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Chapter 198
CHAPTER 198 I Swear Not to Write

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

TL: Idiom: (lit) like raindrops on a pear blossom 梨花带雨- fig. tear-stained face of a beauty

The violent curse forces Chuxia to take two steps back. Jiang Yuan’s words ring clearly in her ears… Xiamo? Who is this author? Is it a pen name on the bookshelf net?

“Ma, don’t cry. What happened?” She treats Jiang Yuan like a mother coaxing a child. Sometimes she wonders if she can live like Jiang Yuan: with happiness. With a pain of a husband, and an obstinate, argumentative son, who in his heart, actually thinks of his mother every time… .

God, how can her thoughts be so

uncertain? Is she getting old? Bah! She’s still young and elegant!

Jiang Yuan continues to cry for a few more minutes on Chuxia’s bosom, like raindrops on a pear blossom. If Uncle Han sees her like this, it’ll certainly bring heartache. She is gathering her courage to comfort her but Jiang Yuan points toward the computer and points at the screen saying, “An Chuxia, this person would more than likely take away my position at the bookshelf net. What would you do?”

She takes a closer look at the screen. The title, “Demon Boy Do Not Kiss Me” is ranked first in the recommended and comment list. Jiang Yuan’s novel is ranked second. An Chuxia

Chuxia has a heavy line. Her debut novel is garnering so much reaction!

Wanting to talk, Jiang Yuan howls. “This is such a wretched day! This novice isn’t signed and she’s so funny. Although her heroine is brainless, she writes better than me! If not for the fact I’d be breaking the law… I despise her, despise her!!!”

Taking a deep breath, she awkwardly holds on to Jiang Yuan and sits in front of the computer. She logs Jiang Yuan out and logs herself as Xiamo, enter her password, and go into her homepage. Jiang Yuan’s eyes get big as she stares. She points at An Chuxia. “You… you’re… .”

“Ma, I really didn’t know my rotten

my rotten story would actually be seen, or rob you of your first place ranking. However, I assure you, that if you’re not happy, I will delete the novel! I wanted to sign, and I was going to ask you for your opinion, but now, it seems I may not be suitable for writing novels. Moreover, I have no time. Hey… .” Her simple and honest disposition annoys Jiang Yuan. Now, she’s more miserable than ever.

An Chuxia immediately panics and hurriedly grabs a box of tissue, handing some of the facial towels to Jiang Yuan. “Ma, don’t cry, ah. I didn’t mean no longer write a novel. I swear, I… .” Jiang Yuan suddenly covers Yuan suddenly covers her mouth.

She is puzzled looking at Jiang Yuan. Who knew Yuan would turn from hostile to extremely happy. “Xiao Xia, if you don’t finish the novel, I will ignore you!”

“Ah?” She blinks after Jiang Yuan smiles back, erasing all doubt. “You mean… you’ll let me continue writing the novel?”

“Nonsense!” Jiang Yuan’s eyes narrow into a line, her cheeks, obviously, still have tears. “You wait. I’ll provide you the contract! Yes, when I signed, I ordered them not to dig into my background, I used one of the servant’s ID card. I’ll go get you one so you can sign! Just wait!”

As soon as she finishes, she takes off like a gust of wind.

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