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Chapter 14
CHAPTER 14  Another Slap in the Face


An Chuxia is momentarily shocked. Like a fool, Han Qilu stares at her eyes. As soon as Xiao Mingluo appears, he deliberately spouts nonsense to give them a good show.

“I’m simply going out with An Chuxia since the beginning of summer,” he says with disdain. “Are you open to an inside joke? She is nothing but the Han family’s maid. When I tire of her, I will kick her out!”

Although his statement is far from the truth, the joke struck her like a knife. The force of the insult plunges straight into her heart.

As he puts his hand on her shoulders, she says, “Don’t expect too much!”

“Listen,” Han Qilu chortles. “If

you are not our family maid, then what are you to my family?” Well … other than saving the old man’s life, right?

“You … .” She does not know how to refute his statement.

“Han Qilu!” Xiao Mingluo quietly scolds him. He realizes the problem is deeper than what Qilu implies. He suddenly feels sorry for An Chuxia.

Han Qilu does not know how to tease her lightly.  He can’t but laugh at the tension. “An Chuxia, do you think that putting on an angel face wouldn’t let me see through your dirty heart? Your dead mother would find it disgusting!”

“I won’t allow you to say anything about my mother!” She suddenly raises her head and walks toward Han

Han Qilu and hands him the slap he deserves.

Han Qilu frowns and raises his hand to counter her arm in the air. Jaw tight, he is now very angry. This damn woman actually thinks she can beat him again?

“Do you think I don’t know? You don’t even have a father. Who knows what kind of wild man your mother took home to have you?”

Those are the harshest words An Chuxia has ever heard. When Han Qilu protected her in the classroom, she had a trace of an illusion he was kind. Now she understands that it is an illusion; how can the devil can be kind?

Hot tears stream down her perfect face. Drop by drop, they fall on

fall on Han Qilu’s hands.

Han Qilu hand suddenly releases her a bit when she starts crying. His teasing is not intentional, but who told her to provoke him? Angering him does no one good!

As he lets go of her her hand, An Chuxia quickly raises her hand and gives Han Qilu a resounding slap.

Standing on the side, the cold Han Qilu is completely shocked.

Honestly, the scene in the fourth music classroom is like what Xiao Mingluo reads in the comics. Like in the story, An Chuxia slaps Han Qilu because of his skeptical nature.

Now he is completely convinced that there is indeed an An Chuxia in the real world who is not afraid of the existence of wonderful wonders.

“Scold of wonderful wonders.

“Scold me if you must but please do not insult my mother!” Her angry eyes lock with Han Qilu’s. Her irises cannot conceal her wrath.

Did I make a mistake? Han Qilu asks himself.

He has a lapse of judgment for a moment.  Now he’s back to his original self. There’s nothing wrong with him. The problem lies with An Chuxia. As long as she speaks soft words of mercy, he can put her on a horse. But she is thrice the challenge when she questions his authority.

“You… .” He is about to raise his hands when Xiao Mingluo rushes over to protect An Chuxia.

“Qilu, whether she is a good or bad girl, you are not like this!”

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