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Chapter 194
Cinderella’s Eldest Sister

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

When Han Qilu finally leaves, An Chuxia pants, fearing she has his blood in her mouth. She runs to the bathroom, covering her mouth. She starts gulping for air after brushing her teeth three times.

“Han Qilu! You’re an animal!!!” She shouts loudly at the big mirror in the bathroom. Finally, her anger dissipates.

She opens the bathroom door, and quickly looks at the entrance and sees steward Han. She relaxes the moment she realizes it is not Han Qilu. She pounds her chest. “Steward Han, you scared me to death. I scolded him, so my death would be enough payment for

my tragic existence.”

A playful smile paints steward Han’s lips. “Young mistress of the house, the notebook has been joined to the network. Use the xxx system. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask me at any time.”

She suddenly nods. “I wouldn’t think you’d understand the computer that well, steward Han!” She assumes he’d mention something akin to the computer having a CD-ROM system installed; that he’s a luddite!

He doesn’t respond to An Chuxia’s praise. He just bows and suggests, “Young mistress of the house, familiarize yourself with the system first. If you’re having issues, I’ll install it with a simpler operating system.”

Young mistress of the house? It was then she

she notices the steward’s words. She hurriedly shakes her head and corrects him. “Steward Han, don’t make fun of me. How could you side with Ma… How could you and ayi call me that blindly?”

Bowing respectfully, steward Han says with much sincerity, “Young mistress of the house, the madame and master are earnest. They’re afraid you won’t agree. The master said only a girl like you is worthy to be with the young master, right? Aren’t you serving the young master?”

Her mouth unconsciously twitches. She sneers. “In the end, who governs whom is completely irrational! Calling me Miss An or Chuxia is good enough.”

“You… aren’t worried it embarrasses me?” She

me?” She sees the pained and awkward look on steward Han’s face. An Chuxia gives up. In any case, she won’t immediately become dead meat. Putting a foot up on the desk, she looks at the impressive Apple notebook.

Growing up, her family couldn’t afford a computer, but the school had a good system. She familiarizes herself with the notebook. When steward Han realizes she is capable of using it, he excuses himself and leaves.

As soon as the door closes, An Chuxia registers her own QQ account. Her password is her name in Pinyin and adds 1314. Her QQ net ID is: “Shunu Nanwei”. As she gets online, QQ makes a dripping makes a dripping sound. On the top screen are a few advertisements. Everything that is spam ends up in the trash except for a message from Fuxing High School’s Nian Qingyou.

Nian Qingyou: Wishing you all the happiness.

Such simple characters, and her heart is puzzled and confused. She can’t figure out why he liked her. Shaking her head, she replies with two characters in QQ: Thank you.

QQ suddenly makes a sound and a beaver’s head pops up. Hurriedly, she opens it and sees a message from Meng Xiaonan. Her QQ name is “Cinderella’s Elder Sister”.

Cinderella’s Eldest Sister: Wow! Did I misread? Laoda, ah, you’re hanging out in QQ unexpectedly? Has judgment day arrived?

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