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Chapter 12
CHAPTER 12 A Bastard for You to See


This brat… what mess is he trying to create!

“Han Qilu, do not be too … .” She suddenly realizes Han Qilu is actually going to kiss her… And in front of so many people!

An Chuxia tries to push Han Qilu away but he is much stronger than her.

It is only by the force of Buddha Han Qilu finally lets go of her. Although he isn’t sated, he is content.  But just as he relaxes his grip on An Chuxia, she raises her hand. He immediately secures his hold on her.

“I did not pay attention to your first slap. Nor the second time. But the third time … do you think there will be a third time?” His wolf eyes

squint. He actually bends down to carry An Chuxia over his shoulder.

Suddenly, An Chuxia finds herself being overturned. She struggles to get right back up.

She is willing to fight this guy!

At this point, he takes into account her short skirt. He coldly pulls off a boy’s uniform jacket and immediately covers An Chuxia’s behind. The boy does not dare say a word.

An Chuxia squirms to get away but Han Qilu very shamelessly smacks her behind. “Chick, if you mess with me, prepare to be exposed!”

This sentence definitely deters her from acting out. An Chuxia immediately stays limp on his shoulder.

Han Qilu is glad to see her obedience. He wants to kiss her again like when they were in the classroom. He takes her all the way

way to the top of the teaching building – the fourth music room.

The music room is not used by many people so it is considered a kind of secret base. Of course, this base is no secret at all. Almost everyone knows there’s only a handful of people who can use the room and everyone else is banned from entering.

“Why are you taking me here?!” An Chuxia very consciously jumps back a few steps away from Han Qilu the moment she is put down.

A devious smile slides up Han Qilu’s face when he hears An Chuxia’s question.

“If you do not talk, I’ll go back!” She spits out this sentence before he rudely stretches out a hand to seize her slender arm and pulls her back towards him.


towards him.

Turned around, she stares at Han Qilu’s pair of dark eyes. It is a bottomless void. People cannot see what he was thinking.

“What is it? This is not nonsense.” Han Qilu’s evil face leans over to An Chuxia’s face. “There’s just too many people in the classroom. The audience made the kiss very uncomfortable. So now, of course, I want to … .”

“You bastard!” She spits the words out and regrets it immediately. She doesn’t let her emotions run wild.  She rarely curses, but now? She might as well be someone who is born rude.

“Bastard?” Han Qilu moves closer to her before whispering, “Then I do not have to pretend like I’m a gentleman. I’ll show you what a bastardly thing … .”

Han Qilu silences himself by silences himself by kissing her on her lips.

Standing in the fourth music room are Xiao Mingluo and another boy. Both are surprised by the turn of events. If their guess isn’t wrong, their great leader, Han Qilu – has never been this active in kissing girls, right?

That is to say… young master Han Qilu’s first kiss belongs to the new transfer of student, An Chuxia!

Tut tut, this will be explosive news!

Master Han is finally satisfied after quite some time. He releases An Chuxia and notices that her face is red. This stupid girl… Was the kiss that powerful between them that she forgot to breathe?

“Hey, don’t you know how to breathe?” He shakes his head helplessly. “It seems like I have to teach you how to kiss.”


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