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Chapter 196
Using Violence Early in the Morning

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

The alarm goes off loudly. Unable to drown the sound by rolling in bed, she sits up and throws a pillow at it. “Die!”

Coincidentally, the door opens. Han Qilu witnesses her dewy, half-exposed shoulder… Along with her messy hair. Her pillows and dolls are all on the floor.

He grins after taking a closer look. Albeit calm, he teases her slowly. “Yo, isn’t it too early in the morning to be using violence, tyrant wolf sister?”

She completely awakens from her stupor the moment she hears ‘tyrant wolf sister’. The nickname in itself is a greater deterrent compared to the alarm clock. She finally opens her eyes and is haplessly greeted by

Han Qilu’s face! Damn it, how can it be him she sees first thing in the morning?

“Starting the day early, ah… .” Han Qilu tents his eyebrow before continuing, “Servants are preparing for lunch.”

Chuxia jumps down from the bed, sorts out clothes, and sets the alarm clock back on the desk. The room quiets down immediately. She had set her alarm for nine this morning, and now, it’s almost ten o’clock! The clock has been ringing for almost an hour. So much for it serving a purpose!

She ignores Han Qilu as he stands at the entrance. She walks into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. Not bothering to comb her hair, she looks for a rubber band

band to secure her hair. Han Qilu anxiously stares at her reflection. He couldn’t help but come to her side and say, “You didn’t think today’s Monday?”

She walks toward the desk and flips the notebook and boots the computer before glancing at him. “Only a stupid person will think today’s Monday. If I may trouble you to get me some breakfast, stupid young master, I’ll be grateful.”

He frowns unhappily as he watches her sit in front of the computer. Is the computer more attractive than the future heir of Han Group? But it would take a miracle for An Chuxia to be addicted to an online game. Moping, he leaves and obediently fetches her breakfast.

Jiang Yuan has stayed up all night drafting

night drafting her manuscript. She happens to run into Han Qilu as he takes breakfast up the stairs.

“Good morning, son. Do you know how many words this old lady wrote last night? I wrote… .” Han Qilu brushes past her, not even looking her in the eye. Her lips purse as she bursts into tears the moment she reaches the landing. She picks up the phone to call Han Liuhai. Her asshole of a son ignored her! She wants Han Liuhai to come back and teach him a lesson!

An Chuxia is surprised to see her own novel as a new recommendation on the homepage! They’ve also put a beautiful cover to match it. She remembers not having the time to put one earlier. put one earlier. She rushes to comment section to see it accumulate over 100 comments. One of them attracts her attention.

Bookshelf net editor-in-chief: Hello, Author Xiamo, your novel content has both comedic and character development. We would like to recommend and push this original novel on the homepage. For follow-up development and signing, please add my QQ: “XXXXXX”.

She blinks. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. She looks at the comments again. A large number of the comments think the heroine has brain damage. They actually don’t know someone like her exists.

A joke. They think she has brain damage? Her story is about how she got to live at the Hans, and living with the demon, Qilu, of course. She just uses pseudonyms in the novel.


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