regret it.” Then, he waves the newspaper in his hand. An Chuxia glances at him before leaving the room. She must ask Jiang Yuan whether she should sign.

“Hey, where are you going? You

going? You really don’t want to read the newspaper, ah? I’m putting it on your sofa!” He looks at An Chuxia’s back as she walks away. Han Qilu shakes his head, and puts the newspaper near the sofa. Then, he turns around and leaves.

An Chuxia gets to the stairway just in time to hear Jiang Yuan scream from the writing room. The maids hear the sound immediately and run to her studio, only to be yelled away by the madame.

“What happened?” She immediately walks down the stairs and asks the maids coming from the room.

A maid lowers her head before replying, “Young mistress of the house, the madame said everything is alright and not to disturb her. However, if you go, more than go, more than likely, she’ll tell you what happened.”

Jiang Yuan is good to An Chuxia and all the servants know this.

Just as Chuxia is about to enter Jiang Yuan’s studio, she pulls the maid and says, “After all this trouble, don’t call me young mistress of the house! It’s not right!”

The maids lower their heads and say timidly, “Yes, young mistress of the house.”

Sighing heavily, she says, “Forget it!” She quickly turns to Jiang Yuan’s writing room… How do you teach, how to manage to love, how to have them to call?

“An Chuxia!” It takes one cross to pass through the door. Jiang Yuan throws herself at Chuxia’s chest like a professional mourner. Crying, she says, “I must kill the one called Xiamo!”

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