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Chapter 13
CHAPTER 13 Love Her at First Sight?


An Chuxia’s face immediately turns red like a ripe apple.

“Han Qilu!” She did not reach out. Her wrist is caught in his hand.

“You think you can hit me?” Han’s lips thinned as he stares at An Chuxia.

Two seconds later, he becomes livid and his face suddenly turns crimson. He loosens his grip on her hand as he crouches.

“So if I can’t hit your face, then, can I stomp on your foot?” An Chuxia questions him triumphantly, her chin held high.

Han Qilu curses her loudly despite gritted teeth. It takes a while before he spits out a word. “You do not insist…”


Chuxia may be staying in Han Qilu’s home, but this does not mean she can be casually bullied by him!

“What is it you said? I should pretend not know you at the Stein College? But who suddenly pulled me out and announced that I am your maid? And who suddenly broke into my class and ordered me to buy cola, and, in the process, got showered with water? So, who between us is insistent?”

An Chuxia’s rapid breathing catches up with her. Although her crimson cheeks have dulled, the redness spreads into her ears. Her chest is puffed from her charged emotions.

“You have to give in to me

me a little bit. Otherwise, I’ll find a way to make you leave Stein!”

Is he threatening her?

Well, the small annoyance turns into a big threat!

“You are not the emperor. You can not decide my fate in Stein!” She stares straight at Han Qilu. She is appalled as she looks into his eyes. If she takes a few steps toward him, she might give in to her impulse of strangling him.

“I said-”

Suddenly, their attention to their confrontation is interrupted by another sound.

An Chuxia sees a shadow. How could there be two people here? Obviously, no one is supposed to be here…

Has someone witnessed Han Qilu kiss her? Seriously! Was

Seriously! Was she recognized?

“Why are you here?” Han Qilu asks without much reaction. He turns to talk to them.

An Chuxia still remembers one of the two men. He acts gentlemanly toward her, while the other… his hair style seems more American. Just… why do the boys seem to look charmed?

They’re just boys, right? But why does she have this strange feeling in her heart?

“Why we are here is not the subject. The focus is… how did you two end up together? It’s very early to get involved, you know?” Xiao Mingluo asks curiously.

“The real focus is… you have to be gentle to girls, right? Han Qilu, you should look you should look at your family. You know, the first thing you should do is coax her, really… speak of the devil, Qilu. Hello, beautiful warrior! “

“Hello…” His voice trails off as Xiao Mingluo looks at Han Qilu’s warrior. Isn’t she An Chuxia?

“Ling Hanyu, shut up before I force you!” Han Qilu stares at him blankly.

“Yo yo yo, is the young master shy?” Ling Hanyu laughs jovially.

Han Qilu’s eyes narrow. He shoots a cold and rude glance at Ling Hanyu.

Xiao Mingluo scolds Ling Hanyu in his head. He looks at his friend and says, “Han Qilu, don’t you think people would love it if you’re with An Chuxia?”


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