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Chapter 11
CHAPTER 11 She is My Woman


The class’s attention reverts to the sudden emergence of the ‘hero’. Of course, the hero is… An Chuxia.

She walks fast. Her two hands forces Taoqiu and Lixiya to separate and eventually separate Lixiya  from Mo Xinwei.

“Even if it is ugly, what gives you the right to make such unfounded accusations?” Chuxia grew up seeing others bully the weak. Chuxia’s sense of character drove her to take up Taekwondo. Otherwise, she would end up pulling the knife to help the last of the wounded.

“An Chuxia?” Mo Xinwei speaks, looking her up and down carefully.

Her gaze made her feel dirty!

“I do not know why you know me. I do not want to know how you know me. Now please, leave our class. We do not welcome you in Year One Class A!”

The whole class pipes down.

Xiao Mingluo stands outside the classroom door, laughing happily. This woman surpasses his imagination. She would be so interesting to get to know.

“An Chuxia, open your dog eyes and see! She is Mo Xinwei.” Taoqiu flashes a cold smile. “Everyone knows you’ll provoke her if you disrespect Han Qilu!”

Han Qilu. She did not want to hear these two words in this lifetime!

“How are you not afraid of Han Qilu?” Mo Xinwei slowly walks towards An Chuxia. She points a polished red nail at her and lifts her chin. Mo Xinwei glares as she says, “Even if you use that method, you won’t get to Han Qilu’s heart because… he is mine!”

This woman seems to be confused about the situation. What “method”? What is this “wish to get into Han Qilu heart”? An Chuxia is not crazy. She does not even want to see him!

“Well, Miss Mo Xinwei, you are probably wrong,” she replies stiffly.

“Probably wrong?” Mo Xinwei sneers. “My goodness, but I have always been very accurate. Do not think I do not know what you are thinking!”

“You really… .”

Smack!  An Chuxia’s face is slapped.

Mo Xinwei, on her high horse, says,  “This slap in the face is payment for slapping Han Qilu!” She raises her hand to throw a second slap, but it is caught mid-air. A strong hand pulls her back.

“Mo Xinwei, aren’t you tired of it?” This voice clearly belongs to Han Qilu.

Han Quilu fiercely throws down Mo Xinwei’s hand. He raises his hand and pulls An Chuxia behind him.

Xiao Mingluo raises a sad smile to Year One Class A before turning toward the end of the corridor.

He just felt things would be too boring if he witnessed the event by himself. Xiao Mingluo makes a call to Han and casually says, “Han Qilu, are you fond of your fan slapping the woman you want to kill? You want to see a good drama?”

He did not expect the guy to run to the classroom a minute later.

It looks like the following days will be very fun.

Xiao Mingluo’s smile gets bigger.

“Han Qilu, but this woman slapped your face! I’m just helping you extract revenge,” Mo Xinwei says as she looks at Han Qilu.

Han Qilu impatiently stares at Mo Xinwei. “No need!”

An Chuxia, muddleheaded, doesn’t know what’s going on.

“Why…” Mo Xinwei seems confused, crystal tears fall across her delicate cheeks. “I just wanted…”

“I do not care about the incident!” He pulls Chuxia in front of him and loudly announces: “Starting today, An Chuxia is my woman!”

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