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Chapter 193

“How many dolls do you need to sleep?” A cool voice reverberates the moment she turns on the light. Startled, she backs herself against the wall. But she inhales the scent exclusive to Han Qilu. His breath tickles her.

Suddenly, she realizes Han Qilu has a lot of free time… a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t come to her room at this late of an hour to pass the time.

She lifts her arm and impatiently pokes him. “What do you want me to do, ah? Kill you? I won’t sleep with you on the sofa.”

She couldn’t wait to be sprayed with salt water, so as to not worry about it? This idiom seems inappropriate, but,

whatever! He always does what pleases him. There should, at least, be a standard!

Sure enough, Han Qilu tightens his hug as he leans to her ear. Whether it’s intentional or not, his warm breath caresses her ear. Her ears turn crimson immediately against her will.

Lifting her eyelids, she wants to break free. But this boy refuses to let her go. He simply rests his head on her shoulder. He’s so evil! She mortified she’d be caught in this position!

“Well, do you really want me to, in the end?!” He says it loud enough for everyone to hear his intent. Her small heart is unable to bear it! She makes a mental note to get

get more heart medication next time she goes to the hospital so she can prepare for such contingencies.

He loosens his grip on her but he forces her to look at him the moment he lifts his head. “Tomorrow, we’re going to school.”

“So?” Big young master, you can’t say a word in one breath? Really?

“So… you’re not allowed to speak to An Chenchuan tomorrow,” he says. “If I see you standing close to him or talking to him intimately, you’re dead!”

“I don’t think you can do anything, and you have no right to tell me what to do. You can’t make me do anything. Who do you think you are… [Onion].” Her last word is drowned

is drowned in Han Qilu’s kiss.

How vile! Han Qilu, this bastard, kisses her with determination! At this point, she has 200,000 words written in her novel and they’ve kissed 20 times already? The heroine is doing this to kill her father!

Steward Han was about to knock on the door when he sees young master kissing the young lady of the house. Since he’s been witness to this situation unfold, and for a second time, he remains calm. Holding the notebook and the power cord, his intent is to set the laptop in An Chuxia’s room, not to witness their intimacy like one would read on Web Line… .

Han Qilu sees the steward come in, but he doesn’t shy he doesn’t shy away. Is there anything the old man hasn’t seen? The tip of his tongue probes her mouth bit by bit, his breathing, heavy. With his breath completely overpowering her, she cruelly bites down on his lip. The scent of blood immediately spreads between them.

Hiss! Han Qilu sucks in air to ease the pain. “An Chuxia!”

A burst of wind blows and An Chuxia shivers. Her legs tremble as she runs behind steward Han. Han Qilu sees this and nods at Chuxia, revealing a harmless smile. “You’ll give in to me… just wait.”

She arrogantly waves her hand at Han Qilu. “Young master Qilu, I’ll be waiting.”

Han Qilu turns and walks away, clutching his mouth as he exits her room.

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