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Chapter 195

An Chuxia can’t help but laugh out loud. Her fingers type swiftly, pounding a string of characters.

Shunu Nanwei: Celebrate! Starting today, I must devote myself to literature. I’ll be online on a daily basis!

Soon, the chat box pops up with Meng Meng’s reply. “With your dedication to whom, as long as you’re willing! ~ But I decided not to surprise you! Listen! Monday, the old lady decided to enroll me in Stein College!”

The note made An Chuxia’s brow wrinkle. Meng Xiaonan has always lived with her mother. A few years back, her father went out for a walk and never came back. That was a decade ago.

Is her father back? As she guesses

right, Xiaonan’s message pops.

Cinderella’s Eldest Sister: My father came back, but only for me. He refuses to take my mother since he has a mistress. That mistress is… like a small fox! Very irksome! Anyway, I’ll be in Stein the day after tomorrow after I get settled in.

Xiaonan writes down a lot of words. She doesn’t wait for An Chuxia to reply. Her QQ avatar goes dark. She shrugs, hoping things would turn out well. She feels Stein and Xiaonan are going to be incompatible. Meng Xiaonan hopes things would turn out well. Otherwise… who knows what would happen.

An Chuxia turns off the chat window and opens the browser. In the Baidu box,

box, she types: “bookshelf”.

After entering the bookshelf net, she searches for Jiang Yuan’s pen name: Jiangzi Dashen. She didn’t think her account would be the home page’s top banner. It reads: Jiangzi Dashen recent work lifts a ban…

She scrolls down. A variety of red envelopes, gold medals, and click lists referring to Jiangzi Dashen’s work is posted. This is Jiang Yuan’s work!

It is such a pleasant surprise! Her fingers on the mouse trembles. She picks one of Jiangzi Dashen’s novels to skim. This is a cross-type of novel. But in all honesty, she thinks Jiang Yuan uses her Han status to be a big name in the famous website. However, after reading the

reading the novel, she finds the ups and downs of the plot to be fascinating. If Chuxia is to be true to herself, she fears she won’t be good enough to make money from writing.

Suspense awaits the readers at the end of the chapters Jiangzi Dashen write, making the readers look forward to the next chapter. This is probably why the novel appeals to many. She secretly stores this information in her mind.

She wanted to use her real name when she starts building her username. But thinking this is inappropriate, she uses Xiamo as her user and pen name; it is the opposite of Chuxia, after all.

That night, she spends a lot of time lot of time on bookshelf net. At the bottom of the screen, it displays 11:00. She has since created a new book called “Demon Boy, Do Not Kiss Me”. Since she is adept at writing, she constantly gets awards on her essays.

She has unexpectedly written over 10,000 characters. Since it is a requirement to write at least 10,000 characters to be verified, she sent her post for auditing.

After completing her task, she relaxes. She turns off the light in the room and lays on her bed. Her brain is filled with thoughts on her novel. Would her writing be verified tomorrow? Amitabha Buddha, Buddha bless, help this novel pass the auditing process smoothly… .

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